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The Scientifically Proven Wisdom of the Ages Method to have Success in all 7 Key Areas of life in 2020


Sometimes, I just have to stop, pinch myself and take it all in.  A lot of great things have happened over the years to the twenty-year-old kid from the small town of Stamping Ground, Kentucky. (Population 400)

It sincerely blows my mind.  I have had the opportunity to speek to audiences all over the world, sharing the stage with so many legends including Les Brown,  Mark Victor Hanson, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Gary Halbert, Ryan Diess, Jan Ruhe, Marlon Sanders, and the list goes on and on.   

One thing, I know for sure, is that none of it would have happened if I had not made the decision to take 15 minutes a day, and consciously, intentionally, daily, program my mind for success.

I have been blessed beyond measure, and every day I wake up feeling like I am just getting started.

Over the years I have produced hundreds of hours of audio and video training on multiple topics to support small business owners, and entrepreneurs. I have written a couple of best-selling books.

I have awesome kids, four fabulous grandkids, and a wife that I love deeply. 

If my grandkids could only access one training system, book, or personal development program I have produced over the years, there is absolutely no question which program I would want them to access.

It is the Programming Your Mind for Success Program.  This program is a work in progress, and has been added to many times over the years because science is finally catching up with the Wisdom of the Ages principles Napoleon Hill shared with the world in 1937 in Think & Grow Rich.  (The best-selling personal development book in history)

It is true.

What the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve.

The challenging part is BELIEVING.  That is where the 15 minutes a day comes in.

Once your mind is programmed for success then positive expectations and confidence is something that doesn’t need to be mustered up, it just IS.  It is a state of daily living.  Lack of confidence or fear can be totally eliminated when brain cell patterns are replaced. On December 30th 2019 in my Programming Your Mind for Success Workshop I am going to share with you how to replace brain cell patterns in just 15 minutes a day.

If you are thinking, I don’t have 15 minutes a day, then please DO NOT register for this free workshop, it is not for you. If you are determined to live the best life you can, every single day and you can find 15 minutes to implement a system proven by self-made successful people in every niche, all over the world and by science, then you simply cannot afford to miss this workshop. YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

I understand that this article will be read by different people with different backgrounds, experiences and programming.   However, if anything I have shared has peaked your interest in any way then I would like to invite you to join me for my annual Programming Your Mind for Success workshop.

I do this free online workshop once a year.  This year it happens on Monday, December 30, 2019.  You can register now right here:

Dedicated to Your Success,

Dale Calvert

PS I sincerely respect your time. It is the most valuable asset
any of us have. I know that your 2020 will be much better if
you take the time to attend this workshop with an open mind.
I am a regular guy that was young enough to eventually stop
looking for the big secret that everyone else knew that I didn’t
and to just except and implement the principles that have been
right and front of our noses since the beginning of time.

Go ahead and set the alarm on your phone right now.
DECEMBER 20th 8:00 PM Eastern, and prepare for a life
altering workshop. Truth is that good when it is understood.

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