As promised for those who attended the Event
Dale Calvert

Again, I want to thank Justin, Cheryl, and all the powers at be for giving me the opportunity to share some ideas at the Royaltie online National Event.

A special thanks to my buddy Tony Hunt, who I know had a big part in making that happen. I wish we could have been in Miami, but it is what it is.

I hope this is the start of a long-term business relationship. I want to encourage each of you to take advantage of this time and place in history.

You have a unique opportunity to get the Royalty AI service in front of every business owner you know. NOW is the time to get their attention.
You have a unique opportunity, when the Corona moves out, and things start to normalize, you all understand how challenging it can be to get a business owners attention during when things are normal. So I hope you will take advantage of this time, place, and opportunity.


I hope this podcast session I did a couple of weeks ago will help you see the unique opportunity we all have during this time. You can listen on you favorite podcast platform, Itunes, Stitcher or write from the website at
MLM Success

This is a free PDF download I hope all Royaltie Team Members will take the time and read. It gives real insights into the attitudes it takes to build a duplicating organization. Take some time while you have it, and study these articles, especially the one called “The Land of 10,000 Un-recruited Heavy Hitters”

Know exatly what to day when you contact potential customers and team members. These scripts have been refined over the years and at one time were only available to my high end network marketing coaching clients.

I know exactly how I started in the profession with none of the skill sets or mindsets necessary to build a network marketing team. I know exactly the step that need to be taken to build a large, duplicating organization of people. From a small town in Kentucky we built an organization of over 60,000 team members that did over 100 million dollars in wholesale product sales in less than 5 years and it happened step-by-step, by design.

A Blueprint that is more valuable today that ever and you can follow it as well. You can sign up for our newsletter updates, and access the Power of Dream training here:

There are 5 Core Systems to Build a Duplicating Network Marketing Team

The 5 Core Fundamental Systems REQUIRED TO BUILD A LARGE DUPLICATING organization of People. The good news is, everyone reading this right now has the ability to build these 5 core systems. They don’t require God given talent, or anything special. You simply:

  1. Be Aware that they exist
  2. Have enough experience to understand why they are not just necessary, THEY ARE REQUIRED if you want to maximize your upside potential with the network marketing busines model.
  3. Find a mentor that can guide you throw the development of these core systems for your team and your product or service.

That’s it, you can do it, if you get focused and decide. You will probably never have a time better than now to DECIDE, but it is your decision.

As you watch this training ask yourself how skilled am I really, in these 5 areas? Do they need refined?

What can I do now to refine those skills? They say the quality of our life is in direct proportion to the quality of questions we ask ourselves, and then answer them …….. TRUTHFULLY. During these challenging times the actions we take now will determine how our life and businesses look 5 years from now. Make great decisions. As you go through these 5 Core Systems, you will discover areas you need to refine. We have dozens of free recorded webinar training’s that will help you refine those areas available to you at & Hundreds of hour of podcast trainings at

If what you learn in all the free training and resources mentioned above really speaks to you. If the “Build People and People Will Build the Business” philosophy resonates with you. If you are serious about building legacy income with the Royaltie opportunity I would like for you to consider becoming a member of our inner circle through the network marketing training club. We have members from dozens of companies, all over the world.

This program is not for everyone. This is for career minded people who understand the network marketing business model offers an income and lifestyle that is hard for most people to ever imagine. The MLM Training Club is not for the casual part-timer.

If you feel you are the right person, and this program may be for you that you can click below to attend a recorded webinar that will provide you all the details and the reason why this is hands down the best mlm training program for serious, career minded people. Of course most people would say that, but I know it is true, because of 2 words, TRACK RECORD.

The systems we teach through the mlm training club are the foundational system that allowed us to personally earn millions of dollars in income and help over 200 people on my personal team earn full-time five, six and 7 figures. What other trainer in the profession today can say that?

It is also the foundational program that leaders around the world that we have personally coached have used to develop their duplicating teams. I know this all may sound egotistical, but the facts are the facts, and I am trying to get better and owning it. It is difficult, because I am just an average guy, with an above average desire that realized the real product in network marketing is people. If you build people, people will build the business.

Network marketing is not just about getting them in. It is about helping them move forward within the comp plan. Your long term income in network marekting ultimately is in direct proportion to the number of leaders that are DEVELOPED on your team, because leaders create product volume.

Team members come and go, they are like a revolving door, but leaders who are systematically, developed stay, and produce more leaders. That is my belief, that is what we do, and our track record documents our results.

So if you are serious about building your Royaltie Team I invite you to check out this webinar, and I hope to see you in the members area.

Finally again, I would like to thank everyone who played a roll in having me speak at the Royaltie I hope I am invited back in the future, and I wish all of you a breakthrough in your life and your business during this challenging times.

Be Blessed!

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