Many times over the years I have quoted this verse from the Bible to coaching clients “To thy own self be true”  a couple have fired me because of it, which is on me, because I am the one that approved them in the first place.  Over the past few years I have been fascinated by the number of people that are happy to hang out in the entrepreneurial world and never take any type of sustained actions towards what they say they want.



It as if some people like hanging out with other WantAPrenuers (A Shark Tank Term)  more than they do the ladies at choir practice or the dudes on their softball team.

Have they found a world where people will stroke their ego, tell them how great they are and they are never required to perform or produce and have no fear of being fired?

I guess for 20 bucks anybody can get a business card that say Founder, CEO, or Entrepreneur, can’t they  Most auto-ship requirements are around $100 bucks.   So for some people I guess the delusion is worth the investment.

Have we created such a culture of accepting mediocrity in network marketing that as long as someone remains on auto ship, we will continue to call them one of our “team leaders?”



Is it that nobody will know that they sang off key at the end of the Easter Cantata, or made an error while playing third base that cost their team the game?  So they just hang out in the network marketing entrepreneurial worlds and play the game knowing they will never get called out?

Have we become a society that is so afraid of making a mistake or being embarrassed that we would rather wonder in mediocrity the rest of our lives, and never be challenged?   How can anyone in the profession call themselves a leader when we allow people to except this level of mediocrity?  Your team is a reflection of your leadership abilities or lack their of!


Growth is impossible without failure and the expansion of our comfort zones. It is just the way it is.Click To Tweet


About 3:00 AM this morning I ran across a random podcast.   This lady proudly told her story.  She had started a podcast which got no traction for a couple of years, when her third child was on its way, she decide to offer a coaching program.  If nobody bought she was hanging up here podcasting career and moving on.   The fee was $399  for entrepreneurial women to be coached by her for 3 months.    6  people joined her, she made her first money online, and the rest is history.


She now charges $20,000 for six months coaching.  Listen she came across as a caring, articulate, pleasant person.  

How do you feel about this?

I want to be honest here.  I understand this type of  “I will show you how to do it, even though I have never done it”  is common and the world we live in.    As a culture, I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND how we have become so naive, so quickly?   Is it because someone looks right, or talks right on social media, that their actual track record, or lack there of, means nothing?

My question is what were the first 6 ladies that paid her $399 thinking?


That was 4 years ago, where are they now?

What could this mother of 3 who had never owned a business of any kind possibly do for these six women, and couldn’t their investment been better spent with someone who had a proven track record?


There are so many posers and impostors in the entrepreneurial space now, it has become the norm.  For years “Gurus” in network marketing have been telling people BUY MY STUFF, THEN GO ONLINE AND TEACH IT, EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY CREATE YOUR FIRST CUSTOMER OR ENROLLED YOUR FIRST TEAM MEMBER!











People ask me every week, why I have a problem with XYZ Network Marketing Guru.   The answer is always the same, I have been around too long, I KNOW THEIR BACK STORY!


It is like the entrepreneurial world is full of professional students that all believe that one more course, one more seminar is going to push them to the top of their niche or company.  While this could be the case if the courses where being taught by people with real track records of building real teams,  most are being taught by those that understand they can milk intelligent people out of every penny they have just constantly using the FOMO theory. 


F ear
O f
M issing
O  ut


90% of the people reading this article, don’t need another course or seminar, they just need to put into action what they already know to do!


“Action Takers are the Money Makers”   and suddenly the entrepreneurial world has become full of displaced academics, who love to learn but are scared to death to take action and fail.   Look around you, that is just the truth.


In every network marketing organization you see 3 distinct groups of people    Those that are regular listeners to our podcast know I call this the AAO theory.


A  Stands for Action Takers
A   Stands for Academics
O   Stands for the Oblivious


The perfect network marketing leader is a AA .  An action taker that takes the time to learn from ONE Mentor that has done what they want to do.


Please understand that the market is full of people that will tell you what you want to hear, so THEY CAN SELL YOU WHAT THEY WANT TO SELL YOU.


Jim Rohn, said  “Leadership must tell people what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear, so they can take responsibility, learn, grow and become all they can be” 




I believe that moving forward from this point in history on. the most important entrepreneurial skill set is going to be on the ability to FOCUS.



Find the right mentor and learn and focus on the skill sets and mindsets that over time are proven to move your business and your team forward.



Yes, learn, learn all you can from ONE Network Marketing mentor, and multiple success mentors
which I have spoken about many podcast, then TAKE ACTION!!   “Knowledge without action leads to self-delusion”


As always your thoughts and comments are appreciated, and feel free to share this article with anyone who can benefit from it.

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