As many of you have probably heard me mention on various webinars,  the day I discovered Podcast was very impactful for me.  When I discovered the podcast button on the new IPhone I purchased in 2015  ......

I had flash backs to the early days of my career when I had the opportunity to listen to audio tapes 8 hours a day with  a new invention at the time, called the Sony Walkman.

I KNEW that podcast listeners would be learners so I went all in.  Within a month after discovering podcast I had bought the equipment, hired the producer and started 3 podcast.  My various podcast have brought me a different kind of network marketing leaders, that quite frankly other promotional methods never would have.

My style with podcast is the same with everything else I do.  It is all about the content.  You may hear our pet Jenna barking in the background, my neighbor mowing his yard, and I am not worried about that.  If that bothers someone, it is a clue for me. I have never been accused of “acting to professional”, it is what it is, and I know many of you reading this, listen every week, and I sincerely appreciate your support!













The No Fluff Podcast for MLM Leaders
(Debut October 7, 2015)

MLM Success Stories
(Debut Sept 7, 2015

Your First Year in Network Marketing
(Novemeber 4, 2015)

What I didn’t realize at the time was my original MLM Minute Video,  video producer had placed over 15 episodes of that you tube channel on Itunes back in 2009.  I remembered him asking me, but honestly at the time I had an old Motorola flip phone and really didn’t understand what a podcast was, or what he was talking about.

Since starting the above mentioned podcast in 2015, I appreciate the emails, ratings, and feedback I receive from podcast listeners around the world.  It has been a very exciting and humbling experience and an important part of our long-term vision for Network Marketing Support Services and ultimately The Network Marketing Leadership Development Academy.

With that said, the number one question we have received this year at Network Marketing Support Services Inc. is “How do I access Dale’s podcast on my Iphone or Android’?

If you already have a podcast player app downloaded to your phone, just click the search button and search for Dale Calvert.

If you don’t, I hope these videos I found will guide you through the process.





One final thought.   I am going to change gears here.  If I haven’t already said it in this article, I sincerely appreciate your comments and feedback.  The more input I receive the clearer many ideas become.  At the time of this writing, I have not mentioned the AAO  concept on any podcast, but I think it is one of the most important concepts I can share with network marketing leaders.  AAO is something I will be talking about the rest of my days, but it never really formalized in my mind until a month or so ago.

Understanding what kind of A you are is very very important.  I know some of you are thinking Dale, what do the A’s stand for and what does the O mean?   The odds are YOU are an A because quite frankly O’s don’t read much, and if they do, they skim and don’t get to the end of most content.  “Truth is Truth”.

With that said,  I did explain this concept to the 20 members of our exclusive Network Marketing Leadership Development Academy, and I believe this concept is so important that I wanted to make it available to all of you that took your valuable time to read this article.  Don’t go into 2018 not understanding what kind of A you are!  The training below is about 40 minutes, and don’t start watching it until you can focus and really hear it.  In the future if I ask you what kind of A you are, you should be able to answer with no doubts.  There is nothing I can share with network marketers at this moment that will help you more in the development of your team than understanding this profile with each member of your team.


Your feedback and comments are always appreciated!





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