In this post I am going to make a BOLD prediction, that I think can put your business a step or two ahead of the crowd. This is not a post about Twitter, so make sure you read all of it! The last email I sent to our subscribers was an update from our family trip to Gatlinburg, TN. and I mentioned the first and only video I have ever done regarding Twitter.

Frankly, I have never got in the Twitter habit, but when I was first exposed to it I felt it was going to be big. When you need a laugh, watch this video.

Twitter was founded in March of 2006, I did the video above 7 years ago in 2008 and at that time very few people had heard about Twitter and the whole social media thing was just starting. When Twitter first came out I purchased a piece of software that post automatically every hour to my 50+ Twitter accounts. I set everything up in one weekend, and it created countless number of leads and a couple of thousand dollars a month in affiliate income for me for 5 months, until Twitter changed their algorithms and the software stopped working. I have never looked at social media as a business, only as lead generation channels.

My philosophy has always been to enter the Channel. By Channel I mean website like My Space (Remember that one?) Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, etc. learn everything I can about marketing and promotion on that channel and then outsource what works to someone.

Honestly, I have dropped the ball on social media, simply because I haven’t devoted the time I should to the different channels. Looking back devoting more time to social media channels would have been a valuable use of my time


You may feel the same way?


Here is the good news, technology will always create new marketing methods that will allow us to get ahead of the curve, if we take action.

Here is my bold prediction for the future.

The next best marketing channels will not be websites, THEY WILL BE APPS. The hottest app on the planet RIGHT NOW IS INSTAGRAM. The cool thing about INSTAGRAM is like Twitter, you can post to Instagram, and have your post automatically show up on your Facebook page. Some of my savvy marketing friends like Ron Henley are doing this daily and obviously has a head start on this trend.

Check out one of his post, and notice the INSTAGRAM logo on the bottom



















* * *

It is not debatable that Facebook Fan Page engagement is on the down turn. Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook as a marketing Channel, I have over 50 fan pages in various markets, but if I didn’t have the opportunity to outsource my engagement on 48 of those pages, I would go crazy. My rule is if the page says Dale Calvert then I personally engage, if not, it is outsourced. That goes for every social media channel.

A few weeks ago I heard about a virtually unknown marketers who sent 80,823 visitors to an offer WITHOUT paying a penny for traffic,ALL WITH INSTAGRAM. I’ve been watching this underground social ninja and today he spilled the beans! He released his video course and I immediately picked it up, it was less than 10 bucks, but will be $97 when it is officially released.

Seriously, you don’t even need a computer to absolutely crush it with Instagram. I want to stress, I have not gone through the course yet, but I know this guy has walked the walk. He has made this course available to a limit audience TODAY with a dime sale, which means the cost is going up as we speak. Personally, I am looking forward to going through this information and mastering this channel.

So if you want more info, click here to get more information.

The 2nd app I want to let you know about is called Periscope.


It has only been available for about 4 months, and it is exploding in some marketing circles, especially for those who do webinars, conference calls, podcast and You Tube videos. It is basically a LIVE STREAMING AP that will stream live video to your subscribers cell phone.


I have not figured out the best way to use it as of yet, but mark my words you are going to hear more about this. You can do a google search and get more details if you want to know more.



Well I hope this encourages you. We all drop the ball from time-to-time, but we live, learn and move forward.  LEARN, MASTER, OUTSOURCE!


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