Merry Christmas and I hope 2014 is your best year ever.

In the spirit of Christmas,  I wanted you to know that I think you’re awesome. I really do mean that.

If  you are reading  this, odds are,  you either have a business, are building one or want to build one… and I love to support people with that entrepreneurial spirit.  I appreciate those who blaze a trail of their own, help grow the economy, help provide others with  opportunities and want to achieve a higher level of freedom for themselves & others.  You truly are the people that keep things moving in a positive direction.

History is filled with people like us who have done amazing things. It all starts with trying to build something better & achieve more in life. So remember that your goal of building a booming business is an amazing one and a challenge that most people are afraid to take on.  It’s worth all the ups and downs, all the barriers you have to break through & every disappointment – because at the other end is more freedom for you & those around you. And I truly admire you for that and the vision and consistency it takes to move forward daily.  Successful people are willing to do for a short period of time what others aren’t so they can do for the rest of their life what others can’t.  They understand that they can learn to be successful in any business when they learn the right skill sets and mindsets.   So as we approach 2014 I want to share with you 3 questions I ask myself at the end of every year.  It has been said that the quality of our life is based upon the quality of questions we ask ourselves and then answer them, honestly.

#1)  What business model that I am working do I need to devote more time to?  Which one less time?

#2)  What new business model do I need to start learning, and from who?

#3)  What is my number one goal for this year?

Dawn and I went out to dinner last night and talked about these three questions.  As you probably know if you read this blog regularly we are involved in multiple business models, many of which weren’t even around a few years ago, IE digital publishing, and Amazon FBA.    I started in the network marketing industry over 30 years ago, and consulting and training will always be my bread and butter, but I love the challenge of mastering new, trending, opportunities.

I believe that if you are involved in network marketing you must not get caught in the multiple income streams propaganda.  I see a lot of network marketers who never master the business because they diversify too quickly.  In the beginning of your career, until you develop the proper skill sets an mindsets, you will need to devote yourself 100% to the process.    There is nothing sadder to me than seeing people who have been around the industry 5,10, 15 years or longer and never developed the proper skill sets and mindsets.

If you are involved in network marketing, which most of you are, who is teaching you how to build a large, DUPLICATING, organization?  The most important question is have they done what they are trying to teach you  to do?  If you are a not a member of our MLM Training Club, and you are serious about building a business this program will cut years off your learning curve.  You can watch the introductory webinar here, and I promise it is worth your time.   MLM TRAINING CLUB INTRODUCTION

A final, thought …. is the company you are with the one you can STAY WITH the rest of your network marketing career?  If its not, find one you can.   Success in network marketing, unlike other business models requires and deep passion and belief in what you are doing, without that your success will be limited.

Keep your entrepreneurial fire lit and EXPECT great results.

To an AMAZING 2014!

Dale Calvert


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