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Let me be as clear as possible.  If any network marketing leader, guru, rock star, upline, downline, or anyone else is trying to convince you, you should start a blog ……….. THEY ARE MORE INTERESTED IN SELLING YOU SOMETHING than providing you proper direction to build your team! 

If this is unsettling to you, I hope you will read every word of this article with a 1/2 way open mind. For most network marketing distributors to achieve their real potential with this business model, they must Wake UP!  The market is full of wolf’s in sheep’s clothing telling you exactly what you want to hear, so they can sell you what they want to sell you.

I guess it was Empower Network that convinced the masses a few years back that you must have a blog to build a network marketing team.  If we just stop and take a breath, does this make any sense from any standpoint?

How does your ability to provide valuable content through the written word have anything to do with your ability to develop a team of people?  It is bothersome but I am starting to understand there is an entire generation of network marketers who truly believe the way to build income with network marketing is only by sponsoring other network marketers, create followers, and sell them affiliate programs and lead systems.

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I have some marketing friends who should be blogging, because that is their gift, their talent.  They communicate very well by writing.  Personally writing is very difficult for me.  When you combine my adult ADD and mild dyslexia writing blog post is one of  the hardest challenges I have.   However this post is not about me.  It is about you and the best use of your limited time.


Here is the real story behind Empower Network & How
they duped the masses.

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About 30 – 35 internet marketers decided they were going to convince the network marketing world that blogging and branding yourself was the only way possible to build a successful network marketing team.

They were going to get them in the door charging $25.00 for a blogging platform even though dozens of similar platforms are available free all over the internet.   Then after they got you in the door they would  upsell you constantly and by whatever means necessary until you became a full member.   When it was all said and done for all the upgrades and training, over $5,000 would be systematically extracted from newbies that didn’t know any better with the majority of commissions rolling up to the guys and gals that started this elaborate money game.

The result from all of this?   The numbers don’t lie.  There are no emotions in numbers, they simply are what they are.  According to the income disclosure documents on their Empower Network website at the time of this article 92% of their members make an average of $5.00 a month and 1% over $56,000.00 and some change.   Yes, an elaborate money game that convinced the masses the emperor was wearing new clothes!  This post has really nothing to do with the Empower Network but if you aren’t familiar with this program that flooded the internet a couple of years ago you can learn more here




Here is why programs like this drive me crazy.

#1 Many people jumped into this program, thought they were involved in network marketing, were sold a bill of goods, squeezed into forking up more and more money, and will never give the network marketing business model another look.  Can you blame them?

In the meantime most of the guys and gals that started the deal are off to My Lead System Pro or another affiliate program were they can convince network marketers to:

Focus on sharing the affiliate program instead of developing the real skill sets and mindsets it takes to develop a TEAM of people.

I agree it is easy to tell people they can become the hunted instead of the hunter  by wasting countless numbers of hours posting videos on YouTube, blogging daily, hanging out on social media accounts and other worthless activities that lead to nothing but wasted  precious time, and money for 97% of the newbies that drink by this terrible advice.   Let me be clear, about 3% of the population are comfortable acting like something their not and have the look, communication skills, and BS  to pull this off.  

YES!  There is a time for social media, YouTube and possibly even blogging, but it is not until you have actually launched your business , created a few distributors and customers and actually have something of value to share!  I share ideas on launching your business in much more detail in the free recorded webinar training here:  BUT READ the rest of this article before you watch it!

#2 So my real problem with Empower Network and other “Tell People What they Want to Hear” programs is now we have an entire group of “network marketers” who have the belief that to build a network marketing team in today’s modern world” you must have a blog!

I have said it before and I will say it many times in the future!

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That’s right, for 97% of you reading this …….blogging is a waste of your time.

The title is not designed to mislead you.  I don’t care what your sponsor, upline, or anyone else is saying to you.  Don’t even consider starting a blog until you are full-time & have a large team to support. There are simply too many more important activities to focus on.  Many times people go down dead end roads because some guru with a course to sale convinces them they can build their team on YouTube and they like doing You Tube videos.   No, I am not against YouTube.

Building a network marketing team is different than selling Sally’s Sweatshirts.


Just because a marketing strategy makes sense in the regular business world does not mean it makes sense in network marketing.
(Read that sentence Again)


Traditional businesses sell products and services.  Yes, network marketing companies do as well, however your focus should be on your real product which is people.   The big income in network marketing is in direct relationship to the number of leaders you DEVELOP on your team.  It has nothing to do with developing a following and everything to do with developing leaders!

So why is blogging a waste of time for 99% of network marketers?

In this post I am going to talk about why blogging is actually not all its made out to be and why it could be a massive waste of the precious little time that you have. But don’t worry, its not all doom and gloom.

There will be a light at the end of the tunnel (post).

Your goal: Maximizing your income for the time you put into your business.

For the purposes of this post I am going to assume that your goal is to make money & create generational wealth with the network marketing business model.  If you just like the social aspect of network marketing and have a goal to make a few hundred extra bucks a month, don’t listen to me.  I am not your guy, so don’t waste your time.  Enjoy your social club business and the profession is glad to have you.  I sincerely mean that, we are glad to have you and do whatever makes you happy.

I am just very aware that there are a tremendous number of people in the network marketing community that really feel if they don’t come up with an article to post on their blog everyday there is no way they will ever be successful.  The fact that some have been able to brain wash people into believing this so they don’t cancel their blog platform or training is horrifying for me.

So why are you considering starting a blog?

If it is so people will find you, know you, like you and trust you?  The bottom line to create leads for your products and or opportunity.  I PROMISE YOU THERE ARE BETTER WAYS that are much better use of your time!


Frustrated Blogger




If, however, you are blogging because you want to help people or because it is a creative outlet for you then it is an entirely different story. The results of this type of blogging cannot be measured by dollars and cents.

Why blogging is a waste of your time

So why is blogging a waste of your time? What am I talking about? Well it is pretty simple. Blogging can be a distraction from your main goal. In fact, you can spend so much time focusing on blogging that you forget to actually do the income generating activities that will move your business forward. Weekly I consult with distributors that have wasted months, and yes even years simply because they were sold on a flawed philosophy as it relates to building teams.  Blogging is just one of many flawed philosophies that have been propagated through out this profession the last fifteen or twenty years that some how have become excepted as common business practices.

Let me explain. There are thousands of ways to create leads and customers for your business. Blogging is just one of them. And to be honest, blogging is not one of the better ones. It is a lot of work and takes a long time to yield any monetary results. Frankly 99% of the network marketers who start a blog experience no benefit at all.   But it has become so popular over the last decade because of its accessibility that everyone thinks this is the best way to make money online and “position yourself as an expert”Geez I throw up a little in my mouth every time I say that.  As I have been teaching for 20 years if you want to be an expert DO SOMETHING …………… BEFORE …………. you talk about it or try to tell someone else how to do it!!

Let me ask you a serious question.  If you truly want to learn any new skill set do you enjoy listening to those that are just getting started & faking it till they make it, or those with a PROVEN track record of success?

Of course, a track record of success, correct?  Then how is it possible for so many gurus to convince you that your prospects are any different from you?  Think about that.  I mean really, THINK ABOUT IT!



Why would some one want to listen to you, when you have not done anything yet, much less taught someone else how to do it?  This is not personal, I am not knocking you, you may have all the skill sets and be part of the 3% that can get on social media channels and crush it.  However this is the real issue, network marketing is not about YOU!  It is about what can be duplicated by the majority of people on your team!  Did you hear that?


 Does that make sense?


You have been sold a lie, that when you stop and really think about it makes no sense from any perspective as it relates to building duplicating teams within the network marketing profession.


I often think that if people took the amount of time they spend writing articles and put it into learning how to create leads in their local market, with people that they can actually spend time with they would be much better off.   I just believe it is easier to get your business started in your local market than it is in another state or another country.  Yes, yes, I understand that the internet gives you the chance to build globally and I am all for that.

Here is something to think about.

Let’s say you want to build a group in Germany?

Are you more likely to have someone on your existing team who has friends, family members, or business connections is Germany, or someone from Germany finding your blog and deciding they want to do business with you?   Duh !!

(To those of you reading from Germany, pick any country in the world)

Yes, I know what the gurus selling you blogging courses and platforms are saying.  Some of what they say may be true for traditional business, but YOU ARE BUILDING A NETWORK MARKETING TEAM and teams are made up of people.

The American Dream?

Many Americans are brought up with the idea that anyone can rise to do anything. As a kid I remember watching movies where the hero starts out with nothing and rises to be a powerful leader or an amazing athlete. The problem with this, however, is that it is simply not true.

This might sound extremely harsh and confronting and I am sorry if it upsets you. But there is no way that anyone can do anything that they set their mind to.

I, for example, could have never been a professional basketball player because I am not tall enough. I could never be a jet pilot because I have bad eyesight.  I could never be a nurse because I can’t stand blood, needles, and puke.  I could never become a great piano player because I wouldn’t find the time to practice.

“But you could get good at playing the piano if you practiced,” I hear you say.

Sure, I could.

But I could also spend that time doing something that I am naturally good at. I could use my natural abilities and talents and put them to good use, and expand my comfort zone in areas that make logical business sense.

That might be a better idea.

I don’t want to get into a debate about natural talent vs hard work because I think it is a hard argument to win. On one hand I know that you need hard work to succeed (and I have always worked really hard) but I also know that there are guys out there who do half as much work as me and are already 10 times better at multiple skills.

So are you good at blogging?

So now we arrive at the crux of the ramble – are you good at blogging?

Is your writing improving over the weeks and months or are you still not making an impact like you thought you would be?  I blog only to provide value.  I don’t blog because I enjoy it, am good at it or because it is easy.  I wish it were, but it is not for me.  I try to add one new article weekly to this blog.  That is the goal.  Yes, I could hire out someone who has the skill and talent and writing skills to write post for me, but if I take the time to post it here it is because I sincerely believe what I am attempting to communicate.

I outsource article writing in some of our other businesses, but not here.  If it is posted on Network Marketing Support Services Inc. then you know it is coming from the guy whose picture is on the page.

Take a look at the number of subscribers, visitors, comments and backlinks and see if they are increasing. If they aren’t increasing then maybe you need to take a (hard) look at your strategy.

Is blogging a waste of your time? Is it distracting you from something that you are good at that will move your business forward?   Are you full time, and have a team that consistently reads your blog?

The real point is about getting distracted

Please read this carefully. I am not trying to discourage you or dash your hopes and dreams. I am actually trying to do the opposite. I want you to succeed and make money and help other people and be happy. I really do. What I don’t want you doing is getting distracted. And there are two types of distractions now at play here:
•Getting distracted from your real goal
I assume your goal is to build a duplicating network marketing team and give yourself and your family a better life. Blogging might not be the best way to do that. It might be a distraction that you use because it is easy, available and popular. But perhaps you would be better off doing something else to move your business forward during the time you spend blogging?

 Marketers understand that is is easy to sell you on any activity that STROKES YOUR EGO. The uncomfortable activities that will really move your business forward are HARD TO SELL.  So the question really comes down to do you want to build a real business or do activities that stroke your own ego?  I know I know, you want to build your business “Rejection Free”.   Now hear this, rejection free is more about mindset than it is a specific method or activity.

If we have not learned anything else as a profession over the past 15 years it should be more than evident that becoming the hunted instead of the hunter is an attitude, and attitude that many leaders DEVELOPED well before the Internet.  It is the attitude, not the social media marketing channel that creates success. 99% of the distributors who tried to do things the easy way with YouTube, Blogs, and other channels pretending to be something they’re not HAVE FAILED, never to return to the industry again!  That is sad and everyone reading this is either part of the solution or part of the problem.
•Getting distracted from blogging
After reading this post you might get distracted from blogging. You might read the doom and gloom and think about giving up. That is also a distraction. If you are good at blogging and love it and you believe in your ability and trust your long term strategy then you need to keep blogging, even if it doesn’t seem like its paying off right now. Don’t get distracted by this article.

The only reason I continue to provide content to this blog is because it is part of my long term strategy for Network Marketing Support Services Inc.

Blogging is a waste of time if it is distracting you. This is something that is sometimes quite subtle to put your finger on but it is vital to look for.  There is no question that many people spend all their time blogging, and playing around on social media websites, because those activities really don’t stretch our comfort zones very much.

Truth is truth!

If you talk to 100 part-time network marketers who bought some gurus course on blogging.  They bought the domain, paid for hosting, got everything set up and started blogging DAILY.  Ask them has it been worth it?   They will give you the standard answer the guru sold them on, then ask them Has it Really been worth it?

The opportunities to create leads for your business are endless. And what you might find is that actually blogging is the best thing for you. But what you really need to remember is that you can’t get distracted from your goal.


In my opinion every network marketer who has a career focus should set a goal to become a master of all offline and online lead generation methods.  All of them!  

The foundational process, the system, you take leads through doesn’t change much.  So after you have your framework in place as I talk about in this webinar it just comes down to how many leads you can generate.


Remember the opportunity cost

Opportunity cost is a term they teach in economics class that refers to the stuff you have to give up when you choose one option over another. For example, if you decide to go to the beach on Saturday it means you can’t go to the snow at the same time. That is the opportunity cost. If you are blogging, there are other PROVEN activities you could be doing to move your business forward that you are not doing.  I have always tried to teach the up and coming leaders we work with …

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Now, if you are blogging for an hour each night after work you are foregoing something else. What is it? Is it family time? Exercise? Sleep? Is it working on a better customer follow up strategy or are you avoiding making follow up calls to those you currently have in your recruiting funnel?    Is it worth it to spend time writing a post for your blog?  Most network marketers are part-time and as the great Jim Rohn said. “Time Management is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich”   Many leaders who are reading this need to remember where they came from.


I started part-time and was part-time for 5 years before I was able to leave my JOB, thankfully this was before the internet.  I was forced to focus my time on the activities that I knew would move me and my TEAM forward.  We weren’t distracted with blogs, lead & affiliate programs and dozens of social media platforms.  We generated our own leads and focused every week on the fundamentals that would move our business forward.  Adding team members and customers weekly.

Everything that you do has an opportunity cost and that is why it is so important to figure out whether blogging is a waste of your time. You might actually find that the other stuff is the cost and you should spend more time blogging. Just don’t get distracted in whatever it is that you choose to do.

What do you REALLY think?

No fear, no shame, it is just me an you here right now.  Whomever convinced you to start a blog is not watching, they are somewhere laughing at you and counting their money.  That was harsh, but their track record has proven that is the place where many of these main stream MLM gurus come from.

So what are your thoughts on this partially coherent ramble? Do you think you are wasting time blogging or do you think that there is other stuff that is a waste of your time?  I would be really interested to hear whether any of you would consider doing something else if the blogging gig didn’t work out soon. Please leave a comment.

I sincerely believe that the network marketing profession has to return to the proven core fundamentals of building teams of people and see past the distractions and pitch men gurus.  We have become a profession that measures success based upon the number of dollars we can extract from newbies than the number of leaders we develop.

You can access a free webinar here where I get in detail about mastering the fundamentals that really move your business forward.  You can watch it here if you would like to see it.


One final thought


Yes, Savvy Marketers have been selling newbies short cuts even before the internet.  Every time I do a post like this I get a few emails from a few naive newbies who just joined My Lead System Pro or whatever the newest hottest affiliate program is,  people calling me a “hater”.   Isn’t that an interesting word?  Suddenly we live in a world where anyone who disagrees with us is a “hater”.

I guess some things just take time and experience to grasp, and I am fine with that.  I understand exactly how most people develop the mindsets they have even when I know they are incorrect.  It is not personal for me, it is simply about increasing the odds for the most number of people.  I have refused to jump on the good o boy MLM Network.  My ego doesn’t need that kind of justification because my track record of helping people become network marketing leaders speaks for itself, for those that are aware enough to find the answer to the question.  “Who is this person and why should I be listening to him?”  If that is not you, then you have probably clicked away from this article by now to go check out the Emperor’s website.  🙂

Myself and a few others have SCREAMED for years “The emperor is not wearing any clothes!!” The fascinating part for me, is that those who have been around a few years are starting to hear me”  If that scares you, it should!

The take back the network marketing industry movement has started!  The days of extracting as much money as you can from your own team members and the 27%  who  are just looking for logical training that makes sense are coming to an end!  The Network Marketing Leadership Development Academy is here, and it will be the recognized Harvard for developing network marketing leaders in the future.  We have professors in training around the world as we speak.


As always, everything I share I am willing to discuss, debate or argue with anyone anytime, anywhere, all I ask is that I can record the conversation in its entirety.


Your thoughts and insights are always appreciated.





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