Before I share an article from John Milton Fogg, author of “The Greatest Network Marketer in the World” I wanted to make sure I let you know about this podcast.  I know that if  you found yourself on this page and this article, I consider this podcast session is a must hear.  Please make sure to head back to the top of the page and click to listen after you read Mr. Fogg’s article below.


















I want to share an article that is a blast from the past, by the John Milton Fogg, the author of “The Greatest Network Marketer in the World”.   Before I do, I think there are a couple of rock solid principles I want to share with you.


If a person buys your product one time they are a suspect

If they buy twice they are a prospect

If they buy 3 times they are a customer

The number of product sales that are made one time by distributors in all companies daily, and then those customer are never followed up with a sequential follow up system is astounding.   We have taught the 3-14-29 day follow up system for years and those that follow this understand the goal it not to make one time sales, but build a strong base of real customers.   Companies themselves seem to be satisfied and accept one time sales because it creates volume, however the question is:  Does this make the sale and move on mentality develop a REAL BUSINESS?


Home grown leaders in a concept that has been all but forgotten in the profession, and it is the only principle that can create real customers and real leaders who ultimately create rock solid volume.  I have talk about this multiple times on my No Fluff Network Marketing podcast so I won’t attempt to repeat it all here.

Here is an article I wanted to share with you .   When Mr.Fogg talks about mailing cassettes, just replace this activity with  posting on social media.  Ultimately, no matter how you create buyers or team members, without proper skill set and mindset training the results are the same as he describes and the pyramid will crash.

It is not about creating 1 time buyers, it is about systematically developing real customers.  It is not about getting new people to join, it is about getting the RIGHT PEOPLE in, keeping them in, and helping them move forward.  As an industry we will we ever bite the bullet, back up, and stop trading short term sales for real business building methods?

Self-Proclaimed gurus have put so much NON-SEQUENTIAL fluff in the market place it is overwhelming.  You have to buy leads, you must Blog everyday, you have to come to my next seminar (so we can pitch you for 2 days), you have to buy traffic, you have to do Facebook lives, etc. etc.

Before you listen to anyone, my suggestion is that you look at their track record.  Do they have a history of telling the masses what they want to hear, so they can sell them what they want they want to sell them?  Supporting people who take advantage of newbies (because most will be gone in 90 days anyway) is not a good business decision for the Industry!

I am all about investing in yourself and personal education.  However you cannot learn how to do calculus if you have not learned how to add and subtract first.
Remember when Mr.Fogg talks about mailing cassettes, just
mentally say to yourself posting on social media.  



Prosperous Prospecting Alone Does Not a Successful Networker Make

John Milton FoggThe new generation of mass-action prospecting has me concerned for two reasons:

First, many of its proponents seem to be saying the old “warm market” person-to-person approach is dead, or should be, and that the “so-called” experts that advocate same are killing Network Marketing.

Second, I am witnessing an exponentially grown group of once-upon-a-time distributors who were persuaded to get into the business at the eyes or ears of someone’s book or tape blitz. But now they are out of business, because they were never trained to do anything more than mail me a cassette.

DO NOT, please, get me wrong – prospecting with tape cassettes (or books) is a great innovation – proven, positive and powerful. Upline™ writes, records and sells lots of them, so you know we’re all for them.

What I am not all for is the promiscuous prospecting of hundreds and thousands of “leads” without the prerequisite training and support that keeps those who take the plunge in,  growing their businesses and continuing to succeed.

And I predict that some companies and some distributors are going to crash when the prospecting merry-go-round is forced to go around all by itself.

You send me your hot little 12 minute tape with a personalized Post It (I’ve missed you, too.) Funky tape, but something intrigues me. You call.

Did I listen? Yes, I did. Did I like? Sure. Will I give you $50 to become a distributor, buy some initial inventory (of tapes… of tapes …) and send them to all 8,205 people on my Christmas card list without pre-qualifying them? (Hilary who?) Sure.

Now what …? In less than six months, I have an exploding Network of Tapers: ordinary men and women who have mastered the extraordinary prospecting-by-tape system pioneered by a technologically-handcuffed Ed McMahon.

Successful prospecting alone does not a Network Marketer make. The tapes are probably the best way in the world to get people interested and into the biz’ cause they’re so simple and duplicatable. But unless your prospecting success is followed by teaching the knowledge of Network Marketing business-building and people skills, it’s a short-term, get-rich-quick , pyramid scheme where a few make money at the cost of the many. A business built on sand.

It takes more than sending out tapes and faxing-back signed applications to make your Network Marketing business last – much more.

-Reprinted with permission from Upline™










































Please don’t misunderstand what I am trying to share.
There absolutely is a time and 
place for social media as you
prospect, recruit, create customers and 
grow your business.

I think it is a good idea for everyone to document their path.  I would have
loved to have been able to document my first 5 years in this profession, as
it was happening.   One thing for sure, I would give everyone hope,  if
that guy can do it, I know I can.   

Yes, I understand many of you feel that way today!  🙂 

The problem happens when people try to “position themselves”
as something they’re not.   Yes, I am aware that many of taught people
to act like something they know they aren’t.  That is why there are over 40,000 
self proclaimed network marketing “Rock Stars” on You Tube as I share in 
this article:


Yes, that approach has worked for a small number of people, and many 
of you know who they are,  but solid business minded people can sniff
out the posers real quick..

However many are given false hope and promises that social media 
is  T H E  answer.  Just like those that didn’t know any better were
sold that mailing 
cassettes,  googe adwords, craigslist ads, Facebook
ads, etc. etc. 
were T H E Answer.

Don’t even get me started on Blogging.   How many times did you hear,
If you want to be perceived as a professional you must have a blog and
write post daily?  The truth is people were more interested in making
a commission on some blogging program than they were providing real
world training.  (My Blogging Rant is here)

So why do “”leaders”” teach everybody to build on social
media or with live video?


  1.  They don’t know what else to tell you to do
  2. That is what their upline is telling them  (Blind leading Blind)
  3. They hope you make a couple of sales before your quit

And let’s face it, the majority of generic trainers
have something to sell you.  Doesn’t anybody find
it interesting that the same people who taught the
masses they needed to blog everyday,knowing 99%
would fail are now teaching you must go live on





As always your thoughts, comments and feedback is appreciated!


PS.  For the record, if you are selling physical products, or provide a service in
your local community I feel targeted social media ads make great sense.  I also believe that
depending on your business, Facebook Live can work very well.

Network Marketing is a unique business model, that most who are involved, don’t
really understand.  Everything we do, and everything we teach is based upon
maximizing the time spent over the long haul.  It is about building a duplicating
team and long term walk away income over a 3-5 year period.

For this to happen, the “Leadership Development” paradigm shift must occur.
Maximizing our upside potential is never about what works for us, it is about what can
be duplicated by the 27%ers on our team!


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If you are serious about building a solid network marketing
team, PLEASE Don’t Drink the Attraction Marketing Kool-aide!

It works for about 3% of the population and it will never DUPLICATE
in network marketing!












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