real-businessBefore we get into the actual article let me explain something. Attraction Marketing is a great business model for those having a product or service to sell.  My wife and I have a staff of ten people and operate four businesses from our office in Georgetown, Kentucky.

All of our advertising and promotion for our e-commerce store is done online using multiple attraction marketing systems.

However network marketing is about developing a TEAM of leaders. Your long-term income is in direct proportion (not to the number of customers you acquire or people you enroll on your team) but to the number of leaders you DEVELOP  on your team.  Distributors come and go, DEVELOPED leaders stay, and leadership creates product movement!

If that statement doesn’t make since to you, don’t bother reading this article, it will only upset you.

Today there is more confusion in the market place than at any other time in the history of the Network Marketing business model.  At this point I am convinced that that is the business plan for many gurus, keep them confused and promise the fu fu dust at the next live seminar, affiliate program or course they are promoting.

You have affiliate marketers who think they are in network marketing. You have direct sales people who think they are involved in affiliate marketing. You have internet marketers who are just trying to grab a buck from any niche they can in every way they can, and the scenarios go on and on. 

The amount of people trying to teach people how to do that which they have never done, in every business model, is overwhelming.  Those willing to talk about it, who have never done it is frightening.  That is not ok, it is not ethical, no matter who is teaching you to act like something your not.

NO! NO! NO!  Going on Facebook Live and making cookies and mentioning your network marketing product or service at some point is NOT A GOOD IDEA.  Are you really trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator is society that have nothing better to do with their time than creep on some stranger making cookies?

The first question we should ask ourselves is what am I really trying to accomplish? Am I trying to make money or is my goal to build a real, long term business that makes me money?  The truthful answer to this question will effect every decision you make no matter what kind of business you are in, so now would be a good time to answer that question for yourself. 

There are plenty of short term money grabs that hit the market monthly.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, then the odds are you are playing the long game.  However if this is your first visit, asking yourself this question is the perfect place to start.


Are you trying to make money or are you attempting to build a real business, with real customers, that makes you profits?


Understand this.

Network Marketing is about long-term generational wealth and building people.

Affiliate marketing is about building email lists.

Internet marketing is not just about building a email list, but also a relationship with that list.

With all the self-proclaimed network marketing gurus in the market constantly coming, going and screaming at you with the latest, quick, simple, easy and no-work-way to sponsor 20 people in the next 30 days, there is no wonder the masses are more confused than ever and the industry is in a state of slowly dissolving.  Uber sent out more 1099’s last year than all of the network marketing companies in the world, COMBINED!

I realize how terrible that sounds, however if you are a serious, career minded distributor please schedule some time to watch and focus on this recorded webinar, not for me, but for you!  


I know this sounds bleak but there is hope.




The real product in network marketing always has been and always will be people. The more we understand about ourselves and others, the better leaders we will become.  I am shocked at the number of leaders who grinded their way to the top of a comp plan and then think they should teach newbies what they are doing now.  Isn’t it obvious that how a newbies should launch their business and start gathering customers and team members is far different than what someone is doing now that simply grinded their way to the top after 15 years?

When we fly on a commercial airline flight, during the announcements the flight attendants always tell us that in case of bumpy air… always place the oxygen mask over our own face first BEFORE HELPING OTHERS!














From a network marketing standpoint, I have always tried to communicate it this way: DO IT, Then TALK about it.” The trend during the first decade of 2000 was “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.”  Intelligent business people see right through someone who is trying to act like something they’re not.  It is sad because good prospects look at those people and think, “what a fool.”  It is not that these people are foolish, they simply received guidance from the wrong person, usually self-proclaimed gurus who are more interested in selling an affiliate program, blogging platform, or their newest course.

There is still too much of this “build an audience” mentality in the marketing world.  I am not saying that I disagree with it, I don’t – IF you ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING OF VALUE TO SHARE and REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE.  Getting fired up and doing a video after the gurus webinar is not a good business model!

Am I the only one that find it fascinating that the ones who convinced the masses a couple of years ago that

“You must blog everyday so you are perceived to be a network marketing pro’ are today trying to convince people they must attend my daily rah rah sessions and start doing Facebook Lives daily”

Today, those that are trying to build an audience only to ultimately pitch their network marketing programs are easily spotted by business people that have been around the block a time or two. The worst advice any human can give another human is to act like something your not.  It is about providing real value based upon real life experiences people!  I have always believed that if you were good enough at what you do, self promotion is not necessary.

There are least 4 very popular network marketing trainers I know of right now that were basically MLM flunkies or one-hit-wonders who decided they wanted to be the next Jim Rohn, and some hired PR firms in an attempt to make that happen.  Please hear me.  I am not saying they aren’t good people with good intentions.  I am saying it is hard to really relate with the REAL fear of rejection and fear of failure issue that many network marketers experience if you have never had to deal with, and overcome those fears yourself!  80% of what people teach in this industry is the same.  Some of us learned it from being in the field a long time and some from those who created an audience of newbies who never asked about their track record or back story.  However the other 20% is what is missing, and what really moves people sequentially down a path to success.  Listening to gurus answer random questions every day kinda adds to the confusion.

Getting the right information at the right point, on each distributors personal journey is the only training structure than can make a difference.  We all have different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.  How do you take what you enter the industry with, and become the best you can be without comparing yourself to anyone but yourself, is how you ultimately are going to win.

Does that make sense?


The right people in every market are persistent enough to get through all the fakes and eventually find those that have the background, and experience that can really help them move forward.

These self-proclaimed MLM gurus are telling newbies to fire up their video camera, go on YouTube, BRAND and call yourself a:

Home Business Coach
Internet Marketing Specialist
Business Consultant

… Or a variety of other ego-driven titles that mislead the masses who love to talk about themselves. Then they jump on every other social media video website, and make a video talking about something they have never personally experienced in order to “”ATTRACT”” people into the GURU’S affiliate program before ever talking about their network marketing product or opportunity.

Did you catch that? … Talk about the gurus affiliate program first?  This philosophy MISLEADS many good people that could become awesome leaders in the profession.  They pitch, promote, and sell the EZ button.  Just start a blog, make YouTube videos and spend countless, endless hours going live on social media. 

This has been happening in some form or another for years!  If you can find an article written in the mid-nineties by John Milton Fogg called “Tape Building Pyramids” (talking about how the misinformed masses were taught to buy 100’s of audio cassettes at a time and mail them to the postal mailing list the self-proclaimed gurus were selling) IT IS WORTH THE READ! (It is part of the free PDF at:

















My question is, “Who did these people think they were going to attract with this type of BS?”

The one demographic the industry has proven NOT to attract with with these methods, are self aware
people with a business background because they see through this instantly.

















Has the lack of leadership and acceptance of mediocrity in the greatest business model in the world suddenly dipped so low, that we are happy to recruit house flies?

YouTube is littered with people that jumped on this band wagon a few years ago, made a video or two, and today are OUT OF THE INDUSTRY – many who will never return. I don’t blame the people that made the videos. I blame the “So Called” leaders who were teaching this flawed concept trying to convince newbies that serious minded business people would flock to them with this attraction marketing methods.

Leaders need to call Attraction Marketing in MLM what it really is ...REPEL Marketing! Click To Tweet

The only people that are going to be attracted are the naive opportunity seekers and house flies!  Aware, business minded people are repelled by this nonsense, and at some level we all have to realize this, don’t we?

If a traditional business owner was opening a restaurant and going to do a grand opening and wanted to fill it with 50 people, how would they do that?

And for the record, I don’t believe in Private Business Receptions but I do know when you properly let people you know you’re in business… this is the best way to get your business off the ground and moving forward. Of course the emphasis here is on the phrase “properly let them know.”



Would they send invitations to people they know? 

For many of these teachers, I understand how and why they jumped on the Attraction Marketing bandwagon because when they started in the industry – most of them were given the GO SICK’EM TRAINING program by “leaders”  from my generation.

Most of them were never taught how to effectively and correctly approach people they know. But just because they failed miserably with their warm market, doesn’t mean everyone does. It has NEVER been about who you know, it has always been about WHO THEY KNOW as we discuss in detail in this free online training!







Just because they were not properly taught how to let people they know THEY ARE IN BUSINESS, does not mean some people weren’t.  In our Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire training program, you see a room of 600+ people that knew word-for-word how to effectively and easily let their warm market know they were in business, and create immediate product sales and additions to their teams.

They weren’t being taught, to pull out their cell phone and shoot their “Yes I am a newbie without a clue” video and post it to YouTube and every social media website on the planet.

Because the attraction marketing crowd was never taught the systems, wisdom of the ages success principles, and daily disciplines required to create long term and sustainable success when building a team, don’t give you the best odds for success.

The foundational truths of network marketing success has not been taught and passed down for the past 15+ years… and the industry is feeling it because many “leaders” in the 90’s dropped the ball.  As a result, in the late 90’s many distributors ran to the internet in the expectation of riches.  Some which migrated to the world wide web had some success.  At least they were making more than they were spending on their monthly auto-ship and


Most people teach at the point they start having some level of successClick To Tweet

The tragedy is they don’t fully understand the psychological mindsets that were developed in getting them to that point.  They feel the “method” created their success and in reality, the method was just a small part of their success.  All a method can do is generate a lead for a small period of time.  Just ask the early internet marketers who discovered ways to exploit Google’s algorithms in the early 2000’s, or recently those who used Facebook to grow huge audiences when 100% of their posts were being seen in the early days. The latest stats I have seen is that Facebook only shows about 8% -12% of your posts to your friends and followers.

So intelligent marketers understand that lead generation is a constant evolution that must be consciously mastered, and the last thing the people you sincerely want to attract on their news feed want to see is someone acting like something their not.


I cannot tell you how many successful “Attraction Marketers” there are (if there is such a thing).


Let me just end with this.  If you want to make money online, their are dozens of proven ways to do this and you don’t have to involve the lives of other people

If you are going to build a network marketing team, then learn from ONE MENTOR who has actually done what you want to do, systematize your business as we talk about in detail in this free webinar (5 Core Fundamentals) because that is THE ONLY WAY real duplication can occur.  To build teams, it is not about you, it is not about me, it is ultimately about what can be duplicated by the 27%ers on your team.

Decide what kind of business you are in, what you want the end to look like, find somebody who has done it, and the put your blinders on and go for it!

Everyday good people throw in the network marketing towel, never to return.


Because they simple bought a flawed philosophy perpetuated by people who are more interested in making affiliate commissions than they are building real businesses, with real leaders, and real customers.

The rest of the world looks at our industry and laughs, and when newbies who have been taught to call themselves something they aren’t wake up, they leave the profession in shame.

This must change if we expect this business model to be around for our grandchildren.  I want to encourage me you with everything in me, if you have read to this point in this  article, that tells me a lot about you.  “A wise person investigates what a fool takes for granted”.  There is nothing to sell you, but you must hear this recorded webinar!




If anything I have said in this article makes sens to you, I want to suggest that you check out the free workshop I did here:  Many of us are on a mission to call out the Fluff that that is spreading throughout this profession and provide real wisdom of the ages training that will help people move their life and their business forward.

You can click here to watch the Take Back the Industry Workshop =>







PS  I do believe there is real, long term value in documenting your network marketing journey, but there is a right and wrong way to do that which we teach in detail in the 27% Success Club!

I documented my journey in personal journals, but I would give anything if I had a video diary, especially during my first 3 years when I wanted to quit everyday.

Most people don’t need to quit, they just need to find the right mentor-ship, forget the fluff they have been
taught and take positive action on the skills set and mindset development that will really move their business

As always your thoughts and feedback are appreciated and if you think I am missing something, PLEASE CALL

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