At one time in my life, I thought THE START STOPPING MOST PEOPLE was just a phenomina that occured only on network marketing teams. It didn’t take me long to realize it was just a way of life, in all spects of life, for some people. Why? I know it is programming and habit that most people aren’t even aware they have built into their sub conscious minds.

The start stops most people from achieving real progress in all areas of life.

I guess this is why fitness clubs are full the first week of January and empty by March?

Sometime along my journey I heard that the definition of character is: doing what you said you would do when the feeling and emoiton you made the decision in, has left you.

How many time have you left a network marketing event determined to set the world on fire, but when you arrive home, you fall back into the same unproductive patterns of the past?

Last night I as listning to a young man who sales a high dollar course on how to buy your first website. He talked about how so many people do all the research, go through the due dillengce steps, but never are able to pull the trigger and buy their first site.

I went through this fear to some extent when we bought back in March. It was the first website I had bought that was more than a thousand dollars, eight thousand to be exact.

After examining all the numbers and doing the best due dillegnece I could, I was reminded of a couple of quotes that I internalized over the years that have served me well.

The next thing I aske myself was what is the worst thing that could happen?

If that happens can you live with that?

The obvious answer was I could lose $8,000. Could I live with that? Yes, but I wouldn’t like it. What is the best thing that could happen. I could build the website business up and sell it for 5X – 10X my investment in a couple of years.

Yes, I bought the website, and I am very glad I did.

The start muscle is something that entreprenuers can develop over time. Just as I believe the program response to STOP is also a self-limitting habit.

Are you a starter or a stopper?

Who do you think achieves more over their lifetime?

Those that play it safe or those who take calculated risk?

We all know the answer to that, don’t we? Life is risky, it is so risky that
none of us are going to get out of it alive.

Helen Keller said it best.

I just want to encourage you, that if you are going to build a network marketing business, then BUILD IT! Go for it. It is not something you can do passively or with a part-time mindset! You must be wiling to “go all in”.

Do the thing that you believe you should be doing, if you only had the time…or the money…or the experience…or the confidence.

Don’t settle for being one of the masses that let’s the START, STOP YOU!

This Do It Now philosophy applies to startups and entrepreneurs. It applies to marketers. It applies to people who want to help others. It applies to anyone that believes they can be something better but are hesitant to take that next step. Don’t let the START, STOP YOU!

Most people can’t get past the start. It’s the hardest part. It’s why I say to entrepreneurs all the time that perfect time to launch your business is NOW!

How long have you been enrolled in your network marketing company?

Have you ever really launched your opportunity? My definition of a launch is getting 50 No’s within a 90 day period of time. You have to DECIDE and get your business launched, I don’t care if you have been hanging out in your company for three years, at some point you must bite the bullet, go for it, and GET IT LAUNCHED! I talk about that in more detail in this podcast session.

No more waiting, learning, planning, mappying it out!

Ladies and Gentleman, Whatever it is. Just…go!

This is the attitude, and the mentality that always has, and always will produce success. If it is not in your DNA it is your job to instill it, other
wise you are simply fooling yourself and wasting your time!

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