First if you haven’t seen this mlm training video you should
take a look:

As far as your downline being stagnate, the real
question is who sponsored them? Or should I
say “closed” them into the business?

As we talked about earlier this month, Sales people
close, network marketers develop leadership.

I guess I am going to be on this topic for a little
while, I can’t quite seem to get it out of my

Yesterday I was reading a promotion for a network
marketing training seminar. The speaker promised
to share 8 different ways to close your prospects!

This is a MLM Training that may sound great on
the surface, but in all reality will hurt your business.

The truth is, you will learn 8 different ways to get
people into your organization,,,,,once they are
there you will have to waste a ton of time and
energy trying to get them to do anything at all!

The reason, your organization is stagnate is because
60% of the people are only in it, because THEY

There are highly motivated, determined, focused
people out there looking for a real opportunity,
however most network marketers will never find
them because they waste too much time trying to
motivate their existing team! Geeeezzzz this is
not rocket science guys.

I know, companies don’t help because they don’t
get it either. Running free sign up months, or join
for a dollar programs and then rewarding the lady
who sponsors 92 people like she is a superstar an
an example to follow.

The problem is 3 months later 91 of the people are
out of the business, because they didn’t want to
be there in the first place. Nobody really accomplishes
anything with this type of activity.

It is not just about sponsoring people. It is about
developing people. You are in the leadership
development business.

Take a good hard look at your team. The ones that
are producing are going to do the business with or
without you. The ones that are there because of you
or because they couldn’t tell you no, will ultimately
cost you in the long run.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have. Once
it is gone, it is gone. The time you spend trying to
motivate Suzie, yet again, is time you could be spending
prospecting for someone that can make an immediate
positive impact on your business.

You are not in the babysitting business, and if you feel
like you are you should probably re-evaluate your
recruiting process and who you are willing to have join
your organization.

Finding potential leaders and developing them is not
that difficult is you have the clear goal in your mind.
Most network marketers don’t, they are willing to sponsor
anybody they can “talk into” business.

If we have the chance to meet personally, don’t brag
to me what a “good closer” you are. Good closer in
network marketing translates in my mind as someone
who still hasn’t figured the business out.

As you go into 2010 you can change your approach, you
can get better. A shift in thinking can transform your

If you continue to do what you have always done, you
will continue to get what you have always gotten.

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