I have spent this Thursday doing coaching calls.

Everybody wants help with recruiting.

None of these people really needed coaching they
just need more prospects!

Recruiting is Numbers it is the LAW of Average.
Note I did not say the Theory of Averages. The
LAW of averages is just as much a LAW as the
LAW of gravity.

If 100 people jumped off my office building 100
are going to go down. 1 person is not going to
mystically float into the heavens. IT IS THE LAW!

You cannot say the wrong thing to the RIGHT PERSON
or the RIGHT THING to the WRONG person. MLM
Recruiting is numbers, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH

Team building is based upon RELATIONSHIPS –
RECRUITING Is Numbers! You are looking for
T I M E in their life!

Stop beating yourself up and get through
the numbers!

Amatures try to convice, develop relationshps
& Attraction Marketing BS & Professionals SORT!

Can you tell I have been doing coaching today?

I get sick of trying to
fix the damage of the ignorant!

Doesn’t anyone understand the LAWS of Success?

Everbody seems to be looking for the magic phrase
to sponsor or create interest with everyone they
talk with.

They want the Fu Fu dust that they can sprinkle
on their downline and make everyone serious about
their business.


Get through the numbers … these courses will
teach you how:


DON’T Buy Leads!

And understand the LAWS of Success that
Jim Rohn talks about here:


Over time your skills sets will become better
and you can do this business!!!

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