I guess I was born with entrepreneurial DNA. I can’t remember a time in my life where I was not in business. From finding, cleaning, and turning in pop bottles for the 2 cent deposit when I was five years old to being a principle in a 100 million dollar company with nearly 80 staff members and over 60,000 independent contractors.


At this point in my journey I would say without question, the reason most people that think they want to become entrepreneur’s fail is ……….




As I write this article. I realize that there are some people who have no fear, who also fail. Not because they are afraid to take action, but because they don’t think.

Honestly most entrepreneurs have a READY – F I R E — AIME mentality. They take action after action with rarely aiming (thinking) until after the fact.

Action takers are always the money makers! If you take consistent, daily, INTELLIGENT actions over time, they will move your business and your life forward you will succeed.


In the network marketing profession there are two other factors that most never consider. The first is the timing of your opportunity and or product. I believe that it is possible to start today as an Amway distributor (arguably the most credible company in the industry) and build to a full time income.


I am not saying that is an intelligent decision, I am just saying I believe it is possible. What I know for sure is ……………..


“The more credible the company, the less of an opportunity exists with that company”



The work is the same, no matter what opportunity you are working. However the value of timing and being in front of a trend, should not be over looked. If the majority of the market has heard about your product and opportunity and THINK they know what it is about you will experience challenges, that you won’t experience with a younger company. I am not saying those challenges cannot be overcome, just that they are real.

Unfortunately in today’s market when someone hears MLM or Network Marketing they may have the same feelings. When you don’t take care of the goose that is laying the golden egg, that always happens as I share in the free MLM SCAM 2 course.


The second factor that most don’t ever think about is the culture you are part of or the mentorship you are receiving or not receiving.

Great leaders are first great students and remain students throughout their lifetime. When you are green you grow, when you ripe you rot!


There are many reasons the network marketing profession is not at the TOP of the entrepreneurial revolution that is happening around the world. I personally believe the number one reason is as an industry we have listened to the wrong people. The industry has been over run with what I call self-proclaimed Fu Fu Dust gurus. Those that tell the market what they WANT TO HEAR, so they can sell them what they want to sell them.

The most important questions to ask yourself is:

1) Who is this person?

2) What is there track record for developing full-time leaders?

3) Why should I be listening to them?

The great news for all serious, career minded network marketing distributors is fear of failure and fear of rejection can be overcome intentionally and by design. I have been sharing with people, exactly how I got over the hump for years. I have watched the daily process work for everyone, who puts this Programming Your Mind for Success system into action.

The other reality is the right culture and mentorship is available, if you know what you are really looking for. Unfortunately, many times those cultures or what many refer to as communities will be found outside of your company.

I believe that history will document the strongest community in the profession can be found here, for multiple reasons that I talk about in the webinar. I have said many times.  The network marketing business model is the most challenging in the world, because you are building a volunteer army.  However it is also the most rewarding!  


We have made it much harder than it actually is, because we have ignored wisdom of the ages Success principles and systematic training of our teams.
As always, your questions, comments and feedback are welcome.
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