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Below is an email I received from one of our readers. I decided to share my thoughts regarding his question with publicly.

I hope this helps everyone!

If you haven’t joined FREE IQ this is not an option and there is no excuse for anyone who is serious about marketing not to join, it’s free!

Go here and join right now, before you continue reading!

Beginning of Email

Good Afternoon Dale,

I truly enjoy your emails because of their core intentions of empowerment and honesty.

Recently I registered as an affiliate for Free IQ and wish to maximize this wave. If you don’t mind disclosing, what are a couple ways to be uniquely positioned in that vehicle produce income?

Thank you for your time and mentor-ship,



Hi Dave,

I hope you don’t mind me responding publicly like this, but I have had several people ask me questions about FREE IQ since it launched about a month ago.

For those of you that don’t know FREE IQ is like a combination of YouTube, Clickbank, plus a 2-Level Affiliate Program.

At least that is my perception at this point.

I joined Free IQ as soon as I heard about it. The reason is, I have spoke with Brad Fallen the owner on several occasions at different Internet Marketing Events.

Brad is one of the most respected Visionary Internet Marketers in the world! PERIOD!

FREE IQ has several components. From one prospective it is like UTube for marketers. All the audio, videos, etc are designed for entrepreneurs so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time with a bunch of teenagers trying to be funny & cool !

There are multiple affiliate programs, so if you purchase a product you like from FREE IQ more than likely you will have the opportunity to promote it as well.

Let me say that I certainly don’t claim to be a FREE IQ Expert. I can tell you that I have a very strong positive feeling about the potential of this business model.

I joined immediately when I heard about it,have read everything I have seen on it, but I have not devoted a day or two of focus to this project YET!

I definitely will very soon, and that would be my first recommendation to everyone.

Free IQ has several training videos on there site. My first step will be to go through each and every training video on the site. They appear to have more than enough support and training materials to get you profitable with the system.

So to Dave’s question, how can you profit from FREE IQ, if I were consulting with Dave I would ask a lot more questions.

1st Question

Do you have a customer/client/prospect list?

As Internet Marketers have been preaching for years, and as I have been harping on every time I do a seminar for network marketers, the $$$ is in the list!

In today’s marketing world, a database is mandatory!

I don’t have time to get into a lot of detail about this. But I believe you should have not just an email data base, but also a data base you can use for direct mail promotions.

Mark my words, Direct Mail Marketing with postcards will be making a huge comeback in the marketing world in the near future.

You can get more info on this at:


Example: About 6 months ago I purchased a mailing list of several thousand people who have purchased a course from a TV infomercial about
Making Money with Ebay.

I personally own the same course and know that it stinks. It is really just a front end product and there main business is to sell people who buy the course a high priced ”drop shipping” system.

Now, I can go to FREE IQ and do a search for Ebay. Check out products, courses, ebooks that look interesting.

From the list, see which ones offer an affiliate program. The next step
is to order those products. If I find one I really like and feel offers value, I can promote my affiliate link for that product to my list of Ebay course buyer with a postcard!

I would do a test mailing of 500 first. If the numbers work and the mailing is profitable, I would then mail the entire list.

Make sense?

You can set up a simple data base using an Excel spreadsheet. Another easy to use program that can be bought at any office supply store is called My Mailing List.

For an email list I recommend:

www.ShoppingCart.TipForSuccess.com right now they are offering a 30 day trial for only $3.95.

This is the email delivery system that
a large majority of the Internet Marketing Gurus use.

If I could change one thing over the past
few years since I started marketing online, it would be to start my online business with this system as
the backbone
. It would have saved me dozens of hours of hassle and frustration. I cannot recommend this system highly enough.

It offers everything you need to operate an online business, and you can start with their autoresponder (email delivery) system and then add other components as you need them.

This way down the road you don’t end of with 4 different systems, like I did! Start with what you need now, and add more components as you grow your online business!

Please don’t end up like I did! I can tell you attempting to consolidate all your data into one system down the road is NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!
Bookmark …



2nd Question

What market do you primarily work in?  Ebay, MLM, Internet Marketing, Google Adwords?

If you have an existing list, in a specific market, then you can easily duplicate the steps outlined above with other affiliate products.

I personally have a data base that I have compiled over the last couple of years with people that are interested in creating income streams with Google Adwords.

I could email this list, after finding a great product on FREE IQ with a good affiliate program.

Are you starting to see how all marketing revolves around a list /database?

One of the many cool features about FREE IQ is it lets you create your own subscribers!(Build a List)

You can place your own Video or Audio
on the system, and then people can subscribe to your list to stay updated about the product or service your Video or Audio promotes!

There are several MLM distributors who already have there companies opportunity DVD uploaded to FREE IQ !

3rd Question

Do you have your own products or services that you promote?

If you have your own product or service, this is a no brainer. Create a short promotion video with links back to your sales page website and upload it to FREE IQ.

You can even run your own affiliate program through this system and they will handle all payments to your affiliates!

If you have no product, and no list?

Then you should start by promoting affiliate products that you believe in.

You can find postal mailing list at:


You can find services that will send out
promotional opt in emails on your behalf
at: http://www.WebAdBlaster.com

I hope this information has stimulated
you mind, & given everyone reading
a starting point.

As I said earlier, I have a real good
feeling about FREE IQ, and I believe it
will get huge and become the foundational marketing and affiliate backbone during the upcoming Web 2.0 Years!

Dedicated to Your Success!


PS: This services will publish your promotional ads to thousands of ezines for pennies, and another way you can promote FREE IQ products or anything
else.  I have used them in the past with good results.


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