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The more information you have access to the more confusion is created.  Think about that concept.  It is part of what we call the Paradox of Knowledge.

Most network marketers today are exposed to so much conflicting information that they really don't know how or where to start, or how to keep their business moving forward after they do start.

When I started in the industry over 30 years ago we really only had access to our upline leaders.   There weren't thousands of self proclaimed gurus screaming at us with the magic system for sponsoring 20 – 30 new reps  every month.

I can't image trying to learn the skill sets and mind sets necessary for network  marketing success in today's email, twitter, FB and youtube world.  I would  have probably never found  the true mentors to guide my path if that had  been the world we lived in when I started.   It saddens me to think about  all the muck that good people seem to wade through on a daily basis in hopes of finding their magic bullet.

I have news for you, and this is the truth THE MAGIC BULLET DOESN'T EXIST!

When in doubt always refer to the wisdom of the ages.    Any advice you get should always be compared to proven, universal success principals.


Always establish and draw principals from books like Think and Grow Rich and the book of Proverbs in the Bible.   Any advice you can get from the late, great  Jim Rohn, you can take to the bank!

The number one question you should always ask yourself before listening or taking advice from anyone is "Who is this person and why should I be listeningto them".    This question alone will cut years off of your learning curve. 

Just because someone proclaims they are a guru, doesn't mean they are. Look at their track record, as I talk about in the free PDF at:

I understand it is a very frustrating time to be involved in network marketing.

Everyone seems to be promising the Magic Bullet.

The TRUTH is to become successful in this industry you must recognize it is not the lottery, it is a business.

This business REQUIRES  that you develop new mindsets and skill sets that you probably don't have.

You should approach this business like you would going back to school and getting an education.   It is not going to happen over night.   This is not about getting rich over night, it is about getting rich for sure, but you have to follow the proven systems, concepts, and principals that have stood the test of time.

In today's marketing  world you have to make sure you always have fresh batteries in your BS meter.  If you don't you can be taken down a dead end road very quickly.

I have so much I could share with you, but really the purpose of the post this morning is to say  "Seek and you shall find".    

Building a network marketing team is not easy, it is not suppose to be, but  it is worth it.    Study and internalize the wisdom of the ages and you will  be well on your way.   If something sounds like BS, there is 100% chance it is.    There are no short cuts to network marketing success.   If there were I would certainly share them with you.

It all come down to you developing the right skill sets and mindsets, and if that is something you are not willing to do then my suggestion is to go sell hammers at the flea market to earn a few extra bucks.

Really,  70% of the population have no business being involved in this industry, because they don't have the right mindsets.  As mentioned above, we are making the book above free on Kindle for the next 48 hours or so.  There is a catch. After you download the book and read it, if you like it please leave a review on Amazon.  I need it and I appreciate it.   If you don't like it, just keep it to yourself! 🙂

Have a great week, I sincerely appreciate your support!




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