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The answer is yes and no. I know that is not the answer you wanted to hear, but it is the truth.

Let me try to explain further. All marketing is numbers! The more advertising methods you are using in the market place, ultimately the more website visitors you will have and the more sales you will make and prospects you will find.

With that said, a few years ago when we rolled out our web cash leads program we had associates using every method possible to drive traffic to their affiliate sites. There is no question that the best 2 ways to drive traffic to any website is with Pay Per Click Search engines such as Google and Overture along with solo ads in marketing ezines.  Update this is a perfect example of how marketing channels change and evolve.  Overture is no longer in business, and solo ads still work IF you find a reputable source.  At the time of this update the internet has become Social Media. 

However FREE classified ad sites will work, provided that you are promoting a product or service that ADVERTISER can benefit from. Please re-read that statement. You must promote a product or services that A D V E R T I S E R S want!

What I am really saying is that not that many consumers actually visit a lot of the FREE advertising sites on the web, but a TON of Website owners see ads while searching to make sure their personal ad appears on the site. Does that make sense?  Yes, you can find customers and consumers with free classified ad websites, but target your ads towards small business owners and entrepreneurs.

So if you can promote a product or service that website owners can use your chances for clicks and sales increase dramatically. I can tell you dozens of success stories from marketers that have used FREE classified sites to market their products and services. I can also share with you dozens of horror stories from associates who have wasted hours posting to FREE Classified Ad sites with little or no results.

So should you use FREE Advertising Sites are not? After all it can be very time consuming to post to these sites? We personally post to FREE advertising sites every week, and we make sales weekly. However we have a secret to our success.

We use a completely automated Classified Ad Blaster that allows us to submit unlimited free ads to over 50,000 classified ads sites with just a couple of clicks of the mouse! That is right we can submit our ad to over FIFTY THOUSAND free classified ad sites in less than 5 minutes!

With those kinds of numbers no wonder we get a lot of website traffic and sales weekly from FREE Classified Ad sites. You can work hard, or you can work smart. In all businesses time is money and marketing comes down to numbers. Our submitter allow us to go post on huge numbers of boards in less than 5 minutes, we think it makes much more sense to approach marketing with FREE classified ad sites this way, than trying to submit our ads 1 by 1, what about you?  You can get all the details about the classified ad submitter we use, along with several other great promotional products at Classified Ad Software.













Today, we still use the above software, we also have a virtual assistant that
submits our ads to high traffic classified sites like and

We believe online and offline classified websites will always
provide a viable way to find prospects and customers.

Ultimately if you are building a business your goal should be to become
a lead generation expert and master as many lead generation methods
as possible.



For more information about growing your business with offline
and online classified advertising we recommend this course.











This course is now available instantly online
and has been updated to include Craigslist,
Backpage, and other popular, high traffic
online classified websites as well as print
classifieds in local papers.


Yes online and offline classifieds, like every marketing method
should be PART of your advertising campaign. I don’t believe
you should base all of your marketing around 1 particular method
no matter how effective it is.







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