I want to share a couple of free trainings that I sincerely believe will speak to you in a powerful way.

Yesterday, a future leader on our team, had me call an awesome couple in Iowa.  It turns out, I had met them a few years ago when I was consulting & training for Skinny Body Care.  They said, they gave the company their heart and their soul for 5 years, but their income never got much beyond, $4,000 a month. 

So they are gun shy about going all in again with another company.  I totally understand that, that is a normal human response.

Here is the truth regarding Skinny Body Care & many other companies that had momentum during that time 


A lot of people during that time, built it at a time when every message you placed on Facebook showed up on your friend’s page AND their friends page.  Remember those days?  

People were able to get massive exposure to their product and opportunity by basically spamming their Facebook page 3-5 times a day.  Then the Facebook Algorithms changed, and the reach of the messages
became less and less.  The latest statistics I have seen say the only about 7% of the people following us on Facebook actually see any given message we put out.

The Algorithms always change, that is why depending on one lead generation method to build your business is MLM suicide.  I remember back in the day, I had an outourcer place HTML Craigs list adds on 100 city pages daily. we created more leads than we could keep us with, then the Craigs list Algorithms changed and they no long allowed html ads. Today Craigslist doesn’t even allow plain text ads that have anything to do with network marketing. There are ways around this and I explained to Iowa couple that we are teaching our team 14 different, proven ways to create network marketing leads online, and we will have 20 proven systems in place by the end of 2021. 

So having enough quality prospects to share the products and opportunity with will never be an issue for our team members.  I know if our team members can recruit 5 new team members/customers monthly they can control their financial destiny with the network marketing business model.


1)  They don’t burn their bridge and go all in. (Subject of this weeks podcast here)

2) They are depending on one lead source instead of many

3)  They are not in a personal development and leadership development culture. The network marketing profession came out of the personal development movement.


If you are not willing to burn your bridge and do the work, then you really
shouldn’t expect Success, in network marketing or anything else in life, should you?

However nothing is more important to success than timing, being with the right company at the RIGHT TIME in history.

If anything I have shared in this email speaks to you, then here are two free trainings that I would highly suggest you take a look at.

The truth is 7 months ago, I had talked to one of the largest website brokers and was in the process of liquidating all my network marketing related websites, intellectual property, training systems, and podcasts.  

Then something happened to me, that I have never seen in 40 years in this profession. 

I explain exactly what in the 4 Stars Training here:

As far as burning your bridges, one of the most powerful trainings I have ever heard dropped today.  It is full of wisdom of the ages principles that when implemented, ALWAYS create success.  You can listen to this podcast here:


As always your thoughts and feedback are appreciated!

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