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I like to periodically check in on the number of self-proclaimed network marketing “gurus,” “ninjas,” “masters”, “rock stars” “consultants” and “trainers” listed on YouTube.


Well, it seems like an important metric, an indicator of the real mindset of the distributors within the industry.

How many people are currently trying to teach people to do that which they have never done? IE: Build a large duplicating organization of leaders full of full-time earners.

Honestly, I think this is the number one reason the network marketing industry is NOT leading the charge in the entrepreneurial awakening we are seeing around the world.

I have been an entrepreneur all my life. Over the years I have built, bought and sold dozens of businesses and evaluated hundreds of business models.

When you think about giving the average person the opportunity to live the dream of time and the income to enjoy it……. NOTHING COMPARES to the network marketing business model. A personal development program with a compensation plan attached and a real opportunity to develop financial independence in 3-5 years, what business model comes close? However the numbers tell us that the industry is in a state of dissipation.  Nobody wants to hear that, but it is the truth as Ron Henley and I discuss in great detail in this webinar. I have always believed it is impossible to overcome a challenge until you admit it is there.

Call me naive, but I have always taught you should DO IT, BEFORE you talk about it..

A guru is something someone else calls you, not something you call yourself. Maybe we should save that term for religious figures or at least people with real unique knowledge.

I’d argue, that “network marketing” and “guru” should never appear in the same sentence. I think one of the smartest things we can do before spending our valuable time listening to anyone is simply ask yourself, who is this person, and why should I be listening to them?  What is their real back story? Look at their track record, and if you can find it, just accept that no matter how much you like them as a person, here are some insights you should consider.



  • Do they bring actual experience – not just observations and theories – they have read in a book or stole from someone with a documented track record


  • Do they sell solutions, not secret formulas your upline and company don’t want you to know about. 🙂


  • Do they don’t promise that social media and their affiliate lead program will provide a quick fix for your bottom line?


Someone sent me an email yesterday calling me a Debbie Downer, whatever that means. Honestly I perceive myself as quite the opposite. It is not a Secret that I have been concerned with the direction the industry has been headed for years, since I recorded the Network Marketing is a Scam audio back in 1999.










With that said, I believe there are large numbers of people who have been exposed to the concept of network marketing and the power of residual income. As the great Jim Rohn said years ago, “I don’t mind a preacher telling me I am going to die and to to hell for my sinful ways, as long as he does it with tears in his eyes”.   People are more aware of marketing BS and fluff now more than ever and that is a GREAT!   If they aren’t do you really want to try to build a team with people that have that level of naivety?

Above all we have to stop trying to tell them to position themselves on social media platforms as home business consultants, gurus, or anything else, and inspire them to grow, learn, develop and become all they can be as people. A lot of good people end up embarrassing themselves on YouTube, only to leave the industry. The sad part is they will never return, and bad mouth the industry every chance they get. At some point we have to draw a line in the sand, and say NO MORE.

It is not about next month’s business volume it is about building a long term business based upon ROCK solid proven systems and mindsets! We need strong leaders that care enough about other people and the network marketing business model to tell people the truth, not necessarily what they want to hear, but what they NEED to hear!

Now more than ever, I believe the industry must return to our roots of telling people the truth, stop competing with each other, and give our people a proven track to financial independence based upon proven team building strategies, and leadership development philosophies.


I sincerely believe the market is waiting for  leaders that aren’t telling people what they want to hear and sharing flawed marketing strategies that will never duplicate, The world is full of people that want to be entrepreneurs  and are waiting for someone who willing to share with them what they know in their gut to be TRUTH.


One thing seems certain: at this rate, everyone who joins a network marketing opportunity today will be calling themselves a guru tomorrow and we wonder why business minded people don’t take the network marketing business model seriously?




R E A L L Y ???


The best advice I can give anyone if find ONE NETWORK MARKETING MENTOR, and plug into their systems and ignore all the other voices promising you the secret Fu Fu Dust!  Always ask yourself, who is this person and how many people have they helped start as newbies and create success?

The answer to that question will point you in right direction!














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