Sometimes I feel like a broken record answering the same questions over and over for clients and customers.

Below is correspondence I had today from a long time customer.

It seems I have this question quite often from different customers, so I hope this information will be a brain tweak for you:



I have been struggling trying to create leads for my business with my blog, or so I thought. 

After looking at my stats counter, I see that  over the past 4 months I have received 400-500 visitors to my website each month,   thanks to your 21 ways course, but I have received ZERO leads.

Based on the training I have heard from you, I am assuming the problem is my website itself.  

Will you take a look at my site and tell me what changes I should make?

Thank you so much.

Becky ___________


Hi Becky,

Congratulations on generating those traffic numbers, I am glad the 21 ways course has helped you. 

You are 100% correct.  Your website is all over the  place,  it looks like a flea market vendor.  You have  far too many banners for too many affiliate programs and products.

This type of approach makes sense for some websites, but not one where you want to generate leads.

You have to ask yourself, "what is my MWR?"


What are you really trying to accomplish with this particular website?  If it is creating leads, then focus 100% on that.

It would serve you well right now, to good a good understanding of this concept.   I made the same mistake when I first  started out, and many people

This website is my catalog website, if you will.

You will not see me promoting to the general public, it is for existing clients and customers.

The sites I promote are SINGLE purpose  websites with very clear MWR.

For instance check out,  the website where you originally invesed in my  course.

First of all the domain tells you what the website is about.

However, I have one objection with that website. To promote the course. 

When people click away from the website, I attempt to capture their information and send them a free report, but the main focus  of the
website, is for people to watch the testimony videos, read about the 3 hour training that was filmed before a live audience, and order the course.

That is really their only option.

They don’t even know about the free report unless they move their cursor to click out of the website.

There really is a science to marketing online, and it starts with identifying your MWR.   However that really is the STARTING POINT, there is much more that should be thought through when developing  an effective website.   You need to make tweaks and changes on an ongoing basis to maximize your results.

If you have not seen  this website, check it out: GuruMarlon. 

I learned more from Marlon on effective online marketing than anyone when I first started.  This is an excellent read, and probably the second or third ebook I ever downloaded. I am very thankful I found this information when I first started marketing online,

I have recommended it to many people who will tell you the same thing.

I hope this helps, always think  Most Wanted Response!

One more quick thought.

New Most Wanted Response equals new domain name.
If you look at the websites we feature at:
you will see evidence of this concept over and over.

Keep in mind this is just websites we have for the network marketing community, we operate over 100 additional websites, and they all follow the same concept. 

When you really look at those websites you see they are all designed to sell a product or capture the data of someone who I might be able to help in the future.

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