I get emails daily from customers and clients that have drank the Kool-aide.

Someone they perceive to be a Network Marketing Leader has sold them that they must BUILD THEIR BRAND on social media before they can build their network marketing team. (And oh yes, join this affiliate program so you have something to sell to the 97% of people you talk to that won’t be interested)

This misguided story has not changed much since I wrote the 7 Lies of Attraction Marketing a few years ago.

At the time this book was originally published, everyone was pushing newbies to the various affiliate programs, Google and other paid ad platforms. Today, the internet has been replaced with Social Media.


When new distributors are told to go on YouTube, start a blog, join every social media platform and call themselves a coach, consultant or guru…

This is how those type of activities translate in an honest, ethical person’s mind.



You can call me “Old School” and tell yourself you are doing network marketing the “modern way” but here is the truth…


I believe more in the internet and social media marketing than anyone on the planet.

By the way, “Old School” is a term created to convince newbies that they can build a network marketing team comfortably without expanding their skill sets and mindsets. (As long as you buy XYZ Blogging affiliate program or ABC Lead program.)

However, as it relates to Network Marketing, I have been communicating since the mid-nineties that the Internet is the best addition the industry has ever had to enhance the PROVEN LEAD GENERATION & DISTRIBUTOR TRAINING SYSTEMS of the past. It is an addition, not a replacement.

I believe the fundamental challenges are…

1) Somehow we have convinced ourselves that the way to build teams is to recruit other network marketing distributors. Today, the way you do that is to “position” yourself as a network marketing consultant on social media.

If you have never read the article, The Land of 10,000 Unrecruited Heavy Hittersyou can find it here. It will give you a deep insight into when and how this shift towards recruiting each other, instead of building HOME GROWN LEADERS happened.

2) I believe business models that promote products and services should use social media every way they possibly can. My wife and I operate 3 other businesses besides Network Marketing Support Services Inc. Social media and the Internet is the #1 promotional method we use because we market products and services with those particular businesses.

Here is the paradigm shift. Are you ready? You must get this…

The REAL Product in Network Marketing is People!

A Well Trained Distributor

In the late nineties when the industry got away from the Core Fundamentals of network marketing and personal development, and started focusing on marketing techniques and recruiting each other, we tilted off our foundation and have yet to return.

So yes, traditional business gurus are non stop about branding and social media, however, network marketing is the most unique business model in the world. THE REAL PRODUCT IS PEOPLE. Your real product is a WELL TRAINED DISTRIBUTOR!

Until the leaders in the profession build on this foundation, the confusion will continue and fragmentation will continue…

If this mano_fluff_720-300x300kes any sense at all, I hope you will listen to the various episodes at the No Fluff Leadership Podcast where this concept is discussed in detail.

I know for many of you reading this, I am “Preaching to the Choir.” I would love for you to share this information with others and or leave your comments below.

The best way to build your brand is to build your team. The best way to build your team is not by attempting to position yourself as something your not… yet.


There is a reason there are tens of thousands of abandoned blogs and You Tube accounts by those that once called themselves home business coaches, consultants, rock stars and the list goes on and on.

The majority of people with a conscious & sense of personal credibility are disturbed when they are taught to be a liar. I talk to people daily that can’t believe they bought the snake oil and drank the Kool-aide.

If you can relate with this I would like to invite you to take some time and really investigate the articles, and training video we make available on this website.

If someone is more interested in selling you coaching programs and products on how to build your brand, instead of building your team, your gut instinct is correct. It doesn’t mean the business model is not valid. It just means some people know they can make a ton of money telling newbies what they want to hear.

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