Creating Cash Flow while you build you network
marketing team and your dream.

More and more customers and clients are asking me
how to create cashflow while they are building
their network marketing dream.

Network Marketing is not a get Rich Quick Scheme.

To achieve financial independence with the network
marketing business model it require the development
of new skill sets and mindsets and a tremendous
amount of hard work.  For some reason most people
don’t talk about that in their pitch.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions the past few
months about why I am involved in so many business
models instead of just focusing on my network
marketing seminar business, and complaints
because my blog post have slowed down so
much over the summer.

My business loyalty is not to the Network Marketing
business model. If you have been reading this blog
any time at all you probably know I have a real
LOVE – HATE relationship with Network Marketing.

I love the business model, I hate what it has become.
The MLM Pitch has gone from a 3-5 year game plan
to freedom to a pitch for easy, quick, riches and no
work required.

Truth is… I just don’t like a lot of the fluff and false
promises that have become normal within the industry.

I try to only work, speak and consult with companies
and leaders that sincerely have the best interest of
the masses.
  Honestly,  there are not as many of
those around as there once were and yes I have been fooled
by the pitch of a  couple of company owners over the years.

If we’re all honest and look at ourselves in the mirror,
we know that most of the people who come into our
little circle don’t have the determination and focus to
make any business model work. 70% of the population
dies broke, always have and always will!


You know why? 

Because most people’s mentally are in state of LACK.

The mindset is, “I don’t have money, I need money,
I need to get it now!”  It is a great idea to take the
time to be real with yourself regarding your mindsets
around money, if you ever plan on developing positive
cashflow in network marketing or any business.

I think read the book CHANGE YOUR FINANCIAL 
MINSET AND CREATE WEALTH would be time well
spent for most people, before they go far down any
business path.

That mindset always looks for short term loopholes,
shortcuts, and magic answers that aren’t there.
Unscrupulous marketers make millions telling people
with these mindsets it is not your fault it is your upline
or your company, just pull out your credit card and
I will empower you with my magic attraction marketing
fu fu dust.

I have said it before and I will say it many times again
“their ain’t no fu fu dust!”

That’s the honest truth. 

I’ve always been proud of my products ,and take pride in
sharing content I call the wisdom of the ages.  I’m not here
to help a shallow minded, short term  people who want a “loophole” 
to success… because that doesn’t exist. 

And you know what happens then? 

The person who wanted a loophole finds out that it actually
takes work to learn the proper skill sets and mindsets, and then
they blame YOU when a system or program doesn’t work
like magic the first time they attempt to implement it. 


Hey Jack, that is why they call it netWORK marketing.

It’s… exhausting. 

And to be even more honest… I get A LOT more excited
when I’m talking about family,  UK basketball,  mindsets, personal
growth and the freedom lifestyle than I do about making money. 

Anyway… enough of that.. My goal is to develope six, six-figure
incomes and then write a book about it.

I have to admit that back in 2000 when I made the conscious
decision to master as many new six figure business models
as I could it was a little scary not putting 100% of my efforts
into network marketing, because I had been doing it for over
twenty years at that point … and the industry had made me a

Maybe you know what that’s like… 

You don’t want to leave a job because it pays the bills…

Or you don’t want to leave the relationship because
you’re “used to it”… 

I’m sure you can think of something in your life that you’ve
been holding onto because it’s been serving you, even 
though you’re not happy with it. 


I have never left the network marketing industry, it will
always be my first love.  In fact I have more speaking
gigs scheduled today with more companies than ever


At an early age I bought into the famous Zig Ziglar
quote  “You can have anything in life you want if
you help enough other people get what they want”.

So by learning and mastering various business models
over time, I have been able to help more people and those
that just aren’t cut out for network marketing.  Does that
make sense? 


Listen, all business basically comes down to 2 things.
CUSTOMERS  and  PRODUCTS.   The reason many of
the internet marketing gurus got their start with eBay is
because it provided one part of the equation,  ..

I have sold over a million dollars worth of antiques,
collectibles, and other merchandise on eBay over the
years. I have that business model mastered.  It is
a great way for network marketers to created cash flow
because they can implement a Funded Proposal method
and create leads for their existing network marketing

This summer Dawn & I started testing a new business
model.  A real business selling real products that people
actually already use in their day-to-day life.

Back in May we made our  first sale on Amazon.
For the first few weeks, we averaged about 2-3 sales a day. 

This past weekend I was speaking for an awesome network
marketing company for a Super Saturday event in Ohio.


While we were out of town, we  had 27 sales of various products
on Saturday.

Those sales equaled about $400 in revenue… multiply that by
thirty days in a month, and  Your looking at a $12,000 a month business, built in just four months, very very very part-time.  Now we may make more or we may make less,  I am just trying to help you see the upside potential.

The best part is Amazon provides all the shipping and
customer service. 

That was enough for me to make the decision to start liquidating
many of our niche websites and businesses  that require
time without an immediate return to find more time to devote
to this hot business model.

I’m guessing that $12,000 a month would be enough for you
to quit doing whatever you hate doing?  Maybe, maybe not, I
don’t pretend to know your personal situation.  I understand
that many marketing millionaires read this blog.  However I
know that with Amazon FBA you can supplement your income
while building your network marketing dream.

I also understand that no matter what your income level, we all
have to learn to “Say no to a lot of good ideas so we have time
for the great ones”
  and this is probably the best new business
model I have seen in many years.  The timing is remarkable
because 99% of marketers still don’t get it!  If you think out
of the box a little you can also use it to grow your existing


I have always believed we should try to learn whatever we want
to learn from the best.   I have spent more on courses, seminars
and personal education than anyone I know.   If you think education is expensive you should think about the price of ignorance, or lack of self-education!  So I decided to learn from the best.  A couple of guys that are making 100K a MONTH with Amazon!  This article was originally written in 2013 and at this point I talked about ordering the now famous AMAZON AMAZING SELLING MACHINE.  That today is no longer available.

At time of this update it is OCT. 2019.  It is crazy what has happened over the past few years.  Dawn and I have done well over six figures a year on Amazon since we wrote this article.  Ebay is making a comeback and we are moving into a flip economy.

It is sincerely easier to make a profit flipping merchandise today than most people can even understand.

So if you are a network marketing with a dream, that truly understands the power of residual income, you can find multiple ways to create cash flow in today’s economy that make sense, while you are building your team and working towards your dream.  You can create immediate cashflow, with a little bit of proper education. 

I will admit we are all being pitched daily, and sometimes it is hard to separate hair brain ideas, from legit opportunities.   There is a book over at that share with you the best ways to create part-time side gig cash flow.  I think this will be a great read for you.

 There is no business model in the world, that gives average people with above average desire the opportunity to create legacy wealth like the network marketing business model.  I sincerely believe that. 

However it absolutely requires that you find the RIGHT mentorship and you are teachable. That is the rub for most business minded people.  The “teachable” part.  They have never accepted the Wisdom of the Ages truth that all great teachers were first great students, and that leaders learn from mentors, managers learn from professors.  

Your long-term income potential with the network marketing business model comes down to the fact that your income is in direct proportion to the number of leaders, that are developed on your team.

My commitment is to entrepreneurial minded people, period, not to a particular business model.  I just want to support those who want to be free from the grind of the traditional 9-5.


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