I am sure most of you have heard the story Zig Ziglar
tells about how most people get done more the week
before they go on vacation than they do the rest of the

He says why not go to Hawaii every week? Meaning
why not Focus and get all you can get done every day
and every week you live?

So true!

Human nature has always been fascinating to me.
There is so much truth in the statement “Look at what
everyone else is doing and do the opposite”.

I think it is human nature at this time of the year is to
stop, or at least slow down and evaluate our business
and other aspects of our life. At this time of the year
more than any other we probably ask ourselves serious
questions, and are not afraid to explore our
own answers.

At some point all network marketers come to realize
that for things to change, they have to get better and
fight through the obstacles and fears that are holding
them back.

There is no “Secret” lead generation technique, or
“Attraction Marketing” plan that is going to instantly
create a large duplicating organizatin. We all travel the
same path regardless of what most “MLM Coaches” &
“MLM Consultants” will tell you.

“Attraction Marketing”
“MLM Coach”
“MLM Consultant”

EXAMPLE: The truth is there are some people that have
been around this industry for several years and are still afraid
to pick up the phone. At some point they must admit
to themselves that this is an issue, and then DECIDE to
do something about it.

This is a very common fear that all network marketing
distributors must eventually conquer.

So every December and January like clockwork we see a
bump in sales for our best selling Overcoming Phone
Fear program :

( http://www.LosePhoneFear.com)

I think one of the Secrets of productive, successful people
is that they are constantly trying to get better. Not just at
the close or start of a new year, but every single week. They
also, have the ability to plan, & use their time wisely.
They treat every week like it is the week before their Hawaii

We all have great, untapped, capacity in us to become more
than we ever dreamed possible.

Success is living your life WORKING TOWARDS worthy
goals and dreams. Work harder on yourself than you do
on your business and the people, places, and systems will
start lining up and falling into place for you.

Decide to ask yourself good questions and prrovide truthful
answers throughout the year. If you are hard on yourself &
tell yourself the truth…. life will be much easier on you!

Decide to make this year awesome!

I appreciate you.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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