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The industry seems to be full of people that are running as fast as they can with very little results to show for it.  I just want to encourage you to take a breath, slow down a little. Learn to take the time to think and plan.  Listen, I am preaching to the choir here, I am as guilty as anyone reading this post and I am not afraid to admit it!  I believe this is a learned skill.


I  remember our preacher a few years ago saying, “Pray that God will give you creative ideas”.  I remember thinking to myself, “that is the last thing I
need”.  Some of you can relate, right?


I started my first business, a direct mail company out of my parent’s home when I was 14 years old.   At the time of this writing I am 55.  I can honestly say that I have never seen so much opportunity in my lifetime.  I think the entrepreneurial spirit, in the United States and around the world is stronger than it has ever been.  Personally I believe TV Shows like Shark Tank, The Profit and even Storage Wars and American Pickers has just added gas to the fire. The masses are starting to understand that entrepreneurs are just average people with above average desires who persist, work hard and MAKE MISTAKES.  I have always believed that Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection holds most people back, and I think in some strange way these TV shows have shown people that you cannot have Success until you are willing to fail.

But with so much opportunity, it can also create frustration, aggravation, doubt, and even jealousy, if we allow it.  I could talk more about this and I will in the future.

Today I just want you to think about two things



This video was published over six years ago,  I guess most people missed it! 🙂



As it relates to lead generation, you know this concept has evolved to:

Focus – Master – Outsource


These are the two ideas I hope you will think about today.  You are already a success, so just stop, take a breath, plan, think, do the right things consistently enough, long enough and financial success is guaranteed!


PS  One more thought today.   Personally I believed the Internet saved the network marketing industry in the late nineties, and today is in the process of destroying it.  I know many people will read this and misunderstand my point and I could expand, but here is the bottom line, and something each person needs to settle in their own mind.

Are you involved in internet marketing or network marketing?

Yes, I believe the internet is the greatest tool for lead generation the network marketing INDUSTRY will probably ever experience, but only for network marketers who see it as a tool and not a business model.

Yes, there are a few home based entrepreneurs who make a great living using the Internet as a business model instead of a lead generation tool.  I am not saying one is better than the other, I love the internet and it has been a non-stop learning program for me since my first website went online in 1996.

Here my only point.

Network Marketing is about DEVELOPING LEADERS

Internet Marketing is about DEVELOPING an email LIST, and truthfully a relationship with that list.


Yes, I know some people think they are “Internet-Work Marketers” honestly I don’t buy that model and I feel it fractures your effectiveness.   Your focus needs to be on developing people or developing list.  Just because your company pays you on multi-levels does not mean you are a multi-level marketer.  Again there is nothing wrong with being an internet marketer who works comp plans that pay on multi-levels.   It is a matter of FOCUS, and where your personal focus should be, and only you can answer that question for yourself.  So answer it, and then GO FOR IT!

Dedicated to Your Success!


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