I don’t feel that it is debatable that network marketers around the world waste too much valuable time on social media.  I have a real love/hate relationship with social media.  Most network marketers start out part time, which means they have a few precious hours a week to focus on the real business building activities that will move their business forward.  I talk about this in much more detail in the free webinar,  TIME MANAGEMENT FOR NETWORK MARKETERS


I feel every network marketer should have a social media presence.  Yes, there are a small number of distributors  who have sponsored hundreds of people and sold millions of dollars worth of products and services using only the internet and social media.  However, here is what you must understand:  THE CHANNELS WILL CHANGE!


I have friends who relied on Google Ad Words years ago, who saw their businesses virtually disappear overnight after what is known today as the Google Slap.  Yes, the slap effected some of our students harder than others, but not those who had adopted a “become a lead generation expert” philosophy.   The same can be said about eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, and now Amazon.  All of these popular websites for marketers have changed their policies over the past couple of years. Many of those changes have had a negative impact on entrepreneurs & marketers.


So yes, we still use all of these marketing channels in our various businesses.  However as it relates to network marketing, the real focus should be on developing people and the skill sets and mindsets that will build real, long term, businesses.  Social media websites just offer businesses more options to create leads when done correctly.  That’s it.  To base all your marketing efforts around one web channel is a way to guarantee disaster.


Algorithms of channels change.  If you want to build a solid business, spend some of the time you are playing Candy Crush, Angry Birds, or the newest hottest online game to read books on team building and leadership and learn from those that have already accomplished what you want to do.


I had to say all of this because it is important to me that people understand “There ain’t no fu fu dust, just proven success and team building systems and mindsets that WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME.


With that said, I feel this information will be valuable for our many readers that are using social media intelligently to promote their business.


Most people fall into one of 3 categories when it comes to posting on social media: don’t do it all,  randomly post and cross their fingers and hope for the best, or spend WAY too much time on it with no real game plan.  Would you agree?  Where do you fall in these 3 categories?


A well thought out social media game plan is something I hope you will consider.  I don’t have all the answers.  Our game plans are still evolving in the four businesses we currently operate.   It is a constant learning evolution, again, that is why I feel it is so important for network marketers to MASTER the basic fundamentals; the skill sets and mindsets it takes to develop a real duplicating team.  Social media  is awesome AFTER you have mastered the fundamentals, but without mastering the fundamentals first, social media becomes a distraction.  I think the 5 Core webinar I did is one of the most important trainings for future network marketing leaders need to really internalize.


I believe our time is the most important asset we have.  I am very stingy with my time. So I wanted to share with you what many experts and data crunchers feel are the best times to post on the most popular social media websites.  So you are able to:

Get in front of as many people as possible


Post at the most impactful times (especially if you only post once every time you have something new to share)


This information was compiled from information in articles from places like Forbes, Buffer, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner,  Fast Company, and on and on. I wanted to break it down to give you a quickly focused view based upon research from those much smarter than me.


I am not saying you should necessarily be using ALL social networks.  FOCUS is important, and I am listing the Top 6 social media websites for home business entrepreneurs and network marketers in my opinion.  I think you jump on share a quote, article, webinar or anything that you feel will be valuable for other people and then jump off.


Presently we use software and virtual assistants for many of our social media post.  If it has my name on it, then it came directly from me, even though I may be at my granddaughter’s basketball game when a piece of software or a virtual assistant actually created the post.  However, as I mentioned previously, my wife and I and our small staff currently operate 4 different businesses.


When I say “best times,” I mean times when you’ll get more views/engagement than any other time.

Obviously, times are based on the time zones where the majority of your customers, clients, and team members live.

For the United States, 50% of people in the USA are based in the eastern time zone. 80% are based in EST or CST, so the vast majority of the US population are in these two time zones.


Below, you’ll learn about the best times to post content to each of the major social media platforms so you can get the biggest return on your most valuable asset, your time.


You will notice that Snap Chat is not on this list.  Honestly, I have not taken the time to really study this social media channel.  If we sold a product or service whose primary demographic was 15 -25-year-olds, I would be all over it, but currently, we do not own or operate a business whose primary customer base is in that age group.  If you do,  then definitely become self-educated on the Snap Chat  Channel.


In general, I am not a social guy.  I have no lurking in my DNA and being around people doesn’t give me energy. I wish it did, but it doesn’t.   Quite frankly my focus is on my family and my customers and clients.   The last thing I want to spend 1 second of my time on is a Kardashian, or even worse; some brown- nosing self-proclaimed guru who is going to share with everyone how they can sponsor 30 people in the next 20 days.  People who talk to hear themselves talk can get on the wrong side of me faster than anyone.


With that said, get in, share value and get out is my suggestion as it relates to social media.  Then spend your time learning from those who have already done what you want to do via, books, webinars, podcasts, etc.   You don’t need to keep up with the people you haven’t seen since the 3rd grade or the latest news on CNN to build a profitable business.   I personally don’t watch the news. I try to keep as much tragedy out of my mind as possible. I feel like if it is really important enough, I will hear about it at some point.







Best days:

Sunday (32% higher engagement)

Thursday (18% higher engagement)

Friday (18% higher engagement)

Saturday (32% higher engagement)



Best times to increase shares/clickthroughs:

1pm (gets you most shares)

3pm (gets you most clicks)





Other active time periods:

Saturday and Sunday from 12-1pm

Thursday and Friday from 1-4pm

Wednesday at 3pm




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During the work week is generally best, with the peak time being at 5:00PM.

Best days:


Weekends (for B2C businesses)

Workweek during business hours (for B2B businesses)



Best times to increase retweets/clickthroughs:




Other notable time periods:

Wednesday at noon and 5–6pm

Monday – Friday at 12-3pm and 5pm

Some people have good results with 2-3 am, 6-7 am, and 9-10pm – test to see what your group responds to.

In general, on Twitter, I recommend recycling your posts so that they’re showing up as often as possible. It’s the one network where this doesn’t look super-sleazy because Twitter users are generally looking at their Twitter stream versus your page specifically. We use a software called Edgar to do this.


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Twitter Training Recommended

You will find lots of good basic training articles and more at:









Best days:

In general Saturdays are the best for posting on Pinterest, but the rest is niche-dependent. Some niches are covered here:

Sunday (for food)

Monday (for fitness)

Tuesday (for gadgets)

Wednesday (for quotes)

Thursday (for outfits)

Friday (for gift images)

Saturday (for travel)


Best times to increase reach:

Make sure to include a call to action – 80% of people won’t interact otherwise.

Saturdays 8-11pm

Fridays at 3pm



Worst time:

Work hours



Other notable time periods:

8-11pm with a peak of 9pm

2-4 am

2-4 pm

1-3 pm






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Best day:




Worst day:

Sunday (very low engagement)



Best times to post:

8 – 9am

2 am

5 pm



Worst time to post:




Other notable time periods:

Monday and Thursday at any time besides 3-4pm

9pm – 8am for videos (posting a video at 9pm gets 34% more interactions)

Off-work hours




We only use Instagram in our other physical products businesses, not with Network Marketing Support Services Inc.



Recommended Training

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Best days:





Worst days:




Best times to increase click-throughs:





Other notable time periods:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5-6pm

Tuesday at 10-11am

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30 – 8:30am

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 12pm



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Recommended Training

At this point, I have not found a really good training website, podcast, or course on Linked In.
I feel comfortable suggesting you check it out.











Best days:



Worst times:

Early morning

Late evening


Best times to post:





Other notable time periods:

Wednesday at 9am

Weekdays at 9-11am

So there you have it.


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Recommended Training

At this point, I have not found a really good training website, podcast, or course on GoogIe+. I  feel comfortable suggesting you check it out.  If you have a website you want to get ranked in the search engines, definitely promote it on your google+ page.


Has this article been helpful?  I would appreciate your comments and feedback below.  Just remember, spend your valuable time on income producing and business building activities. It is the most valuable asset you have!


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