“Marlon’s Cheat Sheet For Generating Leads Online”

Save this for reference and use it as a checklist
By Marlon Sanders


Here’s Marlon’s cheat sheet for generating leads online:

1.  First you need to know how much you can afford to spend
to get someone to join your email list.

a.  After people opt in, you’re going to present them with
an immediate offer, either on the thank you page, or the
page after they confirm their email.

I’m going to call this “sale 1.”

a.  Count the total revenue generated from sale 1,
including upsells and downsells

This is the KEY.  When they buy sale 1, it’s critical you
immediately have upsells and downsells.

b.  For example sake, let’s say after they opt in, you present an
offer for $27 and, on average, including a $250 upsell and $50
downsell (if they decline the $250 offer), you net out $50.

If you’re converting 10% of opt ins, that is $5 per opt in.  Now,
you know you can conservatively spend $2.50 to get an opt in.  I’m
going to use this $2.50 as an example.

You have to calculate your own numbers.

2.  Critical points for your name capture (or squeeze) page

a.  You need to be capturing 10% to 15% minimum.  Some of my friends
take this up to 30% on ppc traffic. I’ve heard higher figures but
they are probably from traffic other than ppc.

b.  Use a tested headline

==> Scan your subject lines for something that did well and pull
from it for the squeeze page.

==> If you have pay-per-click ads running, take one that did really
well and turn THAT into a headline.

==> Model other headlines you KNOW are working well

==> Look at the posts in forums in your market with very high views.
Borrow those subject lines — creatively.  Model don’t steal.

c.  If you can put together a hot screen capture video or real video,
this will likely increase opt ins.

d.  Make sure your opt in box is above the fold of the screen, so
people don’t have to scroll to get to it.

3.  Adapt your squeeze page for Google

a.  There’s a nasty rumor that Google doesn’t allow squeeze pages.
Search stuff on Google a lot and bookmark ALL squeeze pages you find.
There are still MANY out there that are working.

b.  Look to see if the successful squeeze pages have links to
content, privacy policies, contact info.

4.  Start a swipe file

a.  Save squeeze pages to a squeeze page folder
b.  Save hot sales letters to a sales letter folder
c.  Save great google ads that you keep seeing over and over to a
ppc folder
d.  Save awesome screen capture videos to a video folder

5.  Run the numbers for pay-per-click

If you can spend $2.50 to get an opt in, and 1 out of 10 clicks
opts in, then you can spend .25 per click.

===> If you can’t realistically get your traffic for .25 click, then
tweak your numbers.

— Add an upsell
— Add a downsell
— Add video to boost your conversions
— Do something else to improve your numbers.

6.  Test banners on Google

a. Banners are a goldmine if you can get ones that convert. Test on
Google site targeting.
b. If they work, test them on Adbrite.

7.  Buy banners on forums

— Forums can be a little goldmine

8.  Buy banners on highly targeted blogs

9.  Track everything

You can use hypertracker or adminder. But there is a monthly fee for
those. Automateyourwebsite.com has an adtracker built in.

Currently, I use AdtrackZ gold.  See my interview with Daegan in
Promo Dashboard.

10. Know your tracking software in and out.

— If you can pass variables to it, learn what this means and how
to do it.

— Learn about sids, tids and the other tracking suffixes

11.  Have a GREAT freebie  (IE www.FreeRKCD.com)

a. The freebie you offer on your squeeze page is ALL important
b. The title is everything
c. You can offer something as simple as a 1-page report like Agora
does all the up to a free ebook like Ben Hart does.
d. Steal from your winning subject lines and ppc ads for the title
of your freebie.

12.  The more robust your back end, the greater your freedom for
generating leads on the front end.

a.  Start a back-end swipe file where you save product ideas for
back ends that others are using.
Editors comment:  Back end for www.FreeRKCD.com program is your
actual network marketing opportunity!

b.  Create a back-end swipe file where you save videos and sales
letters for back-end products.

c.  Study back-end revenue generating sales letters, videos,
webinars and teleseminars. Get the recordings and save them for

13.  If all else fails, sponsor teleseminars and webinars where
other sell their big ticket back ends and you make 1/2.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.” www.GuruMarlon.com

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