I am not a believer in MLM Crowd Funding
Programs for multiple reasons.

The bottom line is recruiting,  marketing products
and services is a lot of work and the same work, no
matter the program.

My hope is that readers of this website will attempt to
spend their valuable time with a real company
that has a chance to be the next billion dollar

It seems like a new crowd funding MLM program is hitting
the market daily.  In my opinion they are all Money Games
using the buzz term “ crowd funding”.

Real Business Owners will go to:

Kickstarter or Indiegogo and those in need help
with personal  challenges gofundme.com

Crowd funding with network marketing type comp
plans will attract the money game crowd.

Someone came up with a software to combine
MLM with  what they call “Crowd Funding” and at least ½
dozen programs have come and gone or stalled over the
past year or so.  Youtube is littered with these programs.


This is what MLM Attorney Kevin Thompson feels.

If customers aren’t using the crowdfunding platform, or
worse yet, there isn’t even an option for customers to use
the platform without joining the business, then there’s a small
likelihood the business is anything other than a money transfer.

For most MLMs wrapped around the crowdfunding model,  
it takes more than just selling an alleged product or service to
be considered a legitimate company. If the product or service
doesn’t have legitimate value, then it’s not a product or service
at all; and when commissions aren’t based upon any legitimate
product or service, the business is a pyramid scheme, period.


Honestly these deals  go against everything I believe
in.  At some point we all have to quit chasing the dollar
and dig in and go to work with a real company that has
valuable products or service to share with end users IE






























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