The truth is spending your time on the internet searching for network marketing tips, MLM tips,  tricks, and nuggets will delay your success by years.  Here is why.  You ultimate goal is to build a duplicating team, correct?   How do teams duplicate?  They duplicate Systematically, don’t they?

If there is anything franchises have taught us, is that you build teams with SYSTEMS.  If I pull up to the drive through window at Starbucks in Lexington, Kentucky, Dallas, Texas,  Atlanta, Georgia, Seattle, Washington, or anywhere  else in the world I am going to hear the same thing.  “Welcome to Starbucks, what can we get started for your today”  WHY?  

Because everything they do is systemized, and therefore it duplicates.  Does that make sense?

That is the bottom line foundation for every article, and video we share on this  website.

Searching for Network Marketing Tip, Tricks, and Nuggets can delay your Success by Years


Network Marketing Tips MLM Tips


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and hopefully this will drive this point home,
and make you think twice before you, type
Network Marketing Tips into a search engine



If you are looking for tips on building your network marketing team, you are in the right place. You have found the correct website. By the time you are finished with this article, my goal is that you will never type the word MLM Tips or Network Marketing Tips into your Google search bar again.

Literally, for the rest of your career you will never feel the need to search for Network Marketing tips, nuggets, tricks or even hacks… EVER!

Why do I say this?

This approach to your business will never work! Over the next few paragraphs I am going to share with you my common sense conclusion after listening to over 7,500 hours of audio trainings my first 3 years in the business.

Yes! I was looking for tips, tricks and nuggets as you probably are right now. Please understand “I don’t have a dog in the hunt.” In other words, I am not writing this article so I hope you will like what I am saying and will join my team. I retired from building teams at age 39 after earning millions of dollars in income.

So here is the first Ah-Ha moment…


Stop and think about this for a minute. Don’t be in such a hurry to finish this article. I am going to give you some REAL INSIGHTS here but you have to slow down, take a breath and absorb what I am doing my best to communicate.

Here is a thought provoking question for you. If you were able to have in your possession right now, the undisputed 100 BEST TIPS for building your network marketing team, what would you do with them?

Why are you looking for tips?

Stay with me here.

If you stop and think about it… MLM Tips, Tricks or Nuggets will never give you what you are really looking for, will they??

I personally believe that this mentality leads to a never ending journey of constantly searching and never achieving.

Confused Mind

So just stop, take a breath and think through this with me. Don’t worry, I am not going to pitch you some worthless affiliate product at the end of this article that will solve all your MLM challenges overnight. There are plenty of people online that are doing that!

What is your ultimate goal for developing a network marketing business?

Isn’t it to develop a large, ongoing, monthly residual income?

Think about that for a minute.

Why are you doing this? Are you interested in making money, or building a real business?


If you are just looking for a way to make a few hundred extra bucks a month, don’t waste your time reading the rest of this article because this message is not for you.

Personally, I believe there are much easier ways to create a few hundred dollars a month in side gig income than with the network marketing business model.

For me, network marketing always has been and always will be about generational wealth. This business model gives teachable people with above average desire the opportunity to create generational wealth, assuming you are learning from the right teacher. This is what John Maxwell calls a Pinnacle Leader.

So assuming you are interested in building a REAL business and developing a large monthly income, how is that going to happen? Network Marketing gives you the opportunity – only if you BUILD A TEAM. Are you with me? Is there any other way to develop full time RESIDUAL INCOME unless you build a team? After 35 years in the profession, I know of no other way.


Team Building


Yes! You can make a few hundred, maybe a few thousand extra dollars a month acquiring customers but if you want to reach your maximum upside potential with this business model… you must build a team!

Are you still with me?

Okay, next idea.

What are teams made up of? People, correct?

So the next logical question is how are teams of people developed?

Are they developed by each self starter on the team going online and searching for Network Marketing tips, tricks or MLM nuggets on Google?

Of course not! Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that searching online for network marketing tips, tricks and nuggets is not a common, logical activity for you to be doing. That is exactly what 99% of serious, career minded distributors do. I am just saying this approach doesn’t work, and will ultimately delay your success by years!

Again, please don’t misunderstand me here. I am not throwing you under the bus. The fact that you found this article and are still reading it tells me the odds are pretty good you are a logical thinking, career minded individual. You are probably not one of the many MLM participants who treat joining a company like they would buying a lottery ticket.

So how are teams of people built is the real question?

Team Building Tips




“Sometimes the answers to our challenges are so clearly in front of us that they become invisible.”

Look at any successful franchises. They are operated by people, correct? How are those teams of people trained? They don’t rely on their future mangers searching for tips, tricks and nuggets… do they??




My suggestion for network marketers is to search out those that have proven systems for building teams of network marketing leaders.

Does that make sense?


You must change your mindset right now, this moment… from Tips, Tricks and Nuggets – to SYSTEMS!   This shift can cut years off your path to success.

Ultimately, I believe it is in your best interest to find ONE Network Marketing Mentor. It would be kind of hard to learn how to operate a McDonald’s franchise and a Midas Muffler franchise at the same time. By the way, I believe it makes sense to have multiple Success Principle mentors because “Wisdom of the Ages” success principle teachers all basically teach the same thing: Truth is truth, it is what it is. However, finding the right network marketing mentor can make the difference in have a thriving business and a mediocre business.

So what systems do you need to learn?


There Are Only 5 Core Fundamental Systems

* How to Launch a New Team Members Business

* A Customer Acquisition System With a Referral Component

* A 2-Step Recruiting Process

* A Distributor Retention System

* Ongoing Lead Generation


If you stop looking for MLM Tips, Tricks and Nuggets and focus on Mastering Systems… you could (and will) save yourself years on your path to network marketing success. I will end this article for now but I could talk about this concept for hours. In fact, I have.

If what I have shared has resonated with you at all, here are a couple of free recorded webinar training’s that will cover the reality of Systems instead of Tips in more detail:


The 5 CORE Fundamentals REQUIRED to Build a Large, Duplicating Network Marketing Organization


The Road to $10,000+ a Month in Network Marketing


I also hope that you will register for our Thursday Night NO FLUF Network Marketing Leaders WebinarThey are attended each week by distributors from all over the world in multiple companies. You can register for our notification list by clicking here if you think they could benefit you.

I guess the bottom line for me is simply this. I am frustrated by the misdirection and terrible tips, tricks, advise and nuggets I see spewed in the market place by those that are trying to teach you how to do something they have never done or who are more concerned about selling their personal course, or cronies affiliate program.

There is nothing that gets under business minded entrepreneurs skin worse than someone who gets online giving advice pretending to be something they’re not. What is even worse in our profession are those that are teaching newbies to do this just so the self-proclaimed guru can earn an affiliate commission.

Always ask yourself, who is this person and why should I be listening to them?   Those who have earned $10,000+ per month in network marketing are a dime a dozen.  The real question is how many people on their team have developed a full time income.  Does that make sense to you, or am I the crazy one?

The documented facts are that when I was building, we developed more 5-6-7 figure earners on our personal team than any MLM teacher, trainer, coach or speaker in the World today. I know that I can stack the odds in your favor and give you the best opportunity for long term success in this industry.

Watch the webinars above and if they make sense to you, I hope you give me the opportunity to help you down the road to network marketing success. It would be my honor and pleasure and quite frankly, my mission and obligation to give back. If you are already earning a six figure income, I can help you the most. The two hardest income levels to get to in network marketing are $1,000 a month and 1/2 million dollars a year.

The rub is what got you to $1,000 will probably get you to $100,000 a year. However, what got you to $100,000 will rarely take you to 1/2 million. In fact, the odds are greater you will be out of the business in 5 years… that is sad. Very sad. So why does this happen? Because you are relying on self starters to go online and search for network marketing tips instead of providing them proven SYSTEMS that will duplicate, and help them maximize their upside potential.

Watch the webinars mentioned above. Your comments and feedback are always welcome.  Start thinking from the mindset of duplicatable systems instead of Network Marketing Tips, Tricks, & Hacks!

Over the past twenty years in this industry I have worked with some of the top companies and field leaders helping them design and implement very specific systems into their companies and organizations.  How can I support your efforts?

If you are newbie, or someone who has been around the profession for a while, but have never really gotten in a systematic rhythm with your business, let me suggest you check out the free online workshop here:
Dale Calvert’ MLM Trainig Club.  This is a great place to start.

I have found that the reason most good, hard working people never quite got into a consistent reason is they are spending far too much time attempting to learn network marketing tips, from far too many people, instead of just mastering proven systems that have a documented track record of success.

I also understand that may pros sometimes need help totally wrapping their minds around the best way to systemize what their recruiting and customer acquisition systems for their team.   The thought of their team member going online and searching form MLM Tips is something they don’t feel good about, but not quite sure how to take their team training systems to the next level.  We can help you as well.  A good place to start is listening to this podcast interview I conducted with Cliff Walker.


MLM Success Cliff Walker Podcast #103


As Always Your Thoughts and Feedback are appreciated, 
we Depend on It!



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