Last night I watched an online video that really got me fired up. You can find it here: FACEBOOK VIDEO

It is by Internet guru Ryan Deiss. I have met Ryan a couple of times when we have both spoke at large Internet Marketing events.

Ryan is known throughout the Internet Marketing World as a Google expert. In fact I have several marketing friends who turned over their entire Google campaigns to Ryan's company. If you have been advertising with Google, the odds are they shut you off a couple of months ago.

The deleted over 15,000 marketers accounts with zero explanation, (but Ryan shares his insights in the video). A lot of marketers who depended on Google traffic lost their business over night. You can imagine the hit that Ryan and his clients took. That is good news for us… because it took him to Facebook. I know, I know, what you are thinking if you have tried Facebook advertising in the past…BUT don't miss this!

I believe that we learn from those WHO HAVE DONE IT! You guys know that. Ryan and his staff have cracked the FACEBOOK Code as you will see in the video:


 Let me continue. Facebook is a fairly new advertising medium and they are very picky. The first time I tried to advertise on Facebook a few years ago. I submitted 10 ads and 8 were rejected. I couldn't figure out why, and it was very frustrating. At that point I had a choice, spend weeks and probably months, trying to figure this out on my own, or wait until somebody else dose and learn from them.

The Power of Facebook advertising will be totally revealed to you in Ryan's video. Don't quote me, but Facebook gets more page views than Google, as has something like 20% less advertisers. That spells opportunity to marketers that understand marketing. Plus the targeting potential is insane! The window is open RIGHT NOW, but no doubt it will gradually close. Ok let me tell you what happened for me. I watch the video here:


I learned a lot in just a few minutes, and got excited about the power of ad's on Facebook. So of course I invested in the Ryan's course, it was very very reasonable. Again as you guy's know I believe "You never ask what it cost, only what is it worth" I believe in "self education" and learning from those who have already done it is the only short cut to success. Anyway, I started watching the online course last night and I couldn't stop! Awesome, awesome info.

I finally placed 3 ads up last night … and yes all 3 have been approved. I am fired up! I will be going through the rest of the course this weekend, and look for me on Facebook because I will be doing dozen's more ads. I will leave you with this thought, and as a marketer this should really blow your mind. YOU CAN TARGET ANYBODY YOU WANT WITH YOUR ADS. * Single Women * Single Men * People who have the words MLM or Network Marketing in their profile (Yes! you heard right) *

Any network marketing company name * Those who listed "Think & Grow Rich" or The Bible as one of their favorite books! Get the idea? This is super powerful. I am doing a generic seminar in SF California in March. I have an ad running on facebook right now for this event that is ONLY showing in California to people that have the words network marketing or mlm in their profile. How powerful is that? You have to check out this video at  FACE BOOK VIDEO

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