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Eighty percent of people who enter network marketing have not felt passionate about anything in years, most have skill-sets that have never been tapped. Cloning-teaching specific systems, programs, scripts, philosophies, and concepts-creates a confidence and assurance for the masses. This confidence and assurance then allows them to grow, learn, develop and tap into their own skill-sets and passion.

Therefore the only way to tap your true passion and receive the most from your person skill-sets and create LONG TERM success in this industry is to follow step by step cloned systems, programs, and methods.

I would like to share with you what MLM Legend Mark Yarnell had to say regarding this topic in a recent issue of Upline Magazine. I have gone on record to say that I think this is the best article I have ever read on network marketing. You can read this article in its entirety.


“I Thought I Knew What Made Me Successful, but I Was Wrong!”

By Mark Yarnell
Until recently, I’ve never really been able to share what I’ve accomplished, because although I had the competency skills to build a Network, I didn’t really know what I knew. I went all over the country talking to various groups and sharing with them the tools I thought had made me successful.

I now know that none of those systems really resulted in my success. I didn’t understand that until I met with Dr. Albert Van Dura at Stanford University.

Dr. Van Dura is a former president of the American Psychological Association and has been a Stanford psychologist for 40 years. He’s written ten Ph.D.-level cognitive psychology textbooks, and now, in his seventies, he is one of the most quoted psychologists on the planet.

We spent hours picking the mind of this brilliant man. He was very humble, and willing to admit that the majority of positive thinking experts are essentially using technology from the Forties and Fifties, ideas form Maxwell Maltz’s book, Psychocybernetics, and Think and Grow Rich. What we wanted to understand from Dr. Van Dura was: Have there been as many breakthroughs in the cognitive arena as there have been in other technological areas?

We discovered that, indeed, there have, but no one has been willing or able to translate these complex books, and the breakthroughs they contain, into language the masses can understand.

What’s The Best Success System?
There are too many people going around teaching competency skills when it’s really a question of paradigms that get people to success. Let me tell you what we’ve learned.

The biggest problem I see in Networking today is ambiguity. By the time a company gets to a $100 million in sales, they have 50 or 60 people who are all promoting different systems – videos, audio’s, training materials. Almost every one of them is good. The problem is the ambiguity that results when I sign you up as a new distributor and train you in my process – which worked to get me where I am – and then a week later, or two months later, another successful leader in the company blasts into town and gives a speech at the Hyatt with a totally different video and training system. All of those systems are effective, and many of the leaders are making a profit from selling them. I’ve talked to a number of company presidents who all say the same thing: If we could simply get everybody on the same page, we could get to $10 billion.

So let me make one recommendation I think will help you immensely: Get with the best person upline from you, follow his or her system, and stay with it until you get to a $100,000 a month. If you have somebody in your company making the kind of revenue you’re interested in making, get involved with them and learn their system. Most systems are good, but the ambiguity that results from shifting every two to three months is what drives most professionals out of our industry.

Before new paradigms will work, you need to have perseverance in one system.

Dr. Van Dura pointed out to us, over and over again, an example using companies like IBM or Xerox. What would happen if you were to take their 12 or 20 regional managers, train them each in a different methodology for marketing their product, and then say, “I want all of you to go back to your regions, and each month one of you is going to be scheduled into another person’s region to teach the antithesis of what they’re teaching”?

Within six months, IBM and Xerox would be in Chapter 11! Yet that ambiguity is the very nature of our industry! Great people walk away from this business, not because the systems to which they’ve been exposed are ineffectual, but because they’re forced to change effective systems every two or three months.

Pick a system you like … stay with the company you’re with … and teach your people not to mess with any other systems until they get to the income level they want.

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