PS.    If you don’t know me or anything about my 35+ year consistent, successful,  track record of supporting entrepreneurs, then I probably wouldn’t register for this workshop,
based upon the look of this page.

I just discovered the video has a hiss, this website looks like it has been thrown up (because it has).   I am depending on those that know me, and I have credibility with attending this workshop.

My webguy, Scott, designed an  awesome click funnels website that we released this workshop with last year, and it worked beautifully.  However for some reason I feel compelled to do this workshop LIVE this year.

When I change my mind at the last minute, this ugly registration page is the best I can do.  I  apologize.

MY PROMISE:  The content I will be sharing and  the sequential, physiological flow will make a huge impact on your 2020 and beyond!  Attend with an open mind and that of expectancy. The scientific research and documentation I will be sharing is sincerely the path to success in all aspects of life!

I hope you will register now, set the alarm on your phone and plan on
being with us for this year’s Programming Your Mind for Success workshop.

PSS. I realize there is a very good chance by the time most people see this
post December 30, 2019 has come and gone. I hold this workshop once a
year in December, if you would like to be placed on our notification list
you can do that at:

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