Thursday Night “No Fluff” Network Marketing Training Webinar.   This week Dawn and I are traveling.  When you fly commercially anything can happen.  Because of my time crunch this week, and the unpredictability of air travel, I am planning on doing our normal Thursday evening webinar via Periscope


How to use Twitter's Live Streaming App on PeriscopeClick To Tweet

However my plan is to go live on periscope as close to 9:00 Eastern as possible.  I have a short idea I want to share with you, but this will also give me the opportunity to answer any questions any of our past webinars have created.  Sound good?  So have your questions ready and plan on tuning in on Thursday night via periscope.

If you are not familiar with periscope yet………you will be ………. and now is the time!

You must have a smart phone.

However, it doesn’t have to be yours.  So if you have a child or grandchild with a smart phone now would be a good time, to see what this all about (dad) :).   I feel like I am talking to my parents.

The simplest way I know how to explain this technology, and the only way for that matter is this.

Follow @TheMLMMinute on Twitter.    You just go to and search for TheMLMMinute and you should see this icon, that is us on periscope, and click follow:




After you have followed us on Twitter, all you need to do is go to the apps section of your smart phone, do a search for Periscope and download the free app.

After the app is installed you will get a notification when we go live on Thursday night.  You will be able to simply push the notification link and view the live video training from New Orleans.  Pretty cool, right?

I know many of our readers have been on the Scope (Live Video Stream are called Scopes) we have done in the past.  Honestly, I am still trying to wrap my mind how to provide you the best value with this technology.  So Thursday I will do a short 15 -20 minute live training and then answer any questions you guys may have.   It should be fun, at least different for some of you.

So go ahead, download the app and follow us on Twitter now, before Thursday night, and Thursday you will be good to go!

You can find a ton of information about Periscope online, the article below may help you. (PS if you are wondering, you will be able to see me, I wont be able to see you, but you can type on the screen any questions you have and I will respond)

How to use Twitter’s live-streaming app Periscope

Periscope - featured image

Twitter’s Periscope, was launched a few months ago and has garnered some much deserved attention. Some of it good, and inevitably, some of it bad. The application allows users to broadcast whatever they want using either an iPhone or Android. 

Users make these streams public or private and receive messages and appreciation in the form of hearts dabbled across their stream. Here’s how you can become an established “Periscoper” yourself.

How to use Twitter’s live-streaming app Periscope


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