A recent article published in multiple business publication last week including Forbes stated that up to 40% of the population will be changing jobs, and professions the remainder of this year and throughout 2020. Dave Ramsey talked about it on his recent radio show here:   

People were forced out of their comfort zone with covid, and the fact that they were able to make it through gives people courage to get out of their comfort zone and take on other challenges that can move their life forward.

The real question is will 40% of Network Marketers be changing companies? Honestly, I believe those are sincerely interested in developing a huge duplicating a team and legacy income, will be changing companies.


Because the past 5 years or so most new people that have been entering the profession have been doing so becasue of the products. They found a product they liked and discoverd that if they become a member they could get their products at a discount and maybe make a few bucks selling it to others. Honestly most newebies in the profession don’t understand the difference between direct sales, and the network marekting business model.

They hare been hearing about the phenominal incomes that have been created in the past, and there is more curiosity in market about what it really takes to create financial indpendence than every before. People are starting to figure out the importance of being with the right team and the right company AT THE RIGHT TIME IN HISTORY.

Many of people have failed in network marekting, not becasue they were not willing to work, because they were simply trying to work programs who had already peaked in the market.

Comfort is really a state that doesn’t exist.  We are always moving and progressing forward, or we’re not.  It is really that simple.  There is no neutral.  I talked about this in detail in my book and audible program, CHANGE YOUR FINANCIAL MINDSET AND CREATE WEALTH.  

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Unfortunately this Philosophical Reset of designing a new life and taking control over our own financial futures has also created and open season for Internet Scams, and Bogus Crypto, Forex and Crowdfunding platforms so beware!

The number of people that are leaving legitimate, well established network marketing companies that have a history of creating quality products and paying distributors correctly and on time is appalling.  

Look, I will be the first person to speak up and tell you “You are with the wrong network marketing company at the wrong time in history and it is limiting your motivation, passion, and upside potential. However leaving an established network marketing for a money games scam, and getting others involved is unexceptalbe.  

Honestly, I understand why people are getting frustrated with the Network Marketing Business model.  There is nothing worse than promoting the wrong company, at the wrong time in history, with little or no guidance and support.

However getting involved in blatant online ponzi schemes and money games is not the answer!

If you are frustateted network marketer that is moving your business forward and progressing every month, I DO HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOU.  If you have not heard, we are building again, and currently have the fastest growing team in North America. 

I sincerely believe this is the next Billion Dollar company, and 99.9% have not heard of it yet.  This video will give you the first look at what is happening.

Network marketing has always been, and will always be the greatest opportunity in the world for average people with above average desire created financial independence and legacy wealth, but THE FOUR STARS MUST LINE UP for you to achieve you full upside potential.  Keep your dream alive, and don’t fall for short cuts, and scams.  If something looks to good to be true ….. follow your instincts.

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