In this article I want to share with you four methods that are working for network marekting leaders during these uncertain times. I hope that they will inspire you and that you will find at least one that will work for you now.

This is my general thoughts on the Corona Virus that I shared through the MLM Success Podcast right after it broke.

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Honestly we have a couple of private coaching clients who have been doing this and both of them are experiencing awesome responses.

If you are a mlmtrainingclubl member you know we teach a concept called the Eagle File.

When you expose a person to your opportunity using the Play 1 & Play 2 methodology.   You will come across some people that you really connect with, that you would love to have on your team, but the timing is just now right in THEIR life at the time you share the opportunity.

We teach to stay in front of these people with via email and maybe a phone call every 90 days or so.  Just touch base and keep them in the loop on your progress and growth of you company.   Maybe share a press release when the company introduces a new product, a postcard when you go on your companies exoctic incentive vacation,  picture of a team member being recognized at an event, etc.

Right now is the time to contact all your eagle file people and really everyone you have talked with about your BUSINESS in the past.  

The script is simple.

Call and check in, see how there are doing, have a human to human conversation. 

Then make this statement.

John I have talked to you about my business before, and you watched the online video, I know you are not interested in creating an additional income from home, but I need a favor, can you help me out?


  •  Can you send me that link, I would like to take another look at that video
  • I wish I had started with you a couple of years ago, how is it going,
  • Is it to late to get started now,  etc.

          Literally they are experiencing the most positive responses to an Eagle File follow up, I have ever heard, ever, like in the thirty years since I have been teaching this.

The rest are simply saying something like what do you need, how can I help you out?

So after they say yes, I can do you a favor, you simple say.   I know you know somebody that is maybe a little career frustrated and would like to create an income from home, who is that?

You ask for a referral, then you contact them.  If you can contact 10-15 referrals over the next few weeks, you are going to be rolling.  Not even considering the people that will want to keep take a look now.

I know we have some training club members and NWMLDA members who have hundreds of people in their Eagle File, how many do you have?

The #1 thing you can do right now, during this time and place in history is FOLLOW THE SCRIPT I have shared with you and contact old prospects.

2) Is now the perfect time to contact your prospect?

Who is you perfect Prospect, is now a good time to contact them?

It is easy to assume that now is not a good time, but you may be assuming wrong.  I work with a group of people whose ideal prospect, there very best prospects are Chiropractors. 

Chiropractors are their best Avatar.

Normally they have been very hard to reach.  They have been using direct mail letter, direct mail postcards, and email.   Phone calls never worked because they have receptionist acting as gate keepers, and they are always busy with patience.

That is the normal and expected, pre-coronavirus.

However, RIGHT NOW many of these same Chiropractors are going to their office every day, or having their office phone re-routed to their cell, just in case someone needs emergency care.   The secretary’s, assistants and other gate keepers are at home.

So when this group calls Chiropractors offices they are personally answering the phone.  They are following a well crafted script and the Chiropractors wanting more information on the personal DNA Vitamin opportunity has been over the top positive.

3) Non Vitamin Believers are now open to Vitamins to Build their Imune System.

More than ever, people are open to vitamins or anyway to build their Imune System.

(Today when my wife went to the grocery store for the first time ever, they were limiting people on the number of vitamins they could buy at our local Kroger) Not eggs, chicken, milk or any other products that have been rationed in previous weeks, today it was VITAMINS!

If you market a nutritional product, now may be a good time to make contact with past customers. You can also put together a factual, documented, letter about your products, immune systems,  and include a brochure and follow up.

4) Drop Cards are Working Better than Ever

Those of you that are members of the know that we teach after your launch, the next step is to master five local lead advertising methods.

The #1 way we suggest you start is DROP CARDS.

Right now the response from dropcards have been better than ever the past few weeks.  So every time you leave your house make certain that you have extra cards to place at the gas pump, counter at the grocery store and drug store.   When someone sees a card that talks about creating cash flow from home, it GETS THEIR ATTENTION NOW AT A LEVEL THAT HASN’T WORKED AT THIS LEVEL IN YEARS AND YEARS. (Drop cards have always worked for people that are career frustrated, but right now, the number of people who are open to creating additional income streams has drastically increased just over the past three weeks)

I hope you find this information inspiring and encourging.

“This too shall Pass”

Wash your hands! Don’t Watch the News! Use this unique time in history to to refine your systems, skills, and marketing efforts and take them to the next level.

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