Yesterday I had a brief and interesting phone conversation
with one of our MLM Training Club members that inspired
this article.

Let me start by answering the question:

Why candles are easier to sell than nutritional products?

People care more about having a home that smells good than
they care about their health! It is sad but true.  We live in
world where people care too much about what other people
are thinking about them!

This all goes back to the concept I originally shared way back in
1994 on my “Secret to Network Marketing” audio training.

I know that many of you have been reading the articles on this
website since then and have heard the audio.


I know that some of you are trying to read more into this than
I am saying,  I can hear you now, Dale are you saying I shouldn’t
be in the nutritional products business?

Absolutely not!  Your real product is people! Network marketing is
a leadership development business.  For you to maximize your true upside
income potential you must find a mentor that can teach you how to build
a growing team.  However when you market a product
line that appeals to
the masses it definitely gives you a step up.

So, how do I effectively sell nutritional products?

That is easy!  TESTIMONIES!  Testimonies sell! People buy based
upon emotion and they attempt to justify their purchased based
upon facts.

I understand that testimonies have become a “sticky issue” over
the past few years with regulators. It really gets me aggravated.

Drug companies can say whatever they want and make claim
after claim, but at a Network Marketing  TRAINING meeting
you better not allow satisfied customers to share their personal
testimony regarding the use of the product.

I started my MLM career in the nutritional industry with the Shaklee
corporation and believe that “weight loss” is the easiest product to
market.  I know if you believe and have had a positive personal
with the product or service you market, you are at an

advantage because you will communicate with emotion and not facts.
Just be careful of companies that offer “TOKEN PRODUCTS” that have
no real lasting value to the end user.  The more emotionally attached
you are to your product or service the more success you will have.

However, when in doubt, look for a product that appeals to
the masses, a product that people “want” not need!


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As always your thoughts and comments are appreciated!





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