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Quick Message From Dale


Dawn and I have been in Kentucky this week.  We are working with staff on a few upcoming projects, and spending time with family.  A couple of weeks ago I did a blog posted about turning your car into a University on Wheels.

It is a six hour drive from Atlanta to Kentucky.  So we listend to the audio book. 


Thousand Years
1000 Years

 We really enjoyed it, and it makes you think and the idea of making your life a great story is definately worth the read.  When Dawn and I got married I told her "I spend money on two things, personal development and MEMORIES"  Building great memories is really the main focus of this audio book.

Jim Barlow


Speaking of memories, I want to share with you guys another personal story of a man named Jim Barlow.  Jim is known throughout central Kentucky as the founder of Barlow Homes, a  huge comapny here.  I remember Jim as the "friendly" football referee when I played football in junior high school.  Years later he married my aunt and became my uncle by marriage.   Over the years, we have had the opportunity to spend many hours with Jim and he has always been very good to me and supportive of all our business ventures.  On Thursday night, 4/11 I had the opportunity to  visit with Jim again. 

In June of 2012 he was diagnosed with Cancer and given six months to live.  So now 9 months later hospice has been called in and Jim's days are numbered. He is a good man, and has encouraged many people and lived a good life.  When it is all said and done, that is what life is really all about, did you make a postive impact on the life of otheres, and Jim definately has.


HOW TO RECRUIT:   Baby Boomers  They Are "Achey, Brakey And Haven't Stored Enough Nuts For The Winter"




I borrowed the title of this article from my friend and MLM Leader Terri Tomlison from Orlando, Florida. How true this quote really is!

Let's look at how your business opportunity and products can solve the challenges that most Baby Boomer have in their life. Most are "Achy and Braky they feel bad, they have no energy, and they desire to feel the way they did in their prime. Do you have products that can benefit the baby boomer market? Hundreds of network marketing companies do.

Some of the best distributors you will ever sponsor will be customers first! Please understand this. When people have a life altering benefit from your products, they will be the most loyal distributors within your organization. 

When another company offers an additional 5% on level 4 it won't faze them because they have an emotional connection to the product. Dynamite won't get them out of your organization.

One of the best ways to tap into the Baby Boomer market is to share your product first. You can create targeted leads for these excellent prospects with bulletin board flyers, newspaper inserts, cable TV classifieds, Welcome Wagon, drop cards and many other ways that we teach in our 21 Ways to Create Local MLM Leads course found at .

How do you share your opportunity with baby boomers? Honestly and from the heart. Forget the hype; it won't work with this group. You must open up to them and be who you are. Respect them, listen, ask the right questions, discover their needs and concerns and then share with them how your opportunity can address THEIR needs and concerns.

Remember, people do things for THEIR REASONS, not yours. One of the biggest mistakes that distributors make is talking about earning six figure monthly incomes to prospects that cannot relate with that type of income. Most baby boomers prospects you talk with are not real concerned about getting rich, if they were, they would already be totally financially independent. (Think about that one).

An extra $500.00 – $2,000 a month to supplement their retirement is the answer for 80% of prospects in this market. Not to say that some won't be looking for Big Money, a few will be. That is why it is so important that you listen for the wants and desires of your prospect.

The last tip I want to share with you is to introduce them to someone within your company who has already achieved what they wish to accomplish. I am not necessarily talking about introducing them to your upline. If their goal is an extra thousand dollars a month to supplement their retirement, then introduce them to someone in your company who is about their age and who is earning $1,000 a month.

You want to create relationships with as many people within your company as possible. Collect their business cards and learn the success stories of as many sideline and upline associates as possible. You want to create a data base of stories and people that you introduce your new prospects and distributors to. People need to feel that people "like them" have accomplished that which they hope to accomplish with your opportunity.

Developing this database is one of the reasons that company conventions and events are so beneficial.

In conclusion, if you offer a nutritional product line, help the baby boomers get over their aches and pains and feel better. Then introduce them to your opportunity and share with them a great way to help people, supplement their current income and store up some nuts for next winter.















Network Marketers love this quote by Zig Ziglar.  We all know
that just because we have memorized a quote does not mean
mean we really get it.

Think about the Top 3 people on your team?

What are their Top 3 Reasons for doing the business?




VIDEO of the WEEK:


One of my Top 10 Favorite Videos
of all time.





















WE ALL KNOW "The Money is in the List"


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