I can remember years ago an audio cassette by Zig Ziglar talking about the one person he had met in his life that had more sales knowledge than any other person he had ever met. Was this gentleman making a high six figure or seven figure income as a professional high ticket sales person? That is what you would expect, right?

No this guy was a barber making his living doing $5.00 haircuts, (at least they were $5.00 back in the 70s). He loved to talk sales, sales techniques, closing concepts, etc, yet he failed to put his knowledge into action.

One of the secrets of becoming a master marketer is try to learn something new everyday and put it into ACTION! Knowledge without Action Leads to Delusion! Below is an excellent example of this concept in action, this is an email message I received from Joan Shannon last week after my What’s in it for me article appeared in the Enews.

This was given as a HEADLINE example in the article. But Joan decided to use this as her signature file. This is an excellent example of learning something everyday and putting it into action!

You could possibly be thinking, Signature File what do you mean, signature file? If you are thinking that, SHAME ON YOU, Now on second thought, MUCH MUCH SHAME ON YOU!

I have discussed how to market with signature files in 2 separate Enews articles, most recently just a couple of weeks ago in the October 5th Enews! What is the difference between you and Joan? Did you both have the opportunity to read, learn and put this concept into action?

As I write this article the more I realize how important this concept really is. My mind is going back through the years and I am remembering many average people whom I was able to witness growing into great leaders within our industry.

The one thing they all had in common is that they were LEARNERS, they didn’t try to do the business with just the skills they entered the industry with. They were constantly learning NEW prospecting methods and putting them into action!

With that said, let me share with you a novel recruiting idea that you can implement only 1 time a year, and that one time, is within the next couple of weeks.


I can remember as a 10 year old going Trick or Treating with a large garbage bag, with the goal to fill it. My buddies and I would walk miles and miles within Georgetown, Kentucky in an attempt to cover every home within a community of 20,000 people.

In today’s world what is the #1 rule many parents have? NO EATING CANDY until you come home. Unfortunately today, most kids come home, dump their candy on the kitchen table and everything must be inspected before it is consumed. In my day I would come home with a sugar buzz that seemed to last for days after consuming a couple of pounds of the good stuff.

Anyway, the first Halloween after I got married, it dawned on us that Stephanie and I would be giving out the candy instead of trolling the neighborhoods with large garbage bags. I decided I wanted to give out the good stuff, no fruit! I understand that fruit sometimes ends up thrown on the roof of the home which gave it out, don’t ask me how I know that.

I wanted to be one of the houses that kids would try to patronize more than once in an evening. I wanted to hear them yell to their buddies as they left the front porch,don’t miss this house, they have the good stuff.

I wanted to give out the bags of M&Ms, Mini Butterfingers or Snickers bars, and the miniature boxes of Milk Duds. The problem, it would be expensive to buy bags and bags of the good stuff and since we lived in a neighborhood heavily populated with young families we had no idea how many kids to expect in the 5 hour frenzy known as Halloween night.

The solution we came up with is MAKE MONEY by TRICK OR TREATING FOR CUSTOMERS.


Just imagine this picture for a minute. The child comes home, dumps their candy on the kitchen table, and their parents see a $100 Bill Folded up and lying there. The kid doesnt see it, they are just looking for the Milk Duds, Butterfingers, and Snickers bars (the good stuff).

The parent inconspicuously picks up the folded $100 bill only to find that it isn’t real but inside it says something like.

But give yourself the Treat of Firing your boss!
I CAN HELP! Go to your computer and
checkout yourwebsite.com

Are they curious? Of course they are! Will they end up checking out your website? A majority will! Will they complete the form at the end of the page? MOST WON’T BUT IT ONLY TAKES ONE to pay for all the candy you purchase.

We taught this recruiting method to our organization for years and in the late nineties we had a couple that joined our business and went on to develop an organization of over 3,1000 people. Where did they come from? A hundred dollar bill drop card in a Halloween basket! That’s right! This Halloween when you put the good stuff in the basket make sure you include a drop card invitation of some kind inviting them to your lead capture website!

If you do and teach this consistently you will pay for your holiday treats and eventually an impact player will enter your organization! I PROMISE.

Have fun trick or treating for customers!


PS. Before I get a lot of emails, let me answer this question. You can have drop cards / business cards printed at your local printer. For hundred dollar bills cards you can also check with your local printer, do an online search or visit http://www.CMGPromotions.com

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