It is no secret that we live in a world where people are seeking escapism and entertainment. The Metaverse is where we are all headed and it is inevitable. Before we know it the question business people will need answered is What is Your Mediverse Marketing Strategy … mark my words those days will be here before you know it.

Real business people find it harder and harder to find business minded people, to do business with.

As I have said many times over the past couple of years on my MLM Success Podcast. “Network Marketing is no longer a business, it has become a giant social club”. Here is just one of many
promotions you see on social media today being promoted by mlm leaders.

I have said it a thousand times, I am not in business to make friends, but when you are authentic and you base your thoughts and systems around wisdom of the ages philophies, you will develop many deep friendships, and you don’t have to give away raffle and door prizes.

Unfortuantely today, most people in network mareketing busineeses who have leadership titles seem to be more focussed on keeping their teams, entertained and on autoship one more month, than they do building leadership on their teams.

It’s been said that people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. And, in the case of social media, this appears to be true. Marketers who want to promote on social media need to be aware of what is going on. I am not saying you need to agree with it or even participate in the madness, but you need to understand that most people in the world rarely have a meaningful thought. Their days are habitualy, and any free time they do have they are looking to be entertained or to escape.

What started out as a way for people to connect with friends and family has turned into a battleground for attention and engagement. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have been trying to one-up each other with new features, all in an attempt to be more like TikTok.

To be clear, when we say “social media,” we’re talking about platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These networks were built on the idea of giving people a way to communicate with each other, and for a while, that’s exactly what they did. But as algorithms have become more sophisticated and as users have become more savvy, people stopped feeling social. 

What people really want is perceived authenticity. They want to be entertained and engaged with content that is real, not scripted or contrived. And that is something that the big social media platforms are slowly but surely losing.

There is no more social media. One-to-one social networking is gone. It’s been replaced by heavily curated feeds and algorithms designed to keep us hooked.  

Even on LinkedIn, I can’t get away from videos of people dancing and twerking in order to get attention to their resume. One person even posed “almost” naked in order to make “a point” but it was all about extreme attention getting.

We are no longer in control of our own social media experiences – the platforms are — and they want your eyeballs staring at them.

And that’s a shame, because social media was once a great way to connect with friends and family.

 It was a place where we could share our thoughts and feelings, and where we could have real conversations with each other. 

But those days are long gone. Now, social media is all about the numbers. It’s about getting as many likes and shares as possible, regardless of the quality of the content. 

What’s more, content consumption platforms are not just reaching more people than social media – they’re reaching younger people too. The aforementioned Pew Research Center study found that YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any other cable network. And a recent study by eMarketer found that Netflix will reach more American millennials this year than any other digital platform.

Of course, that’s not to say that people aren’t still using it – they are. But the platform that was once seen as the pinnacle of online communication has been replaced by something far more powerful and pervasive: content consumption.

What does that mean for brands and advertisers? It means that you can’t rely on social media to reach your target audience. Sure, you can still use it to distribute content, but if you want to truly connect with your customers, you need to go where they are – and that’s in the content they’re consuming.

The best way to do that is by creating content that resonates with your target audience.  This will be more important than any other sort of advertising. That might mean creating videos, writing blog posts, or even just posting images on social media. The key is to make sure your content is relevant and interesting to your audience, and that it provides value.

When creating content for newer platforms, it’s important to keep in mind that these audiences are different than those on what used to be called “social media.”. They’re looking for fun, entertaining content that is relevant to their interests.

So, how can you create content that resonates with these audiences? Here are a few tips:

1. Make sure your content is relevant and interesting.

When it comes to TikTok especially, viewers are looking for something that will make them laugh, smile, or just generally feel good. So if you want to create valuable content, focus on entertainment value .Keep your target audience in mind when creating content, and make sure it is relevant and interesting to them. If your content is boring or irrelevant, they won’t watch it. They also will leave your channel fast if it’s just full of hard sale advertisements.  If you’re trying to be serious, make sure your information is accurate and well-researched. And always remember to stay on-brand; if your channel is all about cute animals, don’t suddenly start posting political videos.

2. Provide value.

Your audience will appreciate videos that provide value – whether that’s entertainment, information, or both. Try to think of creative ways to deliver valuable content to your viewers. share useful information with your viewers. This could be anything from tips on how to do something new, to information about current events or hot topics. Try to think of creative ways to deliver this information, and make sure it’s interesting and engaging for your viewers. Take advantage of trends and current events. If something is happening in the world, try to create content around it that will interest your viewers.

3. Be creative.

TikTok and other newer platforms are all about creativity and fun. So be creative with your content – use humor, be innovative, and think outside the box. This will help you stand out from the crowd and attract attention from new viewers. Try filming unique video concepts, or use special effects and filters to add interest and flair to your videos. The more creative you are, the more likely people are to watch and share your content. Another thing to keep in mind is the tone of your content. If you’re trying to be funny, make sure your jokes are funny!  

So as a brand advertiser how can you come up with fresh ideas that will capture your audience’s attention? Try brainstorming with friends or family members, or check out some of the latest trends on social media. You can also watch other popular TikTok creators for inspiration. This may seem completely different than what many agencies have taught their employees, but changing the way we interact means changing the way we advertise.

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