“Time management is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich”
Jim Rohn



Every time I consult with a leader or mlm corporate VP  I try to stress the same point.  “Repetition is the key to learning”.

I am shocked at the number of intelligent, successful people who don’t really grasp this universal truth.

In today’s “do everything online” marketing world, it seems that many personal & business development truths of the past are being forgotten.

Methods consistently change, however personal development and business laws never do.   They are the same today as they were 30+ years ago when I started and  they will be the same 30 years from now.  Truth is Truth!

That is why classic books like Think and Grow Rich are as true today as they were decades ago when first published.

Repetition always has been and always will be the key to internalization and learning.

Companies and leadership groups that want to do all their training with webinars (that aren’t recorded) or through back office audio files all have the same argument.

“They can listen over and over anytime they want”

They don’t understand that this is just as much a time management issue for their people as it is an internalization issue.

Every network marketing distributor’s automobile should be a learning university on wheels!

When they are online they should be promoting their products or services.

Most distributors waste hours of valuable promotion time doing the wrong activities while fooling themselves into thinking they are building a business.

Hanging out in “MLM Training” Forums, On Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and MySpace is NOT BUILDING A Business.

Yes, there is a place for these sites, and the right focused marketing activities will
create prospects, but just “hanging out” anywhere or on any website is not a good idea.



While I am on the subject, companies that do 2-3 opportunity calls a week don’t get it either.

Those that are doing 2-3 a day are totally out of touch.  YOU HAVE TO GIVE YOUR TEAM

Most companies have the misconception that the more training calls, and webinars we do
the better job we are doing at supporting our distributors.

This is 100% false!

The more you do the more confusion you create!   Any training that is not systematic
and unified ultimately creates unproductive distributors anyway as we discuss in the
Why the Masses are Confused Booklet.




Regarding opportunity webinars/conference calls you need ONE Opportunity event a week .  You must create a culture, where all team members build for that event each week, with the goal and expectation to have at least one guest on the call with them. 


Other than one Opportunity Overview event  each week you also need a recorded opportunity/webinar that distributors can access 24-7 and a  recorded product/service testimony webinar or call.

Anything more than the above will only create a  distraction for your team.    I know, I know
“MLM Leaders” who enjoy being the center of attention, totally disagree with me on this idea.

You have to understand, there is no money in being Elvis! If you are the one that must be there on stage to make it happen, you have a problem!


Most people who read this understand exactly what I am trying to communicate, because their upline and or company conducts so many online events and conference calls  (that they are expected to attend)  they don’t have time to build the business even if there were clear specific direction from all the training.

Ok back to my original thought. 

Here is my point.  Online back office training is good thing, but don’t neglect providing training on audio CD or MP3 files.

Repetition is the key to learning and providing your training in audio format allows your people to maximize their learning and time by listening on their way to their job, or on their IPod while working out.

I had a consulting call a couple of days ago, with a client who had done 3-4 training calls with his team covering the same information.   He said Dale, they just aren’t getting it, I have even put it online for them to listen to.

My response, they aren’t going to get it until you make it available on audio CD or MP3.

Repletion is the key to learning and people must be able to maximize their time and turn their automobiles into learning universities on wheels.

5 Time Management Tips

*  Work from a To Do List
*  Focus and master 1 business building skill set at a time. * Before you log onto the internet know exactly what you are going to do and allow a specific amount of time for each activity

*Always ask yourself, Will spending time with this activity help me reach my primary goal?

* Do the same business building activities, at the same time every week.    Example:  Sunday night  7-10 PM is follow up phone time,   Saturday morning  8 -11 AM is online promotion
time,  etc etc.

97% of the people who enter the network marketing industry can not escape the learning curve, and the other 3% will never duplicate their success.  The proper focus and time management can drastically cut the time that it takes to develop the foundational knowledge that ultimately leads to success.

Time is the most valuable asset any of us have, rich, poor, or Average Joe, don’t take a minute for granted!


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