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I have been doing some keyword research this morning, and just had take a break and share this with you guys.  I am in the process of scaling my business way down to focus more on seminars and consulting and 6 other business models instead of dozen or so we are currently involved in.   A few years ago I remember my pastor saying in a sermon that you should pray that God will give you “Creative Ideas”.  I remember thinking at the time, that is the last thing I need.   Ideas are not the issue, it is the time to implement the ideas.  I know many of you can relate to what I am saying.  Some of the best advice I have ever heard is “You have to say NO to a lot of good ideas, so you have TIME for the Great Ones”.

Anyway, part of my scaling down includes selling off many of my niche websites and domain names.  One domain I own is   My intentions were to have a website built that offer my book, How to Get Rich Without a College Education.  Unfortunately this has been on my “To Do List” with hundreds of other projects for over a year. So I decided to go ahead and sell the domain name, but before I do, I thought it would be smart to do a little keyword research.

My results were disturbing, but just verified what entrepreneurs like you, already know but most of the population miss …

“Formal education will make you a living, but if you become “self educated” you can create a fortune”
Jim Rohn


* GET RICH  is a very popular search term online with 550,000 searches in the United States alone!




* GET RICH BOOK  Yes, people want to get rich, but based upon the number of the searches the last thing they want to do is read a book to learn from someone who has already done it. Only 22,000 monthly US searches for this term.



In reality people would rather learn HOW TO WIN THE LOTTERY with 10 times more people (246,000) searching for this term every month than GET RICH BOOK.




And if they don’t win the lottery they would settle for finding a MAGIC LAMP with 3 wishes in an antiques store, evident by the 74,000 online searches for this term every month!





Don’t even think about the terms  WEALTH EDUCATION,  OR  GETTING RICH EDUCATION,  there are not even enough people in the United States that search these terms to collect any data!  Sometimes we miss the obvious.  We don’t need to invent the next “Pet Rock”.   Success comes from duplication, not innovation!  Learn proven business models from those that have gone before you!

Learn from Papa Johns & Little Caesars, they just copied Domino’s and added their own twist.  Domino’s would have probably never existed if not for Pizza Hut.  

I am trying harder and harder to understand that all of us walk different paths in life and I shouldn’t belittle those who want to Get Rich without learning.  Unfortunately we are at a time in place in history where that mentality has now been handed down from generation after generation.  However,  the “Wisdom of the Ages” has not changed and it is there in plain site for all of us to discover once we DECIDE to create change.  As entrepreneurs it is our responsibility to continue to inspire people, keep them on the right path and lead by example!   Thank you for letting me vent a little, if you enjoyed this, please share it, by clicking one of the buttons around this post.


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