My position on trying to build your Network Marketing business
focusing 100% on offline or online techniques is very well

The old school new school war was created by attraction marketers
so they could sell unsuspecting network marketing newbies what
they wanted to sell them.

I have documented this in multiple articles on this blog over the


Network Marketing Disruption

Is there a difference between becoming a Top Producer in your company and a
Top Leader? Most say no, of course not. They are wrong, let’s prove it. That is
why the majority of six-figure earners ultimately fail and leave the profession.


Why Searching for Network Marketing Tips, MLM Nuggets, and Tricks
will Delay Your Success by Years 

Why Blogging is a waste of time for 99% of Network Marketers 

You need to get out there and build your brand to build a Network
Marketing Team … REALLY?

There is no doubt that something is in the air
from what you guys are 
telling, me daily.


Those who at one time were telling everyone “If you want
to position 
yourself as a network marketing professional,
you must have a blog & write 
everyday” are now backing
off their stance.

From what I am hearing a lot of those hard core attraction
who pulled the wool over the eyes of newbies in
the profession for years, are now trying to teach 
local lead
generation, leadership development and many more concepts
and methods that they have never implemented, and at one
they were calling “old school”.

Here is the main point I need to share with you.  The last
six months I 
have been having honest conversations with
many young “leaders”that quite frankly 
I never expected
I would have in my lifetime.

Good people that realize they are victims of the culture in which they
came up in within the profession. 3%ers who have been able to develop a
huge following and great income on social media, but understanding that
what they have the talent to do, 97% of the people on their team just
don’t have those skills, and NEVER WILL.

The conversations have been honest, and refreshing.  I was thinking this
afternoon, if that many people have the guts to reach out to me, for
consulting and coaching or just to chat through the situation they have found
themselves in, how many 
more would benefit if I address this situation HEAD on?

Not to mention the people I connect with daily who bought the flawed
INVEST, LEARN, TEACH concept (literally) and are ready to throw in
the towel and forget trying build a network marketing team.












I have followed Kyle for awhile.  A young mind that has as much insight
and wisdom as he does can only come from one place.  To my knowledge
he has never been involved in network marketing, but I I feel confident the
ten minutes he shares on the video below, will be the first step to recovery
for those who have been taught to fake it till they make it

I needed to get this  video out there for network marketers who drank the
attraction marketing Koolaide and are now waking up and seeing the writing
on wall. They are starting to think about their legacy and their track record
understanding the terrible training philosophies they have passed on
and culture they have fallen in to is all being documented.

I hope this video makes an impact on those who need to hear it the most,
please share this post, and as always your feedback is appreciated.




















PS If you have not seen this webinar replay it is
worth a look! 







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