By: Marlon Sanders

Just one you gotta know.

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Almost unbelievable.

I mean, you have Facebook connect, a dizzying array of
Wordpress options, cpa, autoresponders, squeeze pages,
ipad apps, Facebook advertising, the list could go on
and on.

Frankly, one person can’t keep up with it all – even if
you work 15 hour days.

You just can’t.

So let’s do the reverse.

What MUST you know? What are the few ESSENTIAL

Well, you could say product creation. But you can be
an affiliate marketer.

You could say copywriting. But people do videos more
than sales letters nowadays.

You could say the ability to take action. But busyness
doesn’t equate to money in the bank. After all, you can
do LOTS of stuff that doesn’t work.

You could say traffic generation. But what if the traffic d
oesn’t buy?

What’s interesting to me is this:

You’re reading this right here, right now because you
want something more. If you were totally satisfied with
your life as is or your marketing as is, you wouldn’t be
reading now, would you?

So you want something more.

And you’re trying to find a way to GET that something
more. And you’re probably trying to find it from someone
who is REAL or you wouldn’t be reading this. After all, I
don’t make the biggest claims or promises. I do my best
to avoid over-the-top hype. 3 clicks and you’re rich
doesn’t really work for me.

You want more. And you want it from someone real. But
you’re a bit of a paradox unless I’m mistaken. You probably
haven’t bought all my old products. Maybe not even
my newest.

And you’ve likely bought from other people, not just me.
Why don’t you have my old products? Well, because
they’re old. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Interesting, eh?

*** DALE’S COMMENT … Couldn’t resist so is
the book “Think & Grow Rich” ****

So what is it?

What IS it you don’t know you need to know to get you
from where you are to where you wanna be wherever
that may be.


Would it really be there is just one thing that makes
the difference?

You have two people. They buy the same courses. They
read, listen to and study the same stuff.

5 years later, one goes on to great success. The other
still struggles.

Why? Why is that?

Or how about this? What about the new person that
comes along and blows everybody away? What about
that person?

I’ve thought about this. I’ve thought about it a lot. I
watched my friend Jason Fladlien come on the scene
and blow past thousands of people in his results. Jason
has a lot of skills. But there’s that “one thing” he 100% has.

My friend Daegan Smith. He has that one thing.

My friend David Frey. He’s got it.

Jonathan Mizel? He has it.

Kirt Christensen? Yep.

Pat O’Bryan? Yep.

Joe Vitale. Yep.

I could go through my whole list of friends which would
take awhile. And they all got it. Like Matt Gill. He’s got it.

You don’t even have to speak flawless English to have
it. Ewen Chia. He has it.

The list goes on and on.

So what the heck is it?

And do you have it? What if you don’t have it? Can
you buy it? Can you swipe it? Can you get it? Is it
hard work? Is it too technical? Do you gotta have
money to get it?

* You don’t need money to have it. But maybe to
get it. I mean, if you don’t have it and you need to
get it, you might need to spend some money. But
the return on that money would be huge once
you get it.

* You can’t swipe it. It’s not swipable.

* Is it hard work? Ironically no. In fact, if you got it,
then you have to work a fraction of what you do if
you don’t have it.

* Is it too technical? Has nothing to do with technical
things. You can be highly technical and not have it or a
computer dunce and have it and do quite well online,
believe it or freaking not.

* How do you know if you have it? You’ll know.

* Can you get it if you don’t have it? Well, yeah. I
didn’t have it when I started and it took me a long
time to get it. So that’s one reason I feel I’m uniquely
qualified to help others get it. Because most teachers
of internet marketers referred to as gurus start out
with it. They already got it. Often in abundance. Which
means they have unconscious competence and
therefore struggle to teach what they are unconscious
of how they do, even though they’re extraordinary at it.
* Is it hard work to get it? Has nothing to do with hard
work. It could be hard work. But you could get it without
much work at all.

Here’s the Most IRONIC Thing About What “It” Is

What’s absolutely, positively crazy is this: When I tell
you what “it” is, there are those people would say they
already “KNEW” that and that it isn’t NEW.

But see, whether it’s NEW to you and whether you
KNEW it makes no difference if you GOT IT.
Cause you can KNOW that it’s what I say it is

Knowing ABOUT it doesn’t mean you HAVE IT.
Ain’t the same thang.

So for whatever reasons people search for something
NEW that they don’t already know. And that NEW
thing won’t work unless they GOT IT. So they search
and search and search for that magic bullet, that magic
button, that one thing.

Then they don’t get the one thing that is the REAL
THING because it isn’t new.

But you knew that, right?

While others just ZERO IN on this one thing.

and over.

How crazy is that?

Of course, some successful people would deny
that IT is something that important because if
you already GOT IT then it isn’t a big thing to
you, especially if it came naturally to you.

But if you don’t got it fully and you need to get
it, then it IS a big thing. It’s something you gotta
GET. NOW, that doesn’t MAKE SENSE to some

You’ll also find a lot of Internet marketing teachers
don’t TEACH IT. There are those who know how
to teach it but don’t. And the reason they don’t
is it’s not sexy.

It’s not new.

It’s not exciting.

A lot of people won’t PAY to get it. And since teachers
of Internet marketing do what they do for pay, then
this makes it not the best subject to teach.

So what is IT?

August 2009 He Was Living Out Of His Car He Used “It”
To Move Into a 2500 Square Foot Home And Have a Great
Income Only Months Later

So there’s a guy new to online marketing. He’s been in the
Game 2 years roughly. August 2009 he was living out of his car.

Funny thing is, he’s been in this game such a short time, he
doesn’t even know who I am yet! It’s funny because he only
knows the current hot guru of the moment, like my friend
Ryan, of course Frank. And a few others.

He doesn’t realize those squeeze pages he uses might not
exist without myself and Scott Covert who turned Jonathan
Mizel onto them who then took them to a whole new level in
his coaching calls that FRANK KERN was on and PERRY
MARSHALL and other modern day teachers of IM who are
quite famous.

He doesn’t know I was the guy most modern day gurus
learned from (amongst others of course).

I won’t even go through the litany. So he’s new. People
today only see someone as a “guru” if he or she does
massive product launches as though ….

Big product launch = guru

Big product launch = merchant issues, 6 months of
prep work, owing jv’s, feast or famine, 30%+ refunds

There are a LOT of downsides to that model, although
it has its upsides. However, it does equate to “fame”
to some people who really aren’t in the know about
the real business.

He had IT. And I guess he got fed up with living out
of his car. So he decided to use IT. And in short order
he had a 2500 square foot home in Costa Rica, a large
monthly income and a big following.

His name is Daviz Wood. He’s quite a talented guy. And
even though he looks up to Frank Kern as the model of
how to do video, I think his nlp skills and some of his
videos are better.

Anyway, the REAL POINT here is that the guy had ONE
SKILL that made all the difference.

It’s the reason Fladlien rocketed to fame overnight:

The ability and willingness to persuade others, to build
bridges of understanding and motivation from your
world to theirs.

Now you can you can have the ability without having
the willingness. They aren’t the same thing.

See, no one makes any money until someone
buys something.

You know all this massive debt the U.S. has and
the world is freaking out about? Ain’t no one talking
about WHY we have the problem. We have the
problem because the U.S. isn’t selling enough stuff
to other countries.


Ain’t no one runnin’ for President based on “I can
help the U.S. sell stuff to other countries so we can
balance our budget.”


It’s all about cutting or taxing.

Great. Freaking great. The people running our
country don’t even understand law #1: Sell
your product.

If your country doesn’t have products it sells to
other countries, it’ll go bankrupt sooner or later.

Why do we owe Trillions to China? It’s ironic that
THEY are doing about a one million percent better
job of selling “their products” than the U.S. is,
the bastion of Capitalism.

So there you have it.

If you can PERSUADE OTHERS, even if you don’t
have tech skills, you can persuade others to let you
get on a webinar to their customers and PERSUADE
those customers to buy.

If you can persuade others, you can write a letter
to persuade them.

Or turn on a screen capture video program and
persuade them.

Or go on hotconference and persuade them.

Or write emails and persuade them.

this one thing

NOTHING works if you don’t have it.

If you don’t have traffic and you can persuade
others, you can persuade them to SEND YOU

There’s a master hypnotist and persuasion
expert named Marshall Sylver. He lives in something
like a 20,000 square foot home. Fladlien was there a
few weeks ago courtesy of Ryan Lee. Anyway,
Marshall persuaded me to allow him to distribute
Traffic Dashboard based on a mutually beneficial

See, that’s what a persuader can do.

People went absolutely BIZERK on my LIVE
CHAT Friday when a friend of mine revealed
some info on how he bought and sold millions
of dollars of website traffic. Buy and selling =
persuading others to buy and sell.

Plain and simple.

So that brings me back to you.

Here you are reading this issue because you
want something more. Otherwise you wouldn’t
STILL be reading, would you.

And that MORE thing you want is more FREEDOM
in your life, more independence, more ability to decide
what you do and when you do it, more ability to
create the income you want.

So YOU WANT MORE and you’ve come here to
me right now to show you the way and the path
to GET MORE NOW, right?

Well here it is.

It’s right in front of your face.

IT couldn’t be more obvious, could IT?

Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and
dreams figure out how to turn those into reality
by selling stuff on the Internet.
Comment’s from Dale.

Those of you that have been receiving my Monthly “No Fluff”
Newsletter over the past 15 years have heard me mention
Marlon multiple times.

His course Amazing Formula course made a major impact
on my understanding of online marketing.

I never have and never will consider myself an internet
marketer. I am a network marketing trainer and consultant
who sales a lot of training programs online.

I have always taught that you should always ask yourself
“Who is this person and why should I be listening to them?”
Marlon is an “Independent Thinker” he see’s things deeper ,
he likes to look behind the curtain, as I do.

I don’t consider myself a sales person either,
but I absolutely Love this concept:

The ability and willingness to persuade others,
to build bridges of understanding and motivation
from your world to theirs.

This quote is absolutely brilliant. Any ability I
personally have in this area has always come from
my personal belief in what I am attempting to

Marlon mentions NLP in the article above. I am
aware of NLP I think it is fascinating, but I have
never studied it. I believe when you are sold out
and have total belief in what you are doing,
people feel that. If you don’t feel that
way, then my recommendation is find something
that creates that passion within yourself.

Network marketing is a “Leadership Development
Business” I agree that all great leaders in
this industry have The ability and willingness
to persuade others, to build bridges of
understanding and motivation from your world
to theirs.

Powerful, Powerful Stuff!
Thanks Marlon!

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