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Quick Message from Dale


I am ready for Spring!

It has been raining in Georgia this week, but I am
thankful it’s not snow.

I had the chance to visit with my old friend and
downline member Mike Potillo this week who
was in town for a huge It Works event.

We had a great visit, it was almost like I was
spending time with one of my own children.

I was there when Mike started his network
marketing career and it is stories like his that
continue to Inspire me to do what I do.

We are working on multiple projects.  We just
launched our new book on Amazon Kindle
“How to Double Your Ebay Income”

This coming Tuesday night I will be conducting a new webinar on list building.

If you have been around online marketing anytime at all you have heard “The Money is in the List”

Personally I believe the money is in the RELATIONSHIP you have with your list, but regardless on this webinar we will discuss.

·        The #1 Ways we are using right now to build
list in multiple niche markets

·        Developing the Right List Building Mindset

·        Providing Valuable Information for your list

·        Win-Win List Building Strategies

·        The Software we are using to add 30 new
subscribers daily on auto-pilot

·        And much much more

Seating is Limited, but you can register now here:


I hope you can be with us on Tuesday night.

Have a wonderful weekend.

I sincerely appreciate your support.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Dale Calvert



Do You Understand the Difference between Sells and Marketing & Promotion?


This article is going to be a little longer than I
normally write on Friday’s, but I hope you find it valuable.

How do you really make income from home?

The simple answer and the one we really want to explore is ……PROVIDE CUSTOMERS.

Slow down your reading and stay with me here,
because I want to establish some foundational principles that are really important.

So let me say that again.  Income is generated
from providing customers.

The concept that we really want to think about here is all income is generated from customer & NEW customers come from marketing and promotion.  Note I didn't say
sells, I said marketing and promotion.

So at least in theory, and I believe in reality your income is determined by how well you learn to market and promote. 

There are countless number of businesses that go out of business every year, not because they didn’t provide a good product or service but because they simple did  not understand how to market and promote. 

Many novice miss opportunities because their mind does not distinguish the difference between marketing and promoting and selling.  

Most people don’t like to sell, because
their idea of selling is “Trying to talk someone into buying something they don’t want or need”.

While those that understand marketing and promotion understand it is simply about exposures.  I have been trying to communicate this concept to network marketers for years.  It
is a numbers game, it is about finding the right person at the right time in their life

Novice network marketers go into the
market place and since they think they are involved in sells so they try to convince everybody they know to join them in their

They feel uneasy because they are a novice who stinks at sells. 

The odds are you have had this type of experience at some time or another with a friend, family member, or business associates who was trying to convince you to join them in their business.

So the bottom line thought here is income is generated from customer creation.  There are thousands of companies in the market place that will pay people to create customers for them.

 That is the foundational principal behind affiliate marketing and network marketing. 

To create customers it comes down to marketing and promotion.  The better you become at marketing and promotion the more income you can generate from home. Are you with me so far?

The reason I believe so strongly in people learning to sell on eBay is eBay provides the one thing all businesses need ……….. customers!  It is a great place for people to get their feet wet who want to learn how to create income from home. 

Every business has a learning curve, and selling on eBay is much shorter, because it is one of the only business models where customer acquisition is not part of the equation. 

That is why I also enjoy our Amazon Kindle publishing company.  Amazon provides the customers, and our responsibility is to provide a quality product for the customer base which is already there.

I hope this article has given you an ah-ha moment. 
Over the years I have seen so many good people who want to create income from home stay in a state of frustration because they are simply a novice that doesn’t fully understand “Amateurs try to convince,Professionals sort”

We all start at the same place and I just want to
encourage you that you can get where ever you
want to go.  Just take the time to become self educated and learn from those that have already done what you want to do






“A data base of potential customers and satisfied customers is the most important asset any business can own”




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