Imagine this scenario: You are a successful business owner or corporate employee. You’ve been working hard on your network marketing business, and desire the freedom and lifestyle that you know others have created.

You are putting in more hours every month but you never have much to show for it. Your income rarely grows but your debt just keeps climbing. You are exhausted and stressed, and you don’t see any way you could work any harder.

When you lie awake in bed at night you start asking yourself, “Why me?” You wonder what’s wrong with you that keeps you from getting your life together, and building something real and tangible. Why are so many peers doing better?

Here are just a few of the things I hear my clients say about themselves:

  • “I just don’t have the… ”
  • “I will never be able to… ”
  • “life will never get… ”
  • “I have been scammed over and… ”
  • “if the company would do this, then I could crush… ”
  • “nobody will ever join my… ”
  • “I don’t deserve to have what I really… ”
  • “people like me don’t become… ”
  • “I actually wouldn’t join me on my… “

Can you imagine speaking to a co-worker or child like that every day? And if you did, would you expect them to perform well or much beyond mediocrity?

When we speak our own lives with this kind of language, is it really any surprise that we can’t ever seem to profoundly change?

Changing How You Think Will Change Your Life

Look, we all want to feel happy and fulfilled in our lives. To do that we have to understand and change how we make reality. And we have to learn where these beliefs about ourselves come from to begin with.

If you pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you, you will learn the ability to make new reality which will allow you to move past your limiting beliefs. You’ll gain deep clarity with zero illusions. This is like getting the ‘keys to the kingdom’ of creating happiness and fulfillment in your life. But the right tools alone won’t be enough – you first have to be open to change.

How We Make Our Own Reality

There is a good chance that if you are reading this, you know my story. If not, you can see it here: THE POWER OF A DREAM.

The truth is from the age of 40 -55 I have coasted. However in July 2015 that all changed. One day I will tell the rest of the story but for now, just let me say that the right mental programming created my multi-million dollar network marketing success story. Honestly, it is also what has kept me somewhat sane over the past fifteen years after I totally lost belief in people, the network marketing business model and anyone attempting to market anything online.

Many times when we are going through personal challenges we don’t understand the who, why and what until years after the fact. The truth is, for fifteen years I did my best to disassociate from the network marketing business model but it has always been my bread and butter, and given more back to me than I could have ever imagined.

It all seems very clear now not because any of my concerns have changed but because my mission is different.

Our ancestors had fewer choices when it came to truth and beliefs. If they were walking back to their settlement through a field of tall grass and they heard a rustle, they could assume, “That’s just wind,” and keep on walking… or they could worry “That’s a tiger!” and go home the longer but safer route.

Even if they guessed correctly some of the time the people who thought “it’s just the wind” were going to be wrong eventually, and that was the end of their family tree. But the people who thought there was a tiger even when there wasn’t still got home safely, even if there was never any real threat. And while there may have been a small cost of going the longer way home, they got to live and they passed on their genes and teachings to all of us.


That means we’ve actually been bred to create a reality that keeps us safe. We actually seek patterns in every situation because those patterns are what has kept us alive for thousands of years.

So it doesn’t matter if network marketing is flooded with those we call leaders who couldn’t lead a group in silent prayer if their life depended on it.

The problem is when you identify patterns – especially about yourself – that aren’t true at all:  I can’t recruit, no one supports me, I’ll always be mediocre…  

Just like believing there’s a tiger waiting in the grass for you, these beliefs can seem to keep you safe even when they’re completely wrong.

Wrong Beliefs Are Dangerous

Let’s be clear. Even if they do keep you safe your negative beliefs will fail miserably at helping you feel happy, confident and fulfilled in your life.

You see, a belief is simply taking an opinion and treating it as truth. Beliefs are everywhere and they are incredibly powerful. They can be motivating when they are useful but they can be downright dangerous when they aren’t.

Why would I ever put a minute of my time into Network Marketing Support Services Inc. if  all the challenges exist that I have freely shared in a program like Network Marketing Is A Scam 2.0?

Why would you attempt to build a team if you have low belief in yourself, the business model, the company officers or the products you represent?

Let’s imagine a woman who was told in middle school that she “looks fat in that outfit.” It is hard to say how many people I have worked with over the years have had this kind of experience. And what happens is that the embarrassment of that moment creates a pattern to not believe we are attractive. Staying ‘safe’ becomes believing we are unattractive.

What about the young man who was told all his life “we don’t have enough money for that” or “rich people are dishonest.” You get the idea and the list of these types of examples is never ending.

The cost of believing we are unattractive, poor or don’t want to be dishonest is huge. Yet it’s a way our system keeps us safe. If we stop standing out, risking things with trendy clothes, etc. – we can avoid ever being embarrassed like that again.

One… simple… comment… can have a lifetime of negative effect.

Look back at that list of common negative self-talk. Do you say any of those things to yourself? Take a few moments to consider the negative things you say about yourself on any given day.

Now can you honestly say that those are true? Or have you just formed an opinion – maybe because of things parents or peers said to you when you were younger? And since that opinion kept you ‘safe’ in some way, your subconscious went ahead and turned that brain cell pattern into a belief.

Learn to Challenge Your Beliefs

You have to break the cycle of turning these patterns into beliefs. And if you already have the limiting beliefs, you’re going to want to learn how to reverse them. The simple way out is by learning to challenge the beliefs that are holding you back.  

If your brain says, “This is really hard, I’ll never be able to build a team.” Then you say, “CANCEL CANCEL, this is easy. I got this.”

If your brain says, “I’ll never have real money.” Then you say, “CANCEL CANCEL, I wonder how much my income will increase this year?”

It’s so simple but until we shift our identity, it takes commitment. It takes doing this same process over and over again, day in and day out. Until it becomes an unconscious habit, your identity shifts when new brain cell patterns are created.

Making this conscious DECISION to shift my thinking and create new brain cell patterns early in my career, along with understanding the only way teams can duplicate is through systems, are the two reasons I have the opportunity to write this article and more importantly… Good people like yourself care to read it. This conscious process is what my program is all about.

What Happens If You Master Creating Your Reality?

Recently I worked with a coaching client who told herself that making more money in her business would make her life harder, and create more responsibility and people to work with. So she had a money ceiling. Her belief was keeping her ‘safe’ from the complexity of a bigger life by preventing her from earning more money. And because of this she was stuck, getting deeper in debt and losing good people on her team.

Simply learning to question the belief that more money would equal more problems has completely changed her income and business growth. She’s paid off all her debts and is doing better, and better every month.

Listen, I understood this and lived this truth for nearly 20 years. When I decided to maintain my sanity and coast for 15 years, it took me awhile to be able to question my own beliefs regarding the Network Marketing profession and the number of people that I could positively impact.

There is not a month that goes by when my new beliefs aren’t shaken. I have watched some great people give up on this industry over the past few months and it affects me deeply. However, I choose to believe they will be back and reach their upside potential at some point in the future. If not, the time they invested in the profession will make them a better, more aware person.

But what if the coaching client I spoke of held on to that belief that money just complicated her life? How much time, energy and money (that she didn’t have) would she have wasted on guru Fu Fu Dust only to sabotage her results and keep the ‘less money is better’ story alive her mind?

Strategies and tactics wouldn’t do anything for her until she eliminated the limiting belief. And they won’t do anything for you until you eliminate the beliefs that are fighting to keep you ‘safe,’ but are actually sabotaging your goals and upside potential as a network marketing leader.

Next Steps

I hope this is all you need to begin identifying your ‘truths’ that are really just beliefs, and to then begin challenging those beliefs in the moments when they hold you back.

Some beliefs are easier to challenge than others. Some are so deeply ingrained in us that we might need some mental power tools to get to the root of it.

Honestly, when I stopped building teams at age 39, I was determined to never devote time and energy into any network marketer again.

But I want you to have some fun with this. You’re embarking on a huge shift in your life – it’s intense – but it doesn’t have to be hard. You can enjoy it and make it a game to uncover all the old beliefs that have been holding you back for years.

The quickest way to get started is to attend one of my live Programming Your Mind for Success workshops coming up in 2017. You can click here to learn more.

Remember, this isn’t about forcing old habits onto your current identity. This is about completely shifting the way you see yourself and the world. It’s about permanent change through shifting your identity and creating totally new brain cell patterns, and beliefs.

Imagine getting up every day and automatically…

  • “knowing what the most important task you will accomplish that… ”
  • “Feeling your skill sets and mindsets are getting stronger… ”
  • “Life just gets better and… ”
  • “You are going to make a positive impact on other… ”
  • “Your success has nothing to do with what the company does or doesn’t… ”
  • “You have so many people that want to work with you; you can’t keep up with all the… ”
  • “You deserve to live a life most can’t begin to… ”
  • “You are a leader who helps people maximize their life in every… ”
  • “Your story has inspired people around the world whom you will never… ”

And once you’ve got your new identity locked in, overturning limiting beliefs won’t be a decision you need to make at the moment. It will just be a normal part of your day. Making positive impact can become totally automatic for you.

Personally, I am programmed for success. My definition of success is freedom from a boss and doing something that makes a positive impact on other people. As long as I am free, those that know me well will tell you I don’t care if I am living in a multi-million dollar estate or a tent.  It literally makes no difference to me.

When all is said and done, the only thing that really matters is the impact you had on other people.

In 2017 my plan is to do 3-4 live “Programming Your Mind for Success” workshops in locations in the United States. Right now it looks like Florida, Georgia, Kentucky & Michigan. If you would like to make sure you are notified when theses workshops are finalized, you can get on the notification list here:

Wisdom of the Ages is Wisdom of the Ages, Truth is Truth.

It was the same 50 years ago and it will be the same 50 years from now. Lead generation will constantly evolve with technology. The best lead generations systems in the world however, will never create long-term success.

Many of you have heard me talk about this training. Here is a chance to listen and I would suggest jotting down a few notes.

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