I hope 2016 has been a wonderful year for you.

It seems like at the end of every year, people are always asking me “what kind of business environment do I think the next year will bring?”

With the recent presidential election in the United States, it seems I have been having these type of conversations more and more.

My standard answer has always been next year is going to be a lot like last year the only thing that will make a major difference for you are the books you read, the personal education seminars that you attend and the people you associate with.

I feel that will always be true.

However we live in very interesting times.

A lot of seemingly unrelated events are coming together at the same time. 

  • We are in the middle of a worldwide entrepreneurial awakening
  • Over the past 5 -10 years technology has moved faster than our brains can keep up with. Every entrepreneur seems to be suffering from ADD.
  • Many network marketing leaders who have been around for 10+ years are starting to understand that what got them to the top, won’t keep them there.
  • The population would rather do business with mom & pops than big companies
  • There is a great sense of entitlement throughout the world
  • Being and entrepreneur is cool but very few are willing to embrace the grind
  • We can communicate with people around the world with virtually no cost.
  • We can target potential customers at a level we have never been able to.
  • Many are starting to question the logic of spending ¼ million dollars on a college education only to graduate with massive debt and the hope of finding a job pays you $40,000 a year.
  • In the United States welfare pays better than minimum wage, but that is not the real issue. The real issue is that minimum wage is perceived as being the end, instead of the beginning.
  • We are surrounded by under employed people.

I have talked about all of this at some point during 2016 on one our podcast or Thursday webinars.


If I could end 2016 with one thought, this is what it would be.


The network marketing business model is in a state of decline in the United States and most parts of the world. If you are reading this, and you have not seen the webinar where Ron Henley and myself discuss this decline in detail, I would classify it as MANDATORY for serious, career minded networkers.  You can watch it here.  In my opinion, the main reason this has happened is the wrong network marketing business philosophy has been propagated throughout the industry for the past 15 years by those more interested in finding followers & selling affiliate products than building a real teams. There are several other reasons for this, most of which I discuss in detail in the 7 Lies of Attraction Marketing book.  However I believe that the upside potential for the few network marketing leaders and company owners that understand —


The long-term income of network marketing distributors and ultimately the growth of a company is in direct proportion to the number of leaders that are DEVELOPED.   Network marketing is a leadership development business.  If you build people, people will build the business. This business philosophy has been replaced with what traditional business marketing philosophies of those whose primary focus is selling products, not building teams.
It is not about getting them in!  Every person you enroll is going to take away from you your most valuable asset, your time. You must not just get them in, you must learn how to keep them in and help them move forward.
You really can have anything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want  In 2017 we will continue to share with you information that you may not want to hear, but we know can ultimately help you move your business move forward.  


We hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.



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