Note, I didn’t say the one CD every network marketer must own, this is the one CD you must memorize!  I realize the majority of people reading this post, own this CD so find it, dust it off, put it in your car cd player and don’t take it out until you can repeat it word-for-word … YES I AM SERIOUS!

There is probably more recruiting wisdom in this one CD than all of the network marketing training CD’s ever recorded.  If you think I am just trying to sell you a $5.00 CD, click away from this post now, it’s not for you.

Over the years some of you have heard the story, but I will give you the short version.  30+ years ago when I first started in the industry I wanted to quit every day.  The thing that kept me in the game, was the fact that I could listen to audio cassettes for 8 hours a day with my Walkman while on my full time job.  At some point I got my hands on a tape that was recorded by Jim Rohn, talking about basic laws of recruiting.  It had been recorded at a live event and the quality of the recording was terrible but the content was awesome.   A few years I was able to hear the talk live at an event in Ohio.  At that point in time I had heard the training on my Walkman dozens and dozens of times, but that day, at that live event I really “got it”.

When I got home to Kentucky everything in my business changed, because those recruiting laws became part of me.

Fast forward the clock about 10 years, I had made millions of dollars in the industry, and I wanted to bring Mr. Rohn in live to speak to our team.  If you have not seen the introduction of Mr. Rohn on You Tube, I will put it below for you to check out.



The days leading up to the event, his people told us, that he was working on a new talk to deliver to our group.  I was very very insistent that he had to include the laws of recruiting talk.  The people that where there will never forget that day, and our organization went on a recruiting and growth explosion that made us the fastest growing network marketing organization two years in row.

I have said all of that to say this.  Several years later a company had Mr. Rohn produce a CD that was designed not for the personal development market, but specifically for network marketers, and the content?

The same talk I had heard nearly twenty years prior!

If you don’t memorize this information, you don’t deserve success in MLM.  I know that is blunt, but I honestly know of no other way to say it.  It is the most powerful how to recruit information on the planet, based upon wisdom of the ages principals.  I have shared this CD with tens of thousands of people over the years, and watched those that memorized it transform their life and their business.  It’s $5.00 delivered to your door so this post is obviously not about selling CD’s, it is about giving you recruiting insights that most network marketing distributors never really understand.  I hope you “get it”.




JIM ROHN “Building Your Network Marketing Business”

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If you love this CD as much as I do it may be good if you leave a comment below, to inspire others to find the one they have, or invest in one.

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