Dear Dale,

I am not sure whether you answer the emails or you have someone do it for you, so I am not sure whether I will receive an answer. I  have been listening to insider secrets with Jerry and I love the posture you have with your people with credibility. I am not at your level and my belief  is not as strong as yours. How can I develop posture when I am still growing my business.




Thanks for the email, and this is an excellent question. You are right. Some one goes through my email, but I usually see all questions/comments from our readers.

90% of the questions I receive are “How to” questions which are easy. Your question is much deeper and very important.

A strong posture is absolutely necessary if you expect to ever accomplish anything when you receive “How to” advise.

Now to your question.

As human beings we are all made up of opinions, attitudes and beliefs. 


We all have multiple opinions. We have opinions about things we have no business having opinions about. As human beings we have an ongoing flow of opinions that many times we no nothing about.

Attitudes. As humans we have fewer attitudes. Our attitudes are much stronger than opinions. You have heard the phrase “she has a real attitude about that.”

Beliefs. Most of us can count our true beliefs on two hands. A belief is a belief and it doesn’t matter who says what about what, you know what you know and nobody’s opinion, attitude or belief is going to CHANGE YOUR BELIEF.

Now, how does this relate to posture in MLM?

When you are involved in MLM, your “posture” is basically going to come from 4 areas.

There are 4 distinct areas that you need to work towards developing belief.

Your Company
Your Product/Service
The Opportunity

Reg, I don’t know what company you are with. I don’t know how long you have been involved with that company or anything else. All I have to base my opinion on is your email.

But what I am sharing with you is factual and I have watched this scenario play out thousands of times with distributors over the years.

Here is the process.

When you were exposed to your company, there is a good chance you had a negative opinion. For no reason what so ever other than human nature.

As you gathered more facts and information, that opinion became positive. That is why you joined.

Most people join a MLM Opportunity when the ‘opinion pendulum’ in their mind changes from negative to positive. But for most people, a positive OPINION about a company and product does not CREATE STRONG ENOUGH EMOTIONS within the market place to produce Positive Results!

Am I communicating this point?

You must understand this concept!  Re-Read the ABOVE STATEMENT.                        

Now, let me ask you a very important question. As and adult, who is responsible for developing your beliefs?

YOU ARE, correct?

Now for your posture to continue to get stronger, it is in direct proportion to your belief in the 4 areas we previous talked about.

The Company
The Product/Service
The Opportunity

Reg, rate yourself from 1-10 in the 4 key areas above. 1 being a neutral opinion and 10 being 100% belief.

Which of the 4 areas did you score the lowest in?

What can you do to increase your score?

If you scored lowest in yourself, then you need to focus on personal development. Read The Magic of Thinking Big.

Get your hands on some good Zig Ziglar training, etc.

If you having trouble believing in your company, take a home office tour or make certain you attend the Next National Conference.

If you have trouble believing in your product or service, contact your upline four several levels up and ask them to share with you the 3 best product testimonies they know.

If you are having trouble believing in the Network Marketing Industry, READ Who Stole The American Dream or The Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World.

Do you get the idea?


If you constantly monitor yourself in these 4 areas, and continue to work towards belief, YOUR POSTURE WILL NATURALLY AND AUTOMATICALLY BECOME STRONGER.

Thanks again for your question Reg, and I hope this helps you and others who read this!


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