It seems like every week I have customers and clients calling me asking where they should purchase mlm leads for their network marketing business.

My first question is what is your monthly advertising budget?

90% don’t have one.

My second question is are you earning a full-time income right now?

60% aren’t

I get this question so often is the reason for me writing this article is to simply have a point of reference to send people to.  So let’s explore the question of network marketing leads in a little more detail.  I am going to share with you a couple of things to think about in this article.  This is a very broad subject and one that I have written several articles, reports and books on.

In this article I just want to cover a couple of foundational principals and ideas.

The most valuable lead you can have is the one you create yourself.  Let me say that again.  The most  valuable lead you can have is the one you create yourself.  Not the leads you buy. 

So many people teach that having a constant flow of mlm leads is the secret to success in this industry.  It is not.  It is part of the overall equation, but it not “the answer”.

If success in this industry was as easy as buying a couple of hundred dollars worth of leads each month and sponsoring new team members from those leads, don’t you think there would be a lot more successful distributors in every company?

I have been in this industry over 30 years and I have never met 1 person that has built their entire team from leads they purchased.  I have never heard anyone tell me “I found this leader from a leads list I purchased”.

The only people I really know that are having any kind of significant financial success with purchased leads are the affiliates SELLING THE LEADS.

The best lead you can have is the one you develop yourself.  Mastering lead generation is a very important skill that should be developed by all professionals in this industry.  After you develop this skill you can use the methods you learn over and over throughout your career.  I teach our clients that you need to have at least 5 lead generation methods working for you at all times. 

So let me ask you, how many mlm lead generation methods do you have working for you  right now?

If the answer is less than 5 this is where your focus should be.  Take the money you are thinking about spending on leads and learn how to develop leads yourself.   There is no best way to generate network marketing leads.  We use dozens of methods.   You can find reports on our most popular methods on Amazon.

I want to encourage you to master as many lead generation methods as you possibly can.  Understand, that this is where success starts.  It is not the entire secret, but if you expect to create a large duplicating organization you must master lead generation.    If you want to get deeper into the subject of mlm lead generation, this resource will give you a deeper prospective:  6 D MLM Training.

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