Around January of this past year I did a post on this blog titled -Marketing Trends to Pay Attention To-, as well as a YouTube video with the same title. Mobile Marketing was one of those trends. The mindsets and skills sets that it takes to develop a network marketing organization today, are the same they were 30 years ago when I started, and will be the same 30 years from now.


Success principals never change. Marketing methods have evolved over the years as technology has evolved. Over my career I have watched methods like fax on demand,recorded sizzle lines, DVD recruiting, evolve with the development of technology.

There is no question the greatest evolution over the past 15 years has been with the Internet. Great online lead generation websites like Craigs List, Back Page, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook were not even developed a few years ago.

When new technology evolves the earlier adapters, those that take the time to become self educated benefit the most. I remember in the early days, when people first started using banner ads online. I took several weeks and learned and read everything I could about banner advertising.

The results where a series of banner ad campaigns for various websites, that created click through rates that were far and beyond the norm. Over the years I have taken this approach to any new marketing idea or technology. FOCUS on one method, become self educated and learn as much as I possibly can on that particular technology. Article marketing, Craigs list, YouTube, Twitter, whatever the subject, FOCUS and learn as much as possible on whatever method or technology you want to incorporate into your business.

I subscribe to the theory that you are only 5 books or courses away from becoming an expert on any marketing method you choose. There is no question that Mobile Marketing is a major trend, with a huge amount of growth in front of us. I do not t believe it will ever be the only way to generate leads for your business. Over the past couple of months, we have been on a personal self-education mission regarding mobile marketing. I have purchased at least a ½ dozen courses and software to try to rap my brain around the concept. We are testing multiple campaigns at the time of this writing.

I am by no means an expert, but I am learning. I am taking the same approach to this new technology as I have with every other lead generation method we use in our business today. To date the 2 courses I have learned the most from are at: and

Here is the basic idea. There are vendors that will delivery Text messages for you to people all over the world who have subscribed to their service. One of the largest is a company called Ad Mob which is owned by Google. The exciting part, is they allow you to specify specific countries, states, and cities if you choose. So if I just want to target people with cell phones who live in Lexington, Kentucky I can do that.

Like Google adwords, you only pay if people actually click on the text and go to your website. We have tested multiple campaigns with different products and services over the past couple of months, trying to get our feet wet. Ultimately our goal is to CREATE LEADS. Some of these courses are over hyped and talk about earning a six figure income with mobile marketing. That may or may not be possible, and like everything else, I am sure, some people have and many more will. However, my focus in simply on generating leads.

Currently we are paying 17 cents per click when people who live in our target city, (Pensacola, Florida) click on one of our links sending them to a website we have at :

All marketing is math. We have $50.00 deposited in our account which will generate us approximately 295 clicks at 17 cents each. If 1 person out of the 295 join the program we are promoting we earn a $50 up front commission and will break even. Obviously if 2 join, we are in profit on the front end of the campaign. The back end is what we ultimately desire, so I will do all I can do with any promotion that I can break even with.

When you take into consideration we will add dozens,  if not over a hundred plus people to our autoresponder list, of which some may join us later, we are expecting the math to make sense. When you consider the duplication factor of network marketing this makes even more sense. All marketing is math, pure and simple. It is simply a numbers game. Marketing to mobile phones is simply another lead generation method that is in its infancy. Like everything else there are a lot of hyped up claims about creating millions of dollars just selling products to mobile phone users, I could care less about that. I am about exposing as many people to an opportunity as quickly as possible, and all serious network marketers should feel the same way. I would encourage all of our readers to become self educated on Mobile Marketing,it is not a fad and will become more prevalent as me move forward in the future.

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