I ran across yet another "training" article this week, with someone  who was trying to teach people how to F. O. R. M. prospects on the phone so they will like you and be attracted to you.   (Talk about  F  amily    O  ccupation   R  eacreation    your  M  essage)

Every time I see anyone teaching network marketers this concept I throw up a little in my mouth!

The question is simple.   Do you want people to join you because they like you and don't have the guts to tell you or anyone else no, or are you looking for people that are sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to change their life?

If someone teaches you to waste 15 – 20 minutes on the phone with every Prospect, trying to FORM them ……….. run !!!    I don't care who they are, they don't have a clue what they are talking about. 

They are teaching you a guaranteed formula for frustrating yourself, burning yourself out and hating the telephone!!  This is not some high ticket item we are trying to peddle.  We are simply looking for the right people at the right time.  Their window is open or it's not.  If they're not looking and closed minded, the last thing you should do is try to pry open a window that is closed.  You don't have time for that.

Even if you get it open, I can guarantee you they WILL DO NOTHING AFTER THEY JOIN!!


90% of network marketing distributors have heard this, but what percent really get it? 

What percent  of network marketing  distributors have got
this concept  from their head to their heart?


If you have ever heard me speak live then you have probably
seen the slide below, I have been using it in 90% of my live training
seminars for the past 20 years or so!





How many people really get this, personally I feel it is less than 5%.

You will never master recruiting at the level that is possible for you until this gets from your head to your heart!



Watch Video Here










Order this CD, put it in your car and listen to it until you know it word for word! —











We simply cannot recommend this Audio CD highly
enough. We recommend that all our network
marketers order this CD and listen to it over and over when
you are driving …..until you are sick of it!

Seriously, when the principals taught on this CD are
they will put you in the Top 10% of Network
Marketers on the planet from an “awareness”



Yes, it is that important!


I bought the Jim Rohn CD You recommended
I love It. I like the part about sowing, and how the
birds will get some. That was hilarious.

I was the type of person who wanted to change
the way things were. I wanted to help those who
didn’t want help. But I’m learning, not to take
that class, as Mr Rohn would say.

God Bless
Roy George
Sunrise, Florida


PS  If you think I wrote this post so I can sell you a
4 buck CD …. PLEASE WAKE UP !!!!!!

Don't let "Buyer's Resistance, Stop you from becoming
all you can become"  that is an entirely new topic I will
be writing more about in the future.

I am trying to help you here, just order the CD if you
don't love it, I will gladly buy it back.  Don't procrastinate.

If you asked me, Dale if I could only listen to one CD for the
rest of my MLM career which one would you suggest … this
is the one people!


This is the one cd that should be memorized by
every serious network marketing distributor!



PS   I understand that the majority of our regular readers already own this CD.    Find it … put it in your car… Literally memorize it!  Trust me on this one this message interalized is life changing.

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