First of all just let me say I hope you and yours
have a enjoyable Easter Holiday.   We will be
celebrating with family and I am looking forward
to it.



What I am going to share with you, I have only
shared one time about a year ago  
at a closed door high level marketing seminar  I was
speaking at.  Attendees paid thousands of
dollars to attend this event.
I learned about this insider technique about 3 years
ago at a seminar I personally paid ten thousand dollars
to attend.


Honestly, I couldn’t tell you one thing I learned at the
seminar except this one technique and it absolutely
blew me and every marketer in the room away. 


Here is the technique


Imagine your competitors website or any website that your
potential customers visits.


Have one in mind?


This is important, get a website in your mind.


If you sell books, obviously you would pick Amazon.

If you are involved in network marketing you may
be thinking about, or


If you are involved in Internet marketing you may be
thinking of websites like Host Gator or Aweber.


Do you have a website in mind?


Now imagine,  some one pulls up their normal web browser
of choice and types in your competitors website or the most
popular website in your niche and YOUR WEBSITE POPS UP.


Yes you read that right!


Somebody types in XYZ MLM Company and your  lead capture
page pops up.


Listen guys, I have been using this technique for about 3 years
with almost every website I own.   Truthfully this one method
can give me all the website traffic I could ever want.  I have
made a lot of profit and created  thousands of customers and
prospects just with this one method.

I know what you are thinking.


Dale, Why haven’t you shared this with us before?  No I wasn’t
trying to keep this all to myself.   The two reasons is, #1 you have
to take the time to learn how to maximize your success with this
method, and I not the guy to teach you all the intricacies.

#2  Your minimum initial investment to get started is
$200 to set up an account with these type of traffic providers.  
Quite frankly without the correct training, many people would ½
way attempt this and not maximize it to it’s full potential.  This
is just too valuable a method to expose to people without giving
them the proper understanding and training.


So why am I sharing this with you now?


A long time friend and internet marketer that I have worked with
for years has just released a series of FREE Online Videos

that will give you the details of this method.


This  is the most powerful website traffic method I have ever found,
and as you know I have been marketing and promoting multiple
products and services online since 1994.  Since I discovered this
inside method, if someone asked me,  Dale what is the number 1
way to create website traffic?  I would have shared this method.  

Note, the question was not, what is the number 1  Free  way to
create website traffic?


My suggestion to you is check out these Videos over this
holiday weekend. I really don’t know how long they will be up. 
Yes, that is probably a marketing ploy but knowing  the guy that
produced these it may not be, anyway at the  time of this writing
there is $0.00 cost.

They are FREE to View.    Even if you don’t have the advertising
dollars to use this method right now, you still need to be aware
of this powerful method and these videos will give you a great
explanation of this inside method.


You can find the video’s here:
#1 Website Traffic Method

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